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  1. Would love to get Little but he would just transfer within the SEC..would also love to get one of those DT's can never have enough..ask LSU
  2. Why doesn't he hold a offer from Texas???
  3. IF Gary happened to come I still think we get DCG as well and Elliot
  4. No way I believe this. Not even gonna get my hopes up one bit😑
  5. Read over @ secrant LSU is going after him
  6. I really believe it with Charlie havin final in homeðŸ˜ðŸ‚ 👈🾠was in reply to fowler being ours
  7. With fowler,Hudson,Elliot,djax,brown,Taylor,Giles,and jones that puts Texas at 265 on 247 and #5-7 but of course that will change with other teams commitments and flips but could still be top 10
  8. Why is he reflecting on that little high school stadium?
  9. Am I the only one wondering HOW IN THE HE77 BAYLOR is our competition for a DEFENSIVE BACK???? Yes they are "winning" but a DB? The #1 safety in the country 😕

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