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  1. Not to belabor the point (thanks for allowing me to use a new word). We are splitting recruiting hairs here. My only reason for putting Baxter so low is the RB room as it sits. But Hill is still more important than Hicks because of the position. IMO
  2. I would put Hill and Toviano #1 and 2 respectively.
  3. Did you think that USC and UCLA would bolt to the B1G last week? Things are changing faster than most of us can keep up with.
  4. Gotta disagree. It's not about academics anymore. They've had fewer losing seasons than Texas in the last 12 years. Their arrival to the ACC would also start two natural rivalries.
  5. I'm thinking the ACC told WVU that they were standing pat 11 months ago. Things have changed now.
  6. Today's environment is different than it was ten years ago. I don't think the ACC is going to reach out to the west coast to make 16 teams.
  7. Change Kansas to TCU. All the moves except Texas-OU are scheduled for 2024. There's no way Texas-OU get stuck in the little 12 til 2025
  8. Just watched his highlights. Super quick and strong. I like him as a standup DE/LB. Ahead of agent zero at this point in his development.
  9. I do think Greathouse is the odd man out here. He has the size the other commits don't but his athleticism is lacking.
  10. If Cook II commits are there any other takes at WR? Does three in the barn discourage Hale or Greathouse?
  11. Hybrid LB/Edge? Right now he's a little light in the britches.
  12. I think CDC would have stopped Pierce in his tracks if he didn't agree to some point.
  13. This kid brings the wood when he makes contact.
  14. He's over at Smoak's website.
  15. Dude I here you. WETSU is a POS. He claims to be subjective but then proceeds to trash anything Texas. He's a joke.
  16. All kinds of naysayers are coming up with crap like this. aggy is really guilty. Has anyone noticed how many Texas recruits aggy dumbo has offered in the last couple of days? Hamilton, Burton and Nahlin made mention of it. I've seen aggy posters declare that Manning is no better than a low 4 star and could never play on their team. The jealousy is ridiculous.

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