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  1. The ok st game when Charlie Strong was the coach. Referee runs into Charlie and calls a penalty on him along with a couple of other agregious calls.
  2. 35-0 HT. All gas, no brakes Ducks! Hang a 60 burger on them and maybe the media will look elsewhere.
  3. Lowell Galindo is calling the Miami game. Has he always done games outside of the LHN? I don't think I've ever heard him do teams other than Texas.
  4. Notice that the staff is only pushing for the highest-level talent in the HS ranks. I can see them holding more spots than in the past for transfer portal candidates.
  5. The portal works both ways and for all teams. Too soon to tell.
  6. Agree. Quinn has been a bit inconsistent, but to think we score no offensive TDs is a little cray cray to me. I went back and watched a little Baylor tape and honestly, Wyoming might be better than them.
  7. I believe their RB is out, but that may not be the reason for the spread change. I was just pointing out what may move the line since he mentioned he wasn't a gambler.
  8. Could also be a last minute injury or return from injury from a key player. See Utah, Rising looking like he will play moved the line in their favor.
  9. This kid hits with bad intentions. Love his highlight tape, but unfortunately doesn't seem that the staff is pushing for him.
  10. IT doubled down an hour ago and said Davis and Carter are both still scheduled to visit next week
  11. I was looking around at other sec schedules, and they don't match up. I think the TBD designation may mean that those games are not necessarily listed in order. Arkansas schedule shows them playing us much later in the year. I think the order is still to be decided.
  12. 1. Wisconsin 2. Clemson 3. Auburn 4. TCU 5. Alabama 6. BYU 7. Washington St - PAC-2 Championship 8. Wyoming 9. TEXAS 10. Oregon Total points Texas-Baylor game: 53 PTS
  13. The portal will be huge. We could lose a ton of talent, and the replacements are young. A hell of a lot different than Iowa St, Houston and Kansas on the schedule. Can't wait! I also like that D2 team on our schedule the game before Vandy. I keed, I keed. Agsy has that one circled in crayon already
  14. Not quite sure why we would mock our own qb without reason, but ok...
  15. Okoye was my favorite to pair with Simmons, but if we get Williams and Zina, I'll take it.
  16. If we get Williams, it will be a very strong Edge class.
  17. Get the 2 Davis' and Tyanthony Smith from them and I'm good. It's almost October... Time for annual traditions - Halloween, The State Fair and agsy decommit season...

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