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  1. In my book the big upset happened last week. Fredericksburg over Calallen 14-10
  2. According to the internet which we should all believe, there are 42 bowl games.
  3. @Bear19F aggy aggy fan is by definition a classic douche bag.
  4. By my count there are 83 bowl eligible teams. No thanks to UTSA and aggy. Could it happen?
  5. Referee's are allowed to change games with impunity these days. The NFL is the worst offender. The unofficial official hip check. 28 penalties against one team? It just shows pissed off conferences how to strike back.
  6. Regarding OL...Kerstetter, maybe late round, 5th or 6th. The only players I see leaving the offense are the super seniors.
  7. Coburn's gone he was honored yesterday on senior day.
  8. Herman let Ohio St come down here and pick the best in Texas at WR.
  9. Texas may have a bowl game. There are 84 slots and I can only count 75 bowl eligible teams at this time. There are four games pitting 5-6 teams against each other, so that will bring it to 79. That still leaves five slots. Unlike some of y'all I don't want the season to end yet.
  10. Thanks. You are the best. Manzanilla seem the easiest to get with Arberquina just following.
  11. He's talking to his team through the media again. While calling everyone who makes his job relevant "rat poison".

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