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  2. Looks like an Injury led aggy to their starter. How Jimbo is that?
  3. I see Max Johnson is in now and moving the offense. Is Weigman hurt?
  4. Rumors are that Sawyer Robertson has a wrapped ankle today and might not play.
  5. Hey, I have about 50 goats on my place, but I don't resemble that remark.
  6. The offense Purdue is running is not giving Card a chance to throw it downfield.
  7. If you're right, this will be a long disappointing season. So I hope your pick ends up embarrassing you. JK, maybe. Or did I miss any sarcasm?
  8. I don't gamble so if someone could help me, what moves the line like that? Is it Vegas or the betting?
  9. UT1983 made it in. He posted 30 seconds after I closed the thread.
  10. The first game has started so any entry after this post is DQ'd

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