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  1. Our O-line is something special in pass pro so far. 4 NFL players.
  2. It's smart however you look at it. He could get a chance to shine and show he balls out which will only help Herman have confidence in him at QB. He's won it all with that kind of thing. And RJ ain't going to lose much. Maybe some clipboard holding strength.
  3. Yeah I saw that but was wondering if anyone actually knew if that's legit. 4.8 won't get him on the field as a RB very much. But 4.6 might. And, honestly, 4.8 means QB is the only option if he's looking to get paid. But who knows maybe he just wants to play and let the chips fall where they may and be a badass off the field.
  4. Do you know how legit / exact their process is or if they round up?
  5. At 5' 6" them little legs are churning. Have we had a player that small in the modern era? Tony Jones was what, 5' 8"? He'll need to get wider. I wonder if his frame can hold that.
  6. .9360 Guess big brother Jordon is having some fun at UT and told him to get on the train before it left the station. Isn't this a dead period? If they can't communicate I wonder if they did through Jordon, no rule against that (?)
  7. I thought it was just wildcat. Anyway, nobody said he wasn't natural then.
  8. It's also ridiculous and a little embarrassing to post such comments about a guy they / we have never seen in pads (who's never played RB before) after the first practice. That goes for the good and the bad I guess so maybe it's a wash. But to declare whether he's natural or not when he's never had the chance to feel out the position and learn with live bullets coming at him is silly.
  9. "Lacks shake in the hole ... decent vision to get to space ... not a natural RB" surprising anti - cool aid from those guys on Wittingham. We've led to believe he had all those things.
  10. I don't get the stiff talk so much. Hard to be agile and stiff, too, seems. First few highlights show short choppy steps, maybe it's because of that, but I don't see it after. I mean he's no Von Miller, but that's not his position. Anyway let's hope he bends enough to whip ass on the 40. Welcome Van!
  11. Some place called Emos? Man, the 80's were pretty sweet.
  12. I don't know how we stop LSU without three LBs and it looks like we only have two. No way Gbenda will be ready. Dele or Tillman better get freaky and quick.

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