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  1. Lol. Well if his reporting is correct, Addison will be one too!
  2. Good enough for me... As SHA would say.... Calculator!!!
  3. He's enjoying the process and taking his visits. Nothing wrong with that... He's been to Texas a few times and has all the reasons to come here. Not saying he's committing, but he's a talent worth waiting for. The state is loaded with WRs so I think we'll be ok regardless
  4. Damn, is Sark getting Reggie Bush treatment? It's ok to say his name. Lol..
  5. The insurance lady from Progressive? Damn... Who knew?? Lol
  6. Herman had too many gimmicks and thought too highly of himself Strong was probably a great person, but he was more of a big brother, but the players needed an authority figure Mack got lazy and revamped instead of reloaded. I like where Sark is at right now, but the Ws need to come in bunches asap.
  7. That dude looks and sounds like a grown ass man.... lol
  8. The recruiting landscape has changed. The quicker we accept it the better. We can cry about the portal if we want or take advantage of it. Recruiting has never been an issue at Texas. Development and the revolving door of coaches has. With the portal we can get "pre-developed" talent. Guys that already have some skins on the wall that you can pretty much plug and play. We have deep pockets and it plays into our favor if we just take advantage. We also have a coaching staff with credibility and again with the deep pockets they can stay for a while. Maybe that formula will result in more Ws and we won't suck anymore... Just my 2 cents!
  9. I'm more surprised that we haven't tapped into our resources in a bigger way. Addison's decision will tell a lot.
  10. We probably aren't ready, but we were going to play them regardless. We'll see though..
  11. The coaches are in the building a winning team business. If they have issue with it, hit the road. Worthy is recruiting him hard, so he doesn't seem to have an issue with it. Neyor, Hall and Billingsley came in for the same reason, so pot meet kettle if they have an issue with it. Whittington is injury prone, so the depth is needed.
  12. Give the coaches credit for playing the long game, but a lot had to fall in place in order for us to land that OL class. The coaching carousel helped a ton, but dont expect it to happen every year. Kids want to play in the sec. The earlier the better, IMHO.
  13. I agree. I think the staff is doing a great job at addressing positions of need. LB still needs some playmakers.
  14. I get what you're saying, but you take him. Period. Plenty of balls to go around if you keep drives going. We will have a lot more yards and TDs if our QB lives up to his billing. We may need to win games 55-45, but so be it. My biggest question is do we have a line good enough to give the QB some time.
  15. Arch may take longer than we like, but once he commits, he's locked in.
  16. From what I've been hearing on some podcasts, NIL was not the reason Mathis passed on the Horns. Apparently the coaching staff wanted him to play in space as well as putting his hand in the dirt. He just wanted to pin his ears back and go after the qb. Nebraska was ok with that and it seems that was the deciding factor.
  17. Lol. I appreciate all of you keeping track of the numbers. As for me, as long as Sark isn't worried about the numbers neither am I. The record was 5-7 last year. I welcome the turnover.
  18. I'm really interested in knowing how those conversations go down. I hope Sark and/or the University don't just say thank you, bye. My guess would be more like "you're probably not going to play very much, you have options to go elsewhere if you choose". That way the player can choose to go elsewhere and try to get some playing time or just be a good soldier, go to practice and get an excellent education and all the benefits that come with it.
  19. In his presser, Sark mentioned having thorough exit interviews with the players. I'm guessing he won't be the only one entering the portal when it's said and done. The portal is a 2 way street and the reality of the world of college football. Good luck to the young man and all others that may enter the portal
  20. Mack Brown hasn't been the coach here in a decade. Patience my boy!! Put some Ws on the board this year and the flood gates are going to open. We will be fine.

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