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  1. This is a DUDE!! We are getting, dare I say it, ERRRBODY!!!
  2. I hope it’s not Greathouse. I would take Pilot over him.
  3. Obviously this recruiting cycle is far from finished BUT if we can keep the momentum and finish with the top class it would really show how elite our staff is at recruiting. Since 2010 (that’s as far as I looked) the team with the #1 class had success on the field in the two years leading up to the cycle. They were also all from the SEC (Bama doing it 9 times has a lot to do with it) The teams averaged 23.9 wins and 3.5 losses during the two years. A$M is the only team to not have at least 20 wins and Georgia was the only team to have 7 losses. 15-0 this year gets us to 20-7. I only point this out to demonstrate just how historic of a recruiting year we are witnessing.
  4. I hope we can duplicate, especially with ultra fast receivers. Back when they were winning State Championships almost yearly Ennis HS football had a slogan “You either have speed or your chasing it”. In each recruiting class since Sark arrived we have dramatically increased our speed.
  5. I will be interested to see how many of the blue chip D Lineman agg signed in 2022 hit the portal at the end of next season. That might factor in to Hicks’ decision.
  6. I hope we land him but IMHO Niblett fills the same role as Pettaway and he will be the better receiver. Niblett is just as fast but is more elusive. He was a QB his Sophomore year and caught 9 passes as a Junior (Eisenhower can’t pass the football). He’s rated the 12th best in the country with 9 career receptions. Once Coach Marion starts working with him the sky will be the limit.
  7. I expect 30+ in the 23 class. I think the coaches will want to take full advantage of Arch Mannia with his peer class and go big game hunting. If we have a good season I could see the staff focus on flipping some of the top recruits at multiple positions.
  8. Wasn’t sure I was a Cook fan but after watching his video I this kid!!
  9. I agree. I don’t know anything about most of these guys but if our staff believes the 210 lb kid is what we need to beat Bama I’m on board. I don’t think a DE at Bama has the same assignment as our Edge rushers…at least I hope they don’t Saban is notorious for taking commitments and then not signing all of them. I don’t like that approach but if that’s what it takes to knock him off his throne let’s roll.
  10. The numbers will not be an issue. If we are recruiting to win games we need to load up on guys that will make that happen. Coaches have to evaluate players and not let the recruiting services do it for them. Mack started doing that in his last few years and it was a train wreck. If you want to have a winning culture and your players to develop you must create competition. Every player has to know they will never be guaranteed a spot. If they don’t buy in or work their tail off there will be 5 (very capable) guys waiting for the opportunity to take their spot. Get all the guys you believe can help and let them decide who stays. The cream always rises to the top.
  11. Walton is a Gary Patterson type kid. 3* .875 #50 Edge, #102 in Texas, #586 Natl. Ochaun Mathis 3* .8635 #44, #103 in Texas, #746 Natl. Walton will be a Sr riser. He’s fast and knows how to get in the backfield.
  12. If we get anywhere near 10 wins this fall and sign THIS class we might need to get one of these for players wanting to transfer in.
  13. 2013 Class Darius James 5* #1 OG, Kent Perkins 4* #3 OT Jake Raulerson 4* #2 Center Rami Hammad 4* #14 OG.
  14. I will say it plainly. Stars are not predictive of O-line success. This is the 2021 All Pro 1st team O line Jason Kelce (Un ranked ILB) Zach Martin (4* #11 OT) Joel Bitonio (2* #136 OT) Tristan Wirfs (4* #33 OT) Trent Williams (3* #22 OG) Size, work ethic and coaching is what matters with these guys
  15. We started the day at 22 if I’m not mistaken
  16. This is not any previous coaching regime. Flood definitely knows how to recruit and develop. We must get away from freshman and sophomore linemen playing. These big dudes come in understanding they are going to reshape and work technique. Give them two years and we have the type of lineman needed to compete at the highest level. I’ve said before I want the frame and hunger to be good over star ratings for Oline. We are right on track.
  17. I respect you SHA but you can’t throw a couple of insulting remarks to win an argument. I’m not trying to explain the fact that no one knows his decision. No one Knows anything from the family. Whatever else you are trying to say I’ll just ignore. We are on different wavelengths or something.
  18. Just because you can’t find the wisdom doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’ll put it this way, everything we know about this recruitment is coming from within the programs and it is ALL what they perceive from the visits. The Mannings have not tipped their hand to anyone up to this point in time. Whenever they leave a campus everyone on staff feels like they are the favorite. Georgia and Texas both feel that way. The only person who has spoken about Arch other than family is his HS Coach and not one of them has even hinted at a leader or favorite. With all of the industry sources available no one seems to even have enough “information” to formulate a timeline on Arch’s decision. So if you want to believe someone “making a living” selling subscriptions has suddenly discovered where each parent wants the kid to go then be my guest. I’ll double down that it is a complete fabrication. As for the second part, this family is not like mine or yours. At birth they began preparing Arch to continue the QB legacy. He’s not been preparing for this moment he’s been preparing for the next level moment. It does not matter where he goes to college from a standpoint of personal success. He will be one of the best QB’s in the history of any school he chooses because he has the genetics and training that no one else in the world has access to. Things a parent would want for their kid from a college athletics standpoint don’t really apply. He will get PT, he’s getting better coaching at home than any school could offer, location is irrelevant because the family could hop on a private jet and be anywhere at anytime to watch him. Arch’s parents are telling him it’s his choice because they KNOW his level of comfort is all that matters. The last thing they would do is put more pressure on a kid who exists in a life of expectation. BTW I told my son he could go to work after HS graduation or I’d pay for him to go to Texas. Don’t even think about a different school because your wasting both of our time. He’s a proud grad of McCombs Business School. You owe me a steak.
  19. I’m calling BS on that. TFB does not, nor anyone else, have any credible sources who know what mama or papa like. I have zero doubt that either parent has said anything other than “I’ll support whatever decision you make”.
  20. Isn’t the stage name of Coach Banks’ girlfriend Pole Assassin?
  21. He said IF Arch Manning committed I’m gonna go ahead and commit
  22. Ketch couldn’t find his ass with two hands and a bright light. The only information I would trust from him is a list of the best all you can eat buffets.

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