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  1. I just watched Sarkisian's media availability for today. Has Chip Brown already alienated himself with Sarkisian? The answer given by Sark to Chip's question was a two word answer followed by silence.
  2. I thought the aggys were a bit classless after the game with the horns down.
  3. Easily talentwise. Shaka squandered a golden opportunity. He won't have as talented as a team in a long while.
  4. As aggressive as ACU is I'm shocked at the lack of foul calls. When Texas gets the ball in the paint and 3 ACU defenders collapse on the dribbler odds are a foul is going to be committed. That's not happening in this game.
  5. Alabama is a very good team. Fifth highest seed in the tourney if I read correctly, if Texas can beat them then this team has really accomplished something.
  6. LT Karic LG Angilau C Majors RG ?? RT Kerstetter
  7. Mark, I had been in the process of reclaiming a garden when Covid struck me.down. its tilled and sprayed with weed and grass killer. Can I use a preemergent? I plan on starting my plants indoors.
  8. My wife is telling me that the live oaks look like bombs went off through the entire pasture. They are also still without power.
  9. Sitting in a nursing home now. It almost killed me
  10. Well, I just tested positive. Feels like a mild case of the flu. Hopefully that's the worst of it. Didn't lose my sense of taste or smell.
  11. He was on the sideline during the NCG.
  12. I'm thinking since we have an all star coaching staff we should have an all star cast of ladies (past & present) for recruiting alerts.
  13. Seems to me the more the merrier. It seems Sark views special teams more important than Herman and especially Strong.

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