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  1. We play Virginia again? WHAT: #2 Texas Longhorns vs Virginia Cavaliers
  2. They just averaged double digits per game in the regionals. I’ll take that every day. Do they have their occasional cold spells, sure, but I’ll live with it.
  3. I’m hoping these missed scoring opportunities don’t come back to bite us.
  4. Why does a high school need liaison for recruiting and does waxahacie produce enough to require one?
  5. Totally agree. It has to be clear evidence to reverse a call. There was not in this case.
  6. So you’re saying he has “commitment” issues? Sounds like a lot of boys in their teens and twenties, maybe even in their 30’s.
  7. What about sod? It seems that St Augustine is nowhere to be found. I’ve heard the grass farms were hit hard. Can’t find a pallet or cuts anywhere.
  8. So you are saying the door isn’t closed on Ewers? Let’s hypothetically say he switches to us, does Murphy change his mind or do both come? I’d be happy to get both, but just don’t see it that way with these kids these days.
  9. It’s funny because the Astros beat up on both the teams leading the division at the beginning of the year, and have struggled since. Having a few players out the last week hasn’t helped. Definitely missing Verlander.
  10. Ok, you’re off the hook and can now request a sweep. I’ll take a look around for my broom.
  11. Ahhh man, I hope you just didn’t jinx us. Let’s finish game 2.
  12. What’s the latest word on Greg Brown coming back or not?
  13. And a transfer from Utah? Usually Longhorns are going that way, at least in FB.
  14. Darn it. The Latino Bambino was hit in his first plate appearance so didn’t get a chance to swing the bat for a possible HR.

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