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  1. Lol. I was going to post earlier that at least we will win this one regardless of my attendance....
  2. My bad. When you said 1st one you get to see, I thought you meant you were here.
  3. We got into the 9th floor suite. Nice digs. Get in here pocono.
  4. Guess I'm bad luck for the baseball team. Will stick to watching it on tv.
  5. Lol. Bryce settled down and is looking good. Get these bats going and we're in business.
  6. Beautiful night for a game. Catching my 1st live Longhorn baseball game in a few years. Slow start so far.
  7. Lol. Bless her heart. At least she's cute... I love the end when she makes her analogy then immediately realizes she just made their point for them...
  8. I'll be in Austin the weekend of the spring game. Checking out the Horns Friday night against k state and of couse the spring game. Haven't been in Austin in a couple of years, so I'm looking to y'all for recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Looking for hidden gems or new places. Have been to all the usual spots over the years, so just looking for newer spots if possible. TIA
  9. Damn! Nobody commenting on this. Guess no one cares about Shaka trying to bring this JV trophy home.
  10. Perroni from A&M 24/7 put in a Texas crystal ball for S Chris Thompson, Jr. of Duncanville
  11. I'm sure Jimbo can coach them into a Final Four appearance next year... lol
  12. 24/7 reporting things couldn't be going better for CB Kelee Ringo since he arrived in Austin. He has been hanging out a lot with McCoy and Floyd, and he could be staying through Saturday (still no return flight scheduled). His mother didn't end up making the trip because of work conflicts, but she remains high on Texas.
  13. Per 24/7, Ringo may spend the majority of his Spring Break in ATX. Currently does not have a return flight scheduled and Mom will be joining him.

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