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  1. Let’s be honest, Even with the NIL our former staff wouldn’t make the top 2 for Addison. We are headed in the right direction with our ability to recruit with Sark and Co.
  2. 100% agree. Cook ranks #1 in self promotion but he’s probably outside of the top 5 if I was ranking. I would have to chuckle a little if we fill up the WR room prior to Arch committing. I bet Cook wouldn’t enjoy that part of “the process”.
  3. BTW He is a UT Grad so he does have that going for him.
  4. He created SnapBack sports an instagram account, he has a pod cast and other “ventures”. SnapBack is supposedly the largest sports instagram account with 1.2 million followers. He’s fairly well known but not really sure if he’s an accurate source.
  5. He’s not on the roster because he’s not enrolled yet. Are you the same dude who asked this social media question before? I think the first time someone asked this was prior to his interview about how much he liked the fans at Texas. He’s coming until he says he ain’t. The kid never seems to be at a loss for words so I feel confident he will post any change of mind.
  6. I understood it perfectly. I’m saying (in jest) don’t increase the amount of money allocated to these other sports for more scholarships when they are not important. Even if the 85 cap remains for football we could still buy some more stuff to benefit the football program because it’s really the only sport that counts. I was just in a good mood today and thought I’d have some fun on the board.
  7. I could have sworn I heard that somewhere.
  8. If they do what there doing with a limit in place don’t you think they would get more without one? I mean you basically described their current depth chart. I heard any player on the team that wasn’t a five star recruit or the #1 rated player or position in their State coming out of HS wasn’t allowed to have that cool white stripe on their helmet. There may be some players I can’t see but that’s a whole bunch with the stripe. Not arguing, just saying.
  9. Um… let’s not go straight communist here. I’m sure we can find other areas in the football program to spend the money. I think I read somewhere that 18 college World Series championships is the equivalent of 100 swimming national championships, 55 Volleyball Nattys, 36 NCAAWB’s, 3 NCAAM championships, 818 “other” national championships (whatever others is) and a share of the Conference title in a power 5 football program. I’m not saying I agree but that’s what I read somewhere, I think.
  10. SHA you might need to get on tide fans and share that information. Somehow the kids who keep committing to Alabama didn’t get the memo.
  11. Maybe IT and Burton should stop using me as a “source”. I basically called this 23HRS ago and 1 page back. It just goes to show if you throw enough crap at a wall (paid or free) something could stick. BTW He ain’t going to Bama and that’s a guarantee.

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