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  1. duke was wrong about patterson and right about perrin, herman, and horny. horny is the message to all ut fans that the program has been handed to the money boys, and our opinions don't count one bit. this is exactly what they wanted to do with saban at the helm, but we had a real president at that moment. as for now, we've officially become ohio state, and horny is the exclamation point.
  2. probably close to nothing because expansion wasn't likely whatever this hump-free dumpling had to say. i think the whole exercise might have simply been a florid display of this dipwad's testudinal fortitude.
  3. even there this bozo brought up the phantom longhorn/ag rivalry. what is the deal that people who never gave two shits about that game when it was extant seem thoroughly crushed that they no longer have it to not give two shits about?
  4. i think it could be a great idea if we spread it out over two weekends. one saturday we play and the next one the ags play.
  5. the recruiting services have to define a general need and stick to that. the hallmark of a special coach is the supposed lesser talent who succeeds beyond that of the many of the big-name recruits. mack once had a considerable streak of such success before he got too comfortable. right now charlie lets no moss grow on him. i hope he stays that way. the way he's handling business right now could land him in the hof.
  6. yeah, colt is seeing what we're all seeing. it's like a groundswell. you have to look around to realize how fast it's growing. ian boyd made the comment yesterday, i think it was, that the team is developing identity so rapidly it must be troubling to the teams we play. we're going to see some football around here. it's going to feel like colt and vince are back and they don't go away.
  7. that's how i see it. i kinda bet coach see it that way, too. let the scores take care of themselves while we build a team with the depth to prevail. if the voters want to see numbers they'll get numbers when the team is ready.
  8. we are at an interesting point. we've had one extra-impressive win and look poised to have a good season. it's way too early to be talking about end of season, but i know that a lot of teams start now making their case for bowl game/playoffs. big wins with lots of points really push a team up the rankings. i think we see charlie and the gang priorizing on building the team right now. do you guys expect we'll continue to emphasize that at the expense of big scoreboard and higher ranking or do you think we'll hunker down at some point and push for points?
  9. agree with several here. this is how to do it. more work than tired old coaches want to do, but there's no short cut to getting it right and fit.
  10. i enjoyed your wit. you beat me. i was gonna say outside.
  11. i hope you are right. my great impression is this staff likes struggles. i think we see them stick a kid out there on game day who is well in over his head. then just leave him there. c'mon, kid, we need you to get it done. help us win this game. though i'm sure the staff knows we'll win any game we do that in. it's one thing to put pressure on a kid in practice. it's a whole, totally different thing to put him out there in front of 100,000 customers, including a fair chunk of his family and maybe some friends. nobody wants to look the fool in front of those people, so if he has anything inside him that can make him a player, he'll find it. if he does and there's something to build on . . . hey, we got us another player.
  12. really the daddies, grandpas, brothers, and uncles may be as big a problem. my sweet daughter may be the finest gift i ever got from life - if not that fine brother of hers. all i gotta hear is how briles treated those young ladies and i don't want anybody in my family having anything to do with that man.
  13. i don't think you are taking the present situation at its fullness. nearly every one of these recruits has a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a girlfriend, or maybe all of the above. wherever briles goes - even the league - those ladies are going to get an earful regarding how the young ladies at baylor were treated by briles. briles. not just baylor. briles. we don't yet know what effect this may have, but i wouldn't bet a dime that briles will be as effective a recruiter as he was when we all assumed he was maybe an ok guy. there's a very different narrative out there now, and we don't know how that's going to cut.
  14. 'cept out there the fans throw algorithms.
  15. i'm not sure moses is right for us. charlie only got 5 commandments.
  16. i think that's where he ends up. probably as oc and a good one. league isn't interested in your soul.
  17. i'm very concerned that we won't be flat on both sides of the ball. maybe we can be flat on one side and that will be enough.
  18. i would be extremely reluctant to hire briles. what nobody knows yet is the impact this would have on his ability to recruit. he's stinky poo-poo and may forever be a shadow of who he could have been. had he had any moral fiber to speak of, of course. pity, really. edit: things happening now with respect to how things were going a little back suggests to me that he had a deal worked out somewhere but it evaporated. that may be his future. somebody no better than him tries to bring him in until they assess the impact. that program would never have had the microscopes on it that they would have after bringing him in. all those little things they've skated on? gone with the winned. edit edit: also briles? the man couldn't poot without somebody holding up a number card. his day of weaseling around the edges would be gone. how good is he without all that? without the talent he might have had? do i want my program until the microscope for a coach without his favorite toys? dunno about that.
  19. i absolutely agree, jim. and we're glad to see you doing well. when i think about what we are getting close to witnessing i get the willies. i've cast about for a suitable analogy, and i think early hendrix in england is pretty close. let me share with you a couple of enjoyable youtubes with recollections from people who had no clue who jimi hendrix was before he blew them away. maybe you haven't seen these: eric clapton meets hendrix chris squire disappointed he wasn't opening for cliff bennett and the rebel rousers bonus: if you like these youtubes about the early days of r-n-r and especially some of the big names when they were unknowns, you'll like this one: roy smith rebuilds a norton for a change
  20. agree completely. particularly as things are in flux right now. all that talk about the temperature of charlie's posterior is looking flat comical two games into this season, and we are yet to see what effect that has. it's got to be considerable because it was like charlie had to drag a tractor tire but we were winning races anyway. since notre dame charlie isn't slowed down by anything. actually, since malik i haven't discounted anybody charlie and this gang wants within this state. the circle of influence may be growing a lot if hints we're getting are right. if this season continues to go really well, there isn't a program in the country that won't groan when they realize charlie is targeting one of theirs. they're going to need a bigger boat and there ain't one.
  21. oh, absolutely. you gotta love what's going on. through the summer i toyed with the idea of this fast a start, but i kept making my feet touch the ground. that we'd get to this level of play sometime this season was totally in my viewfinder, but how quickly things come together is always a big question. it's not just shane or sterlin or any one major upgrade. or the added effectiveness of ty's complement. it's all over the field. the defense is still fits and starts, but when it clicks it's showing promise, too. like it's still clearing its throat. i loved that image late in the game sat when at least 6 true frosh were manning the d. the entire line was trues and shark at olb and jones in the secondary. they didn't force a 3-n-out, but they did force a punt. that was effective defense using a bunch of guys who are still finding their way around campus. similarly, the special teams look to be growing in effectiveness and attitude. we've got some great kickers and the corners are getting knocked off for the rest of the units. also, i read last eve that chris naggar is on the team though his name isn't on the site roster yet. hope that's true. he brings exciting possibilities, especially for long fg attempts. we're a work-in-progress and will be most or all of this season. i'm convinced saturday was all about building depth. finding who can be relied on and who cannot. if a kid can play this staff will find him. i feel like i'm watching bride of frankenstein here. it's alive!! it's a-liiiiiive!!!
  22. this isn't exactly a prediction, but i'm wondering in subsequent years whenever a team anywhere in the country is contemplating the possibility of having to start a true freshman at qb . . . i'm wondering whose name will be mentioned first. too early with shane to make any predictions regarding him, but if he keeps this up, i don't know of a more encouraging example . . . though i don't exactly follow what happens with most teams. if there are a couple of mnc-winning true frosh qbs, i don't know about it.
  23. yeah, i was a hof running back until they actually handed me the ball. i saw elsewhere a discussion wherein various spoke of how surprising it has been to watch jerrod almost take over the receiving duties. that's a bit overboard, but it's been great to watch his talent simply explode. i bet later we look back at right now as the period between heard and locksley arriving on the scene. we'll be saying we need to do a lot more quarterback recruiting.

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