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  1. Hell, I thought the revenge tour was my original creation this year. Fret not. Sark will make you forget the previous revenge tour. BTW the burnt orange kool-ade is going down smooth right now.
  2. Been saying it for a couple months. How about "Ass whipping tour"?
  3. If this season is to be successful we shouldn't need a long passing game. Leave that for next year. This is Bijan's year.
  4. Referees made a change of direction in this game. But Texas powered past that. Hook'em.
  5. Sark said in his Monday press conference that it would be harder to get Card playing time now that conference play had started. It was almost at the end of the PC.
  6. If he chooses Bama it's over. If it's LSU he is flippable, cause the ogre can still f things up.
  7. That's the first domino in the revenge tour. Hook'em
  8. Your continued references to Sarkisian's sales pitch and snarky comments about Thompson leads me to believe you're not happy with Card's demotion. At this point in the season it is almost impossible for Card to take back the QB1 position without an injury or total meltdown by Thompson. It's best just to ride it out and try to enjoy the rest of the season. The revenge tour starts next weekend. Hook'em
  9. UGa should scare him. Smart ain't so smart when it comes to offense.
  10. Look at what arky is doing today. Last week was their super bowl and Texas obliged by coming out flat. Texas ain't Ga Southern but the score vs. piggy looks the same.
  11. Sorry @Aaron CarraraI just cant agree with this. I expect that the coaches got everyone's attention this week and the players are ready to make good after last weeks debacle.
  12. Good to hear you cheering Thompson on. Earlier in the week you sounded dead set against him. Hook'em
  13. Racial tones? I'm assuming you said that because he mentioned JQJ? That's ridiculous. And BTW I'm not an SJW. And it does say a lot when the Olinemen don't defend their QB or RB. Flood needs to rectify that. You hear all the time about successful players being the first to arrive a nd staying late. If Card isn't putting in the extra work then he is just resting on his laurels and we don't need that at QB.
  14. W, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, L, W Texas beats OU this year
  15. The way I see it the loss was embarrassing, but it's not the end of the world. This is an experienced coaching staff, they didn't turn into idiots overnight. Give the piggy coaches credit. I called this game a loss back in the season prediction thread and still thought the season would be a success. This is not a Big 12 loss and it will (I think) be a wakeup call for the players and coaching staff. Rice and Tech should be victories. Then the revenge tour starts at TCU. I also think Casey should be QB1. I had hoped Card was the guy but he is just too inexperienced at this point.
  16. There is an excellent post by Darius Terrell on TFB. He is a former UT player if I remember correctly. It brings a players perspective to the QB situation. It is a must read in my opinion. https://texas.thefootballbrainiacs.com/2021/09/open-post-weekend-september-17th-19th/

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