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  1. No clue what may be happening behind the scenes, but I'm glad that the staff is relying on their own evals. Leaning on the recruiting services too much contributed to Mack's demise IMHO.
  2. I agree. I am not very familiar with his overall career, so my biggest question right now is can he recruit? Can he continue to bring in the caliber of players needed to be a championship level? It's obvious that the players are playing hard for him and he's checking a lot of boxes. I just hope he can recruit.
  3. It's always about the money. This is just a huge game of chicken. They'll get it worked out. No way does Texas play in this conference in 2025.
  4. If we get stuck in this conference until 2025, I hope Texas and ou don't schedule any games in any sport with the b12 for a long long time.
  5. Yep and for the low low rate of $9.95 a month, he'll tell you that there's another team behind the scenes pushing hard.
  6. So sorry for your loss. No words. Prayers for you and your family.
  7. He's never coached at the collegiate level so it's unknown
  8. I think Sark and Banks will step in when a high priority player is targeted. For example, Sark is personally involved with the Hudson recruitment. I do agree with you that development will be much improved. NFL coaches dont need to be good recruiters, just good teachers and be able to relate. From all reports Jackson checks those boxes.
  9. Can't coach his instincts or speed. Give that man a schollie.
  10. Thanks TFloss. Any word on who the candidates are for this role in the Houston area?
  11. Apparently the Family told Arch just to focus on being a college QB for a year or two then later as he's made some plays and has earned it, he could sign a deal or two
  12. Arch is not taking any NIL money this year. The Family said he probably wouldn't for the 1st couple of years.
  13. I'm with SHA on this one. He's a team guy and will do what is asked, but prefers to sit it out on his 1st year. Family made sure that everyone knew that was their preference.
  14. In part yes. I don't think they liked how transparent he was being about their situation

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