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  1. Incredible what Melendez is doing. This is nothing you see every day, let alone every decade.
  2. Yes, the GOAT. And retiring a National Champion. Nice!
  3. Face it, they are just sucking. It’s inexcusable. Shaka should be fired at the airport if they lose.
  4. Can’t get a sweep without winning the 1st one. Let’s get game number 2!
  5. I like our bracket. If we play up to our potential we can beat either Michigan or Alabama.
  6. Excellent name......but he looks like a “youngastro” versus myself being an oldastro. Nice to see our pitcher get out of that jam.
  7. Is that the home set up? Nice. And the Jefferson bourbon is a nice touch.
  8. That bottom of 2nd was a long one. It was longer than our family dinner.
  9. Did you notice the FT difference? WVU got 37, hit 26, UT gets a measly 10?? Hit only 4. Something ain’t right there.
  10. Uh, how do you lose a 19 point lead in the second half of a basketball game? Just ask Shaka, he can show you. Unbelievable.
  11. Is the Hamm situation/tweet put to bed? Things like that can bring divisiveness in the locker room. Hopefully senior leadership reigned it in. Winning cures a lot, so let’s put a arse kicking on them today.
  12. What is it, 11 straight SB’s with a Longhorn in it? Okafor with the sack of Brady!

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