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  1. IT saying we are getting a big time commitment tonight. OB saying they are surprised about what's about to go down..... this could be big
  2. Guys, you're reminding me of a guy I know who used to literally go from guardrail to guardrail. Everything is gonna be okay, Sark will hire someone good to replace him.
  3. TFB also said said last night that they were "very, very" confident in Texas' chances for Allen and that they won't give an update until later today, which is what prompted me to sound the alarm of commitment watch.
  4. Go to sleep lol but definitely tomorrow expect it.
  5. Looks like Allen may commit tonight!! #SarkAfterDark
  6. Who would've thought we'd see the day... our old pal Mike Roach outsourcing the Fong.
  7. People are gonna shit on him because they want Coleman and Thompson to round out the WR class but Wilson is a stud. And he’s probably going to be the worst skill position take in this class which is pretty amazing. Also some potential for him to play TE too.
  8. we could realistically get three more within the next few days
  9. Ewers aint coming but the reason why we can't stop talking about it in good faith is because his entire family wants him at Texas, at some point thats gonna mean something, like in all cases all Texas needs to do is win.
  10. FWIW I spoke to someone yesterday and they said this is a two QB class. Texas is still recruiting Klubnik
  11. Makes sense cuz we have Gilbert but he is a notch below all of our other targets.

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