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  1. Honestly and I'll probably get trashed for this, Texas and OU need to back out of the SEC deal. The 14 team Big 12 is legit.
  2. I understand. There will other options, but if we miss this cycle there still is 2024. There will be at least 4 RB's in the room.
  3. There's no rush, our RB room is loaded. RoJo Bijan Keilan Brooks Blue
  4. This one just has the look for a left tackle.
  5. Agreed, but that was an outlier. As a matter of fact it was amazing they kept under wraps for as long as they did. It was only when aggy found out that it was leaked.
  6. Has any one paid attention to what Spavital is doing at Texas St the last two cycles? 25 transfers and 8 HS recruits. I guess this is the future for the bottom of the G5.
  7. You would think negotiations for an early exit would have started by now. There would have been leaks.
  8. Did anybody see the story on CBS Sports about the Big 12 talking to everyone except Texas and OU about a 14 team 2 division conference? https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/big-12-engaged-in-plans-to-split-into-two-seven-team-divisions-beginning-in-2023-amid-realignment/ This can't end well. I expect the Big 12 to screw Texas and OU in every way they can which will end up in major lawsuits. Where was this pair that Bowlsby is now wielding when the Big 12 needed to expand? This is the desperate and butt hurt Bowlsby....Well Bob your behind wouldn't hurt if hadn't been caught with pants down and your thumb up your ass.
  9. Looks like there still are bagmen lurking in dark corners
  10. Has anyone compiled a list of who has enrolled and moved in? I here it's supposed to be eleven but count way more than that according to 247. Is there a limit to early enrollees?
  11. I was hoping this was the guy Texas would pair with Worthy when he became available. 878 yards on a run heavy team that changed starting QB two thirds through the season. Also 20 ypc avg and 12 TD's.
  12. What a waste. There's a lesson in this for impatient players.
  13. Is it just me or is Texas inviting an extraordinarily large amount of 3* and unranked players for this weekend?
  14. This team has turned into fool's gold. We should never have expected chemistry with 70% turnover.
  15. You got the CPA thing right. This is as bad as taxes.
  16. No biggie. I know I heard it here first "if they go limp wristed with the Horns down we shouldn't expect anything else"
  17. I'm thinking we get Ochuan Mathis. Sanders goes to zero u or USC. Per our resident genius and Kate prescriber SHA we're getting Billingsley!
  18. I think it just gives a team extra slots for Scholarships.
  19. Defense is pretty good this year and even though they aren't scoring as much I like this offense better than what Shaka trotted out on the court.

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