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  1. How come we have a head coach, 2 starters and a strong bench player out but still have to play, but other teams were allowed to have games against us postponed because of the same thing?
  2. Why would the head coach resign along with the 9 other coaches?
  3. Agree. Dude was fast. Where do we stand with Klubnik?
  4. No doubt. Ineligible man down field from the 4 yard line? Right now master leads the student grasshopper, 28-21.
  5. No kidding. 5 possessions, 4 TD’s. Did the whole SLC team go bleach blonde? Lol.
  6. Katy is steamrolling Cedar Hill right now 24-0 at half.
  7. Notice his answer to playing aggy? “Yes, I would like play Texas A/M”.
  8. For the Longhorns? I don’t recognize the name and don’t see his name on the roster.
  9. I liked the fact they didn’t take the timeout and used the fast pace, drove to the hole and kicked it out to the open Jones. Didn’t allow the defense to set up.
  10. Just nitpicking, but maybe fix your first sentence of your article? “USC offensive coordinator”.
  11. This game could go a long way for Shaka if we can pull out a victory.
  12. Thank God, because you two go back and forth so much you need a room.
  13. It’s been far too long Kate, we’ve missed you dearly.
  14. I believe the buyout $$ drops next week. Make the move then. Gotta save recruiting.
  15. Did I hear that Sam was the only player to stay for the “Eyes” after the game? I hope I’m wrong.
  16. Kate is for 4* and 5* commits. But by no means is there anything wrong with Hali. Big fan of Swordfish as well.
  17. Of course we are, it’s my birthday. My gift to you!
  18. Anyone notice that Morgan Scalley, DC for Utah and I believe our first choice to replace Orlando, is now suspended, for using a racial slur in 2013. Dodged a bullet there.

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