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  1. This team folded like a cheap tent. When we stopped them in the first half on 4th down and they turn around and stop us on 4th down in the pathetic excuse of a “wildcat” with zero push up front. I absolutely knew we would not win the game. Call it entitled or whatever but there is zero pride with this group currently. From Sark down they have to HATE, HATE, HATE losing against anyone at anything. My favorite Coach quote ever was Bobby Knight “show me a good loser and I will show you a loser”. Until we get to that point we will continue to float along.
  2. I’m not complaining since it’s ags but How do they pull the class they did last year and follow it up with a bunch of nothing? (Hill won’t stick I guarantee it). We joke about them running out of money but did they actually run out of money? The 2022 guys have to be rethinking their decision.
  3. I’m not getting too concerned until signing day. I like to have the momentum but we may flip a few or lose a few until pen is put to paper. Evan Stewart is a take regardless of his former choices. We need to get to the point that our backup WR’s could start at any other school.
  4. QE 10 y/a QBR 166 HC 6.8 y/a QBR 130.2 Completing a higher percentage and averages 3.2 yards per pass more. The consensus after the Bama game was if Ewers hadn’t got hurt Texas wins the game. Another way to look at it would be Texas wins if Card doesn’t play. Card is a gutsy dude and a great guy but he is not near the QB Ewers is and that gap will only widen as time goes by.
  5. I agree with this 99% of the time but I’m glad we did it with Arch.
  6. I was thinking it had the do with the twitter stuff this week for Stewart. I was going to actually compliment Jumbo if that was the case. Obviously they are still not “bought in”
  7. Let’s see a show of hands for anyone who has NOT made some disparaging remarks about some Texas players this past season. Don’t count on Bo Davis to raise his hand. I’m betting most of those remarks were well earned. I don’t see this staff being too sensitive over a recruits opinion especially if there is a little accuracy in it.
  8. What is the process for voting someone off this “island”?

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