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  1. I asked this a couple of weeks ago and got nothing.
  2. This concerns me. 64 is the minimum to make the super conference idea work. That means 4 conferences capped at 16 teams.
  3. Here's a thought. With all the NIL mechanisms in place at the more affluent schools, what if a school like Texas could recruit a 5 star without offering a scholarship? How would that affect recruiting and roster limits. "Hey, we can guarantee you six or seven figures but you pay for your education."
  4. The TE room is so stacked, it will see attrition in the future. I hate that but it's the way things are these days, IMO.
  5. Texas joining the $EC (should I still represent the conference this way?) will change the recruiting landscape for Texas, this year, not next. IMO
  6. I work for an aggy and he is in complete denial regarding this tidbit.
  7. aggy's have to beside themselves with this revelation. Their "significant other" just strayed, so to speak. LMAO!
  8. Vegetable and Herbs. I thought maybe the freezer might be too harsh. Thanks.
  9. Mark, as always I love your knowledge and wisdom you share with us every month. Thank you. I have a question about storing seeds. Are they better preserved in the freezer or refrigerator?
  10. I saw a lot of drops. This is all moot anyway if Arch Manning commits.

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