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  1. Doesn't matter to me. We have three or four players that were considered five star at one time.
  2. Good, college football is better with Harbaugh at Michigan.
  3. And the bigs aren't that good at rebounding. They are standing around the perimeter when a three is launched.
  4. I would be a little more careful making sudden moves around large animals with horns.
  5. They have the #2 P5 offense. That's gonna be a tough out for the defense.
  6. What's going on at Okie lite? Is Gundy cleaning house?
  7. Ja'Quinden Jackson is Utah's RoJo. Damn, he could have done that here.
  8. His participation was very limited the last two seasons. I'm willing to bet this had something to do with the exit interviews.
  9. He must be a graduate transfer and using his covid year. Good luck to him.
  10. I work with an aggy and he was scared they would lose two QB's to the portal. King was one and the other is Johnson.
  11. On your second list, from what I've read, it seems we have a descent shot for Moore. Hicks is an aggy, Akana's slot got taken by Vasek and Bowen is likely a gooner.
  12. I thought you couldn't pitch a tent and camp out in the paint. That 7 footer sure is.
  13. I have seen some bad body language and some attitude towards other players mistakes. I figure (hope) that's just immaturity at this point. I do remember VY and Colt getting frustrated with their teamates but not the body language.
  14. Every freshman hits a wall. The step up to D1 is taxing after a while. I've seen this time and time again. It's why frosh couldn't play on the varsity back in the day.
  15. My bad. I was going to say since Texas is recruiting top 10 classes. Had brain fart.

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