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  1. There really haven't been that many good ones hit the portal this year. Remember, most of the portal guys leave because they can't break into the starting lineup. I'd rather try my hand with 5* & high 4* recruits.
  2. Just my hope of how the pods look Texas OU Arky Mizzou aggy LSU Miss St Ole Miss Bama Auburn Tennessee Vandy UGa Florida Kentucky S Car
  3. So he wants to be a tortilla flipper? Looks like Tceh might have their best recruiting class ever.
  4. 1. I don't think we will ever have great edges as long as we keep running these crap hybrid defenses. 2. Will Anderson should scare the hell out of all of us when we play Bama. 3. Ford has shown flashes all the way back to the Alamo Bowl. Perhaps this year being his second in the new defense he will excel.
  5. CDC needs to call Dodds and beg him for advice. It won't be long before BMD's will demand power equal to the AD.
  6. We don't need Addison. The WR room is already top heavy. Besides, with the tampering allegations flying, it's best to fly low on this one.
  7. Unfortunately there aren't any good Mandrill gif's
  8. Doesn't that bring in contracts, unions and CBA's? Not to mention politics since the players become state employees.
  9. And there's the conundrum. When does it go from NIL to pay for play? When does NIL turn into recruiting which is technically illegal? Remember, only the coaching staff can recruit.

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