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  1. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but if the Oline isn’t vastly improved we won’t look much different than last year. Sark has definitely upgraded skill positions so maybe the staff believes our Oline can get it done.
  2. Very well said. I know it’s out of control but I don’t believe it just happened. I can say with relative certainty this “game” hasn’t been under control for at least the last 40 years.
  3. Lol. Tax payer? The fans are the consumer and the product is College football. Programs pay big money for coaches so you will get a better team to root for, buy tickets to watch, and hopefully some merchandise. Building nice stadiums for the fan experience, TV deals so you have access to the see the games from home and the commercials that come with them. They spend this money to promote the brand and get more fans (consumer acquisition). Retarded, now that’s an intellectual response. I’m not suggesting anything I’m stating a fact. If you can’t comprehend the fact that we are the consumer then obviously you can’t grasp the concept of being responsible for keeping this sport machine going. You are claiming the demise of college football because it is moving outside of lines you deem appropriate. You can justify lowering academic standards to allow athletes access or giving them a $100k education the less physically gifted people pay for but now you see a problem rising. I’ll tell you my friend “in for a penny in for a pound”. Don’t misunderstand I’m talking about myself as much as anyone but if you are “just someone who enjoys college football” I would hate to know how much time and energy an obsessed fan would spend on Horn Sports. I truly love your passion and insight. You are one my favorite posters so don’t ruin it by claiming to be a casual observer its disingenuous.
  4. You guys are killing me with the NIL tears. Sports at every level is strictly entertainment, it’s a game. I don’t care if it’s music, theater, dance, cinema, ect... without money, paid and made, entertainment would not exist. The only thing that ruins entertainment is when it ceases to entertain. Are we seriously upset that the actors or dancers are getting money but are ok with the director or choreographer getting millions? All of this ridiculous money is being paid FOR YOU. The salaries, TV network deals and billion dollar venues are all for consumer acquisition. Our unhealthy obsession with the game created this monster so football purest or not you brought this on yourself. Look at the bright side. You still get to sit in your lazy boy drinking beer and shoving potato chips in your mouth watching these college kids play a game while some billionaire pays them. What’s the problem? It’s similar to going to a restaurant chain and paying for a $12 steak and some jerk replaces it with a prime cut of ribeye and has it prepared by a grill master. Are you going to gripe that someone tried to give you a better product without increasing your cost? “But what if I go back to the restaurant and the jerk is no longer there because another restaurant stole him and I get the crappy steak I ordered and paid for?” Boo freaking hoo! Just be glad you got one good steak in life that you didn’t pay for yourself.
  5. To help Donovan’s feelings. It’s like thinking you’re signing D’onta and getting Armanti instead. Or marrying Bruce and waking up with Caitlyn.
  6. Poor Charles. First his kid goes to Texas and then Nebraska! Casey is definitely testing his dad’s love for him.
  7. If our Oline isn’t drastically better the QB won’t matter.
  8. Perkins is a lock to Aggie in my opinion. Stewart will win an all time troll award if he signs with us. I think we still have a good shot with Harris.
  9. We dodged a huge bullet by not hiring this clown. He’s massively inflated ego got exactly what it needed.
  10. Not sure if this gif is something a bunch of kids post but it’s the signature GIF for Bobby Taylor. I’m thinking we got Harris or Stewart
  11. Maalik, in my opinion, will need a couple of years of development before his ready. Ewers may be an odd dude but he literally checks every box as an elite QB and he has a year under his belt of really good development. He will be ready to go but still suffer some growing pains as a starter. At this point Maalik and Ewers are at a different level from each other. Give Maalik some time with great coaching to harness his skill set and he may be the generational QB. With his personality and larger than life persona he will make more NIL money than he could spend. He’s VY with Brett Favre’s arm. He is a unicorn
  12. Would it be any worse than going with the group we have coming back? I agree with letting the young guys develop before playing but we may not have a choice
  13. Sorry, I need to clarify. It’s WNBA UFDA range not NFL.
  14. There are rumors circulating that player X has an NIL deal on the table worth UDFA type money. This one’s looking promising for the good guys.
  15. The headliner of the DBU reborn class. Oops...
  16. I can think of 6 times this past Fall on a Saturday when it sucked for all the Horn faithful...but admittedly probably sucked less in Hawaii
  17. I’m intrigued about Ewers as a “pied piper”. He had ridiculous HS stats and I saw a video of him throwing a football the length of the field. His game film is pretty good but not earth shattering so I’m not real sure how good he is. I do know prior to skipping his Sr year a lot of the 2022 kids seemed ready to follow him at his school of choice. The possible recruiting ramifications makes me want him to be a Horn.
  18. Depending on red shirt Ewers is a 2021 and Manning 2023. Ewers plays and goes NFL after Jr year. Manning is the back up year one takes over year two. Easy peasy
  19. Supposedly the $100k is tier 1 (every player gets it). It’s similar to a “retainer” fee. Players are all contracted with the Advertising group that was formed. (It does not prohibit the players from getting their own deals) Tier 2 seems to be the “performance piece”. The Ad group helps the players broker deals with companies. The better the player the bigger the deal. This is when your stars can really make serious money. The AD group is part of the new committee that works with the kids (fiscal guidance and money management) and make sure everything is on the level. They are suppose to announce this second piece once they are positive it’s all within the NIL guidelines. The first tier really got under the competitions skin but the second part is supposedly ridiculous. It probably won’t be made public until after NSD but everyone was determined to get part 1 out prior to it happening.
  20. Honestly it’s the only thing that gives me hope for our program. I still believe this staff can get things turned around but with the monumental collapse we just witnessed they are limited in what they have to sell. We are not a few pieces away, we only have a couple of pieces. We need new blood and a lot of it. We have one advantage as a program and it’s money. I’d rather put it in the player’s pocket than buy another toy or build a new monument. Our kids might not worry about losing a scholarship since they can hit the portal but if they want to get paid big time money they better be playing big time ball. When the coaches get finished with their player interviews they are conducting we will have 3 clearly defined groups. Players that stay who are on the right path, players who stay but better get on the right path immediately and players that told to find a new team. The last two groups will be large.
  21. I mentioned the UT NIL several months ago and I’m glad to see the first part of the endeavor come to light. The recent piece is a smaller portion of the pie but from what I understand EVERY Longhorn football player will get $100,000 a year from the annual $10 million guarantee that was announced. Once the other tiers have cleared all red tape we will have a tremendous recruiting tool in our program. As they say “if you can’t beat them buy them”.

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