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  1. WV played on Thursday and had an easy convincing win. Our defense was on the field for 100 plays! I think we struggle early due to heavy legs on defense. Ultimately we pull away late. Texas 41 WV 28
  2. With the recent firings and the loss at tech, I'm assuming Sark will be in the top 5 hot seat coaches.
  3. Exactly. We all need to back off the ledge. The season will have its ebbs and flows. Can't get too high or low with any one game. The team has to play better and Sark needs to take a long deep look in the mirror.
  4. I don't disagree with anything you said. Here's my point. Going into this year most of us thought an 8-9 win season was possible and thought that would put us on track with where this team should be. This means that we expected 3-4 losses minimum. I expected them to lose 1 game that we should have won. I just didn't think it would be this one I'm still hopeful that they can get it together and still come up with 8 wins, ou looks beatable and we have shown how well we can play. Unfortunately we have also shown how bad we can be. If we're 4-4 in a few weeks then I will feel differently. I'm a glass full kinda guy, but I have my limits. We should have won this game, but we didn't. As many on here say, we suck until we don't. Here's hoping that don't suck very much longer...
  5. Agree. He abandoned just about everything that was working in the 1st half.
  6. Pump the brakes here. It's a horrible loss, but it's only 1 loss. Let's see how they regroup.
  7. 2nd half was way too conservative. I know we're a better team with Ewers, but this game was very winnable with Card.
  8. I had a nice little paragraph, but I couldn't quite get it right... long story short.. We shat the bed!!

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