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  1. Jeff Banks is the reason that coach K came to Texas via the Athletic lol he recruited our DC
  2. you want guys like this on staff. He is only 31 and was a three year starter and he comes from the Derek mason coaching tree
  3. 247 saying Washington LB/Special teams coach Bob Gregory is under consideration
  4. one potential bad thing about Nansen is multiple Washington and SC people say that he was sarks drinking buddy
  5. They've been following him for a while, adimora was recruited by him ect. not an indication IMO. His recent follows are all ucla guys
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.kitsapsun.com/amp/757032002 thought it was interesting that Coach K is a press box dc. That’s not too common these days
  7. This staff is an A right now, give me one more rainmaker and you get a A+ Coach Sark
  8. super K deleted his tweet saying it was a done deal, if this falls through Texas fans will destroy TFB
  9. After doing research this 2-4-5 stuff is being a little overblown. His base defense is 3-4, but y'all should check out what hes done to leachs' air raid the past few years. that kind of output can beat OU
  10. UW Defensive ratings under Coach K: ‘19 Washington (#16) '18 Washington (#6) '17 Washington (#14) '16 Washington (#6) '15 Washington (#5) '14 Washington (#23) This is what elite looks like
  11. You guys think it’s an NFL guy and we are waiting until his team loses?
  12. TFB saying that it’s between Golding and a “unnamed candidate”
  13. interesting without a DC or position coach hire yet lol
  14. We have learned that Lanning aint leaving UGA so now Saban can't let golding leave because there is no upgrade

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