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  1. It's a shame when top prospects in the state don't want to play for the flagship program of the state
  2. Awesome we kept Traylor! Now we just need to complete our staff and get in front of these kids faces. I'm loving everything Ive heard about Gilbert and Mattox on the recruiting trail so far
  3. I also think that this was by far the youngest team Bedford has coordinated, we have 6 guys out of our front 7 coming back next year guys we will be GOOD
  4. Oh I agree but i was just saying if Norvell didn't want to take a demotion and remain on staff then I could see us going after Dugans, the only RB coach names I've heard mentioned are Houston Nutt and Traylor if we add Levine, I don't really know if either of those guys are sure fire home runs though
  5. Lol @godz40acres I don't know how to quote tweets yet but I'll give you a fist bump back haha , Levine wouldn't be a bad hire but I just don't think he's the guy, otherwise he would've been hired last year instead of Traylor. What about Ron Duggans as WR coach? He's a CS guy because Strong hired him at Louisville as part of his first staff and he's a well known recruiter, Especially in South Florida
  6. Highly doubt Traylor leaves, a lot of times these writers just say stuff to stir up dissension, I don't think there will be change on the defensive side of the ball because all of those coaches are really close with one another Btw idk how you guys feel about Strong personally, but relative to the hand he was dealt, he hasn't done that bad of a job, The players play hard for the guy I just think that he needs more of his kind of guys, I think strong has made it clear at both Louisville and with his first class here at Texas that he can flat out develop talent, I think Texas is back real soon
  7. Oh you gotta give us the scoop on the staff changes, I actually heard Houston Nutt mentioned for RB coach the other day, I wouldn't be opposed to that, he's a power spread guy as well
  8. As long as we have the top class in the state I'll be happy, I like how Charlie just goes in and plucks guys from Florida and Louisiana, he had a quote after the season that I just fell in love with I believe it was along the lines of "There are still guys out there that we can go get and we need to get them , even if a guy is committed you can't be afraid to go recruit them" I think that the excitement with Gilbert along with strongs persistence and Vaughn and BJM killing it with these in home visits we should be fine Ps. I think Bedford is a solid coach and his players really love him but he needs to be a better recruiter as well
  9. I think that Robinson is a great developer of talent as he's coached good backs everywhere hes been, and the job hes done with foreman and Warren has been phenomenal, so I would not be opposed to keeping him on staff, i do think that we need a STUD recruiter for our WR though, is anyone hearing any rumblings regarding possible staff additions? And whats up with Brick Haley, I thought this guy was supposed to be an ace recruiter from LSU
  10. Hey fellas, DieHard UT fan here and HUGE Charlie Strong fan, I am currently in College and I aspire to be a Division one football coach someday so this stuff fascinates me. I think the addition of Gilbert to our staff will pay huge dividends on the recruiting trail and on the field , if our offense was even a little more competent as they were this past season we are looking at 8 wins. I think that this class will be crucial to Strong's tenure here and if we can even match(or surpass) our class from this previous year, then we will be really really good. Im glad i found this website and i should be pretty active #HookEm

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