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  1. Coming out of HS his best time was 4.6 in the 40. He might not know how to run away from people or he gets nervous that he will fall if he goes too fast.
  2. Might also help with Duce since they are from the same HS.
  3. That big dude can move!! If that’s a 3star OL then I can’t imagine how good the 4 & 5 stars play
  4. I see us using the portal as a buffer while waiting for our recruits to mature. There will be a few players in the portal every year that could help but the majority of the power 5 guys are in the portal looking for more playing opportunities. I would rather not fill my team with other peoples left overs. I think when your building a program and are trying to instill a culture you are better off focusing on HS recruiting IF your coaches are capable of developing athletes. I look at someone like Herman and I could see him being more successful relying on the portal. He’s a good recruiter but a terrible developer. If he just rents a player for a year they probably won’t have time to realize he’s full of
  5. TCU will be right back in the middle of the pack for the remainder of Dykes tenure.
  6. 100% agree. Tommy was a red shirt freshman and saw action (less than 15 plays) in two meaningless games. He wasn’t even listed on the depth chart. He’s a pass for me. Javion Cohen would be a possibility if one if our freshman guards could move to center.
  7. Is that pecker head WR from Iowa St. who ate our lunch a portal candidate? I wouldn’t mind stealing him.
  8. To be fair, Gundy might be chronologically older than Sanders but he has the maturity of a 12 year old.
  9. That’s a HUGE keep for us. I personally felt he showed the most improvement from last year at DT.
  10. That’s the LB we needed 3 years ago. Not sure about now
  11. Trevor’s team had 18 NFL draft picks in his first 3 years including 6 1st rounders. Neither of the two QB’s being compared walked in to a rebuild.
  12. My thinking is OSU was steamrolled by Michigan in their loss while TCU lost in OT to a team they played twice.
  13. Max Dugan had a great year. He came out of HS as the 5th ranked Dual QB our backup RB, RoJo, was the 6th ranked Dual QB in the class. Will Howard was a 3 star out of HS and performed well enough to help his team. Next year we will have the #1 QB in 2021, # 12 QB in 2022, and #1 QB in 2023. I’d be willing to bet the majority of college football programs would trade their QB room for ours in a heart beat.
  14. It’s embarrassing but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of him
  15. A REALLY late bloomer. I did look at Ford’s recruiting timeline and his offer list would suggest he was a late bloomer in HS. He got his first offer, Toledo, in December of his Jr year. He picked up Kansas, TT, Minnesota, Washington St and Utah during the Spring of his Jr year. Committed to Utah in the Fall of his Senior year and Texas offered that December. He was the lowest ranked recruit in our 2020 class 3 star (National: NA, Position: 81, State 153) To truly appreciate what Ford has accomplished Prince Dorbah, our other OLB in the class, 4 star (National: 127, Position: 7, State: 17) It’s utterly ridiculous that the coaches in the Big 12 would rob a kid like Jaylon of his DPOY award.
  16. I don't imagine many HS QB's will be as far a long as Arch as a freshman. I believe I read somewhere that he and Sark have been going through the offense for almost a year. I hope he doesn't play a single snap next year. I want Ewers to light it up and be the first QB taken in the draft. Arch takes over as a RS Freshman and we never skip a beat. 2025 we start SEC play with best QB in college football and a supporting cast capable of winning a Natty.

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