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  1. 24/7 reporting things couldn't be going better for CB Kelee Ringo since he arrived in Austin. He has been hanging out a lot with McCoy and Floyd, and he could be staying through Saturday (still no return flight scheduled). His mother didn't end up making the trip because of work conflicts, but she remains high on Texas.
  2. Per 24/7, Ringo may spend the majority of his Spring Break in ATX. Currently does not have a return flight scheduled and Mom will be joining him.
  3. Herman needs to keep this man happy. He is for now, apparently. Him and Samples are making an impact on the recruits.
  4. I love this kid as an RB, but mostly hope he recovers fully and has a positive productive life, with or without football
  5. Just saw an interview he did with EJ and Lindberg said it would help. Said he wants to play with intelligent players. Not commiting anytime soon, but Texas looks to be in really good shape.
  6. Damn 2109 - I've heard of way too early predictions, but damn... Good to know we're still recruiting well into the new century.... lol..
  7. Nope, the honor code prevents them from being on probation.
  8. If an sec team has the #1 and #2 class, doesn't that mean that by association aggy also has the #1 and #2 class? Not sure how this sec coat tail riding works exactly!!
  9. Already got Major news today, haven't you heard? Oh you mean.... lol
  10. Hearing the writer may not be credible. Proceed with caution..
  11. Referring to this? From The Football Brainiacs... "Just a heads up, there is likely to be some pretty major news coming out later today that could impact Texas…in a good way. I’m sorry to be the, “I know something but can’t tell you” guy. But when this news drops and again, it’s likely to happen today, you’ll know it was what this was in reference to."
  12. Kid definitely enjoys the attention recruiting brings. Wake me up when he signs or not...
  13. Coach in waiting? It worked pretty well last ti.... nvm... lol

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