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  1. You guys think it’s an NFL guy and we are waiting until his team loses?
  2. https://twitter.com/mzenitz/status/1351243598063407110?s=20
  3. TFB saying that it’s between Golding and a “unnamed candidate”
  4. interesting without a DC or position coach hire yet lol
  5. We have learned that Lanning aint leaving UGA so now Saban can't let golding leave because there is no upgrade
  6. I think Saban is fighting hard because Golding and Kris Scott are a package deal
  7. That Johnny Nansen name drop is really intriguing he’s got some good ties out west, could rule out Tosh
  8. there's a article about him https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/university-of-south-carolina/usc-football/article240764366.html I mean they did have a 5 star qb committed to them
  9. Drew Hughes from South Carolina will be Sarks director of player personnel
  10. most likely scenario in my mind is Lupoi and Heyward or Ansley
  11. ole Chip saying Lupoi is still in the mix and golding is less likely, to me this sounds like arnett or lupoi but it Makes no sense to be arnett because you could've had him a couple of weeks ago
  12. There were so many good candidates out there.... I cannot believe we didn't try to go grab Derek Mason
  13. Me after two whole weeks of checking the internet every 5 seconds
  14. Don't be surprised if its lupoi Chip reporting that texas is in contact, just cross your fingers and hope hes gotten better
  15. I expect that arnett to texas will be wrapped up very soon

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