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  1. I couldn't imagine playing without knee pads. At TE and LB there was a lot of low blocks and hits.
  2. I think today is going to be a good day. A P-51 Mustang strafed the soccer fields three times this morning. A beautiful sight with it's Normandy markings.
  3. That's what I thought. The reason I ask is we had and instance during a high school game. Are the high school rules different? Most conform to NCAA rules.
  4. Here's a question for all you rules mavens and ex-refs. If a player signals fair catch on a kickoff and then muffs the kick, is it dead at the point he muffed it? Or is it a live ball for recovery?
  5. BYU's website says they will be transitioning to the Big 12 next year. The word transitioning is curious. They're future scheduling is full for a couple of years. Some serious shuffling will have to happen for them to play a full B12 schedule. Damn, it's like libtards are running college sports these days.
  6. Alabama punched Texas in the mouth and we responded, but that was at home. Texas will be punched in the mouth again, but in a hostile environment. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess. The last three or four games played in tortilla flats were one score games. Texas 44 Tech 38
  7. I have a feeling his involvement is situational. Now why that is I couldn't tell you.

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