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  1. Not sure if anyone was aware, but the evening was dedicated to Mike Wacker, former great Longhorns hoop star, and also the head coach for TLU. All the UT players warm up gear had "Wacker" on the back and his playing days number. After the game was over, he stayed on the court and did the Hook Em hand and sang the EOT. Classy guy.
  2. We play Virginia again? WHAT: #2 Texas Longhorns vs Virginia Cavaliers
  3. They just averaged double digits per game in the regionals. I’ll take that every day. Do they have their occasional cold spells, sure, but I’ll live with it.
  4. I’m hoping these missed scoring opportunities don’t come back to bite us.
  5. Why does a high school need liaison for recruiting and does waxahacie produce enough to require one?

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