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  1. Full disclosure, the recruiting drama is really getting under my skin. The only joy I get from the board at the moment is a good ole Rat Bast from bear and the occasional Kate sightings from sha. Keep up the good work men.
  2. It ain’t the glasses. 6’3 225 OLB and he looks young. He’s a 3 star who has played maybe 2 full seasons. He will be a steal, if he sticks.
  3. Is he still #1 since he’s now a 2021 kid? I honestly question if he’s going to have success. At the very least he’s in for big time reality check. It will be interesting to see how he handles being below the freshman in the pecking order. He will have a huge target on him from day 1.
  4. I will say this until I stop saying it. Our play on the field this season will determine our 22 recruiting class. We have sold expectations of “the turnaround” during two consecutive coaching regimes that did not deliver. The question now is whether our lack of success is due to coaching or something more permanent. It’s like someone mentioned earlier, is our staff good at recruiting or good at recruiting for Alabama? Kids buy Alabama not the guy selling it. If we put a good product on the field this season our staff will be elite recruiters. Like it or not ATM was at the door of the CFP last year. They have steadily improved the last few years. They should beat us in recruiting at the moment. I’m amazed we have stayed competitive with them. I don’t know the chicken or the egg answer but I guarantee you don’t consistently recruit top talent when you suck on the field. Fix the field and everything will be fine.
  5. My bad I’m dyslexic and I didn’t know the AAC was a real thing
  6. OMG. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short. Since they are sending letters out they might want to send one to Germany. I’ve got a feeling that little turd Hitler they appointed as Chancellor is up to no good. Just saying
  7. I laughed last week when this talk surfaced and I heard what our fellow Texans at College station were telling their SEC buddies. They said “you don’t understand what you are getting with Texas, they work the political angles in ways you could never dream up. They will push and push in every possible way to get what they want and by the time you realize what they are doing they are so far ahead you can’t stop it. I’m afraid that is the situation we are in now and we don’t know it yet.” I’m paraphrasing but not by much. I think a large portion of that fan base has PTSD from this friendly in conference rivalry.
  8. Texas has the contract and they have to let ESPN off the hook (pardon the pun). If ESPN wants the SEC contract and the SEC wants Texas and OU in the conference sooner rather than later then ESPN figures out a way to accommodate. The LHN was a BAD deal for ESPN and I doubt they want it to cost them another great deal. If Texas decided we can’t walk away from roughly $130 mill and pay $80 mill for the Big 12 departure this deal is dead in the water and ESPN still forks over the money for the next 10 years while pissing off the SEC in the process. There is some type of agreement or understanding in place between ESPN, SEC, Texas and OU or we wouldn’t be at this point already.
  9. I’m not saying it’s true but supposedly ESPN/ LHN is going to pay for both schools with the LHN balance owed to Texas. I assume Texas is good with it because they won’t get that money any way and the SEC deal is worth it.
  10. SHA, I heard today was Kate’s birthday on the radio this morning. I thought I would mention it in case you forgot.
  11. I heard the LHN was going to continue but under a different broadcast partner. Roughly the same available viewership.
  12. This is exactly what I was talking about when we signed Marcus Carr. This operation was put in motion prior to the NIL ruling. We literally have a de facto department of staff and “non staff” building an NIL corporation. The resources and networking in play would put major advertising and sports agencies to shame. A Rolodex of business partners, a legal team to construct contracts, the Longhorn brand, with SEC viewership. “ What stars here.....”, well you know.

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