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  1. Connor Robertson... 3 Star guard from Austin Westlake
  2. I hate that we're a "dark horse"... Sark & Co need to show up with a serious NIL package. He's a starter day 1, close to home, etc... basically what Sha said lol. I would go all in on this kid. He's a difference maker. Don't let him leave the state!!
  3. Me neither, but I guess wearing the longhorn gear makes it ad official as it gets. Poor Patterson looks like he's about to break out in hives. Bet he never really thought he would wear the burnt orange.
  4. I think Texas backed off when Mario became available. He picked usc, so went back to him. Sounds like he is flipabble.
  5. To be fair, he was just answering questions being asked about specific schools. The interviewer never asked about Texas, so he didn't have a chance to talk about Texas. Had he been asked about the schools that were standing out and he didn't bring up UT then that would be different. Not saying he's flipping to Texas, but he simply wasn't asked.
  6. A 5 star that may be open to coming here? I go all in. Even if you don't get him there is no such thing as wasted effort. From that interview he looks like he could be flipped. We'll see...
  7. It's a publication that gives you numbers of people that you can put on your Rolodex or your PDA if you're fancy...
  8. Idk, but his offer list is pretty good. USC and a couple of sec schools in particular
  9. Maybe he has lived there his whole life and is ready for a change. If he can play and the coaches want him, bring him on.
  10. Ok that would make sense. I saw RB coach and couldn't make the connection. Thanks
  11. Sha, What's the connection between Choice and Addison? Why do they think he brings a player from another school? Would be awesome if it happens, I'm just not familiar with their relationship TIA
  12. True... Texas has never had an issue recruiting.. The difference this year is the haul on both lines and a potential generational QB. Finish it off with a couple more DBs and WRs and could be special in a couple of years. Now need a successful year on the field and stack a few recruiting classes together and things may be different this time. Or I may be drinking the burnt orange Kool-aid...
  13. You make room for a player like him. His spot is secure.
  14. Good luck to him. Hell of a recruiter. No Bijan without him...
  15. Hope this means coaches feel like they have better options at the position... Preston, Stewart, etc..
  16. Is he a December or February commit? Also if he were to jump on board are we potentially looking at an 8 lineman class? Wow!!
  17. Just heard would get $1 Million NIL deal if he goes there and agrees to a documentary deal. I believe they said money would come from Barstool, but not 100% sure.
  18. Would hate to lose this one. He is a project and by the time he is ready to take the field Ewers will be in the NFL anyway... at least if he lives up to the hype. But 2 QB classes seem to not pan out..

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