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  1. I think we dodged a huge bullet with the St. Augustine. In 89 I lost over 1/2 my yard. This time we had snow before it got really cold and I'm sure that helped insulate the grass. So far my grass looks like it survived. My Indian Hawthorns look bad but hoping they come back. Just leaving them be for now.
  2. We are going to get obliterated by Bama in 2 years. Can you say 28+ pt spread.
  3. Mack out recruits us. Let that sink in to where Herman had taken this program.
  4. Zero interest in Harbaugh. That would guarantee I don't watch a game next year.
  5. Getting to a 4-3 is a plus for D lineman. 3-4 is designed for them to be blocker eaters and the LBs make the plays.
  6. Even in a 4-2-5 you are going to spin some OLBs down to DEs. Get speed and athleticism and worry about position when they fill out in 2 years. These kids haven't even played their Sr. years yet.
  7. We gotta get these kids to stay the hell away from Columbus. Starts with winning some big games like LSU next year.
  8. No shit. Let's kick ass this year and land the 2. Never want to see good talent leave the state.
  9. In other words, just make shit up. These guys have a future job in the government.
  10. Be good to get a proven WR. Right now we don't have a proven guy to 50+ catches. Talent is there, but nice to get a Sr. leader out of the portal.
  11. You are right we've had a lot of bad luck on the injury/health front since TH took over. Hopefully we're do some good luck next few years.
  12. Well, Whitt's still on the team. I don't expect most freshman to start or even play. But he has a chance to play. But guys one year in that never play a down and leave where essentially never here. One year Charlie was getting everybody except so many in that class never stuck. So when we do these class comparisons to OU the comparisons just don't show any semblance to reality when 1/3 of the guys never make it.You're not going to hit on everyone, but we've had a lot of guys the last decade never make it to the Jr/Sr years and it shows on the field. Mack did a much better job in that regards a
  13. Rankings don't matter until you see who sticks. We get a bump by McCoy who never plays a down. Should we take him off and recalc? I mean what's more important is who at least makes it past year 1.

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