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  1. I suspect Shaka misinterpreted the type of extension that was being considered. CDC was wanting Shaka to have an extended vacation not an extended contract. If Coach Smart actually believed he had earned a contract extension he’s either delusional or has an extremely low bar of expectation. I am glad we are no longer paying a glorified AAU coach millions of dollars a year.
  2. Bijan doesn’t look smaller in the video above. The kid is a beast
  3. At what point will people realize how absurd society has become? The song is not racist in any form or fashion. There is no end to “things” that were subverted by ignorant people of the past. Why do we continue to let those people shape our future. Our University did not accept African Americans until 1956. Do we shut down the University because it was most definitely racist prior to that time? The Eyes of Texas is supposed to remind us of OUR University family and the bond we ALL share. Our family is Burnt Orange and that is the only color that should matter to anyone. People who try and make
  4. Let’s be realistic. Saban is a tremendous recruiter at program that, at this time, basically recruits itself. Of course they get a ton of quality kids every year but nobody gets everyone they want. If that were true Bama would sign every 5 star kid. We also would never have heard the phrase “not SEC good” when a kid chose another non SEC school. We have to work harder and sell potential instead of results but The University will be just fine.
  5. I was looking at it strictly from a rating standpoint. Production wise we definitely did a better job of developing players. Tony Jeffery was the same year and not ranked by 247. Nathan Vasher was in the class unranked also. The class itself was only #6 overall. 23 signed only 8 ranked by 247 all but one was top 50 nationally and he was 57.
  6. I'm assuming 2000 would be the “big 3” year? BJ Johnson #2, Roy Williams #3 and Sloan Thomas #6 WR’s in the nation. We landed the top 6 players in Texas and four 5 ️ recruits. If we could land the 5 WR’s mentioned it would possibly be the best haul ever in the nation not just at UT. #2, #3, #5, #6, and #12. Add the #1 RB and I think the #1 QB (when all is said and done) and it would be the greatest collection of offensive skill position players imaginable. That would definitely expedite our rise to National prominence aka “Dominance”
  7. That should move us to 4 in the overall rankings
  8. Caleb Burton, the number one receiver in Texas. He’s currently committed to Ohio State. They worked out together today.
  9. I’m glad these two got to hang out together today. You know Maalik is going to stay on him.
  10. Ben Davis stats at Bama and he’s been there since 2016.
  11. If we can land the #1 RB in the country every other year I’d feel good about our RB room.
  12. This is Maalik with Malik Agbo. Agbo is listed as a 6’5.5” 320 lb OT.

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