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  1. Jimbo knows where the bodies are buried because he dug the holes..
  2. If you're talking to those on this board, most of us will agree. If you're referring to the 17 year old young men sitting on a lottery ticket, they may see it differently. And truly who is to blame them.
  3. Pillow fight... Nothing will come from this... Jumbo says he loves confrontation but won't even take Saban's phone call...
  4. Lol. Well if his reporting is correct, Addison will be one too!
  5. Good enough for me... As SHA would say.... Calculator!!!
  6. He's enjoying the process and taking his visits. Nothing wrong with that... He's been to Texas a few times and has all the reasons to come here. Not saying he's committing, but he's a talent worth waiting for. The state is loaded with WRs so I think we'll be ok regardless
  7. Even more impressed if it was burnt orange!!
  8. Give this man another shot! Cheers brother!!
  9. Damn, is Sark getting Reggie Bush treatment? It's ok to say his name. Lol..
  10. The insurance lady from Progressive? Damn... Who knew?? Lol
  11. Herman had too many gimmicks and thought too highly of himself Strong was probably a great person, but he was more of a big brother, but the players needed an authority figure Mack got lazy and revamped instead of reloaded. I like where Sark is at right now, but the Ws need to come in bunches asap.

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