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  1. It's not easy to win in the Phog, I don't care who you are.
  2. So you're saying Fox is being a beeatch? I agree completely. I would think Texas and 0u could work out a deal that Fox could broadcast some future OOC games.
  3. Fox may be the biggest problem in this. They would lose seven games featuring Texas or 0u in 24.
  4. Four touchdowns does not constitute anyone. But the beatdown that day was glorious.
  5. See the 2021 season. Also, everybody seems to forget that QE was on against 0u.
  6. That would be nice. Baxter has that ability. I'm thinking we couldn't have done better regarding the loss of Robinson and Johnson.
  7. One guy that has had a disappointing career in Austin is Collins. I watched him singlehandedly dismantle my Billies. But as I think about it I wonder if the coaches aren't to blame? Between the Herman and Sark regimes, hasn't he changed positions about three times?
  8. There is upside and potential. Baxter looks to be a faster version Cedric Benson (RIP)
  9. Like Bear I just don't know what say. I'm sure my words will fall short of comforting you. Just know that I truly mourn your loss and hope that God can assuage your grief
  10. Thank you @UT1983. My response would not have been as measured as yours.
  11. I just completed the USDA census/survey. It was a waste of 30 minutes of my life. 150-200 questions that should only be applied to commercial operations. Be prepared private landowners, the EPA is coming after all of us. They are definitely following the California model, regulation of water flow (with fines or seizure for/of "navigable" waterways) and soon to come, restrictions of cleaning dead fall from your property.
  12. Wow this kid must be something else. Bama, UGa, Texas and Fla State offers as a freshman.
  13. To elaborate, I got this from the IT forum, a twitter account named Message Board Geniuses quoted another tweet that said when she dropped off her toddler at a pre-k day care, the workers were abuzz about his commitment and wanted to share because she was such a Longhorn fan. Stupid, right? But there's just enough stupid here to make it sound like it might be grounded in fact. Kind of like myths. Please @Sirhornsalotno comments about punctuation for the first windy sentence. BTW is anybody getting weird emojis with failure icons?
  14. Rumor from an odd source in the Lake Belton district saying Micah Hudson committed Texas yesterday.

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