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  1. 23 minutes ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

    Texas is not ready for sec recruiting.. Until we are we will continue to get our teeth kicked in... 

    Not so fast with the emotional knee-jerk reaction, we have no business getting guys like Banks, Perkins, Neto, Campbell or Dewberry right now. Them committing to us would prove your theory wrong. We are a long way from signing day.

  2. We will know what we need to know about Sark this offseason. I think he has a lot of interesting decisions to make but landing a QB and closing on a couple OL targets is going to be huge. The Million dollar question is what do you do with the defensive staff?! im leaning towards firing secondary coaches and bringing in PK's UW guys, but if you scrap it all together you better get it right. Im not sure there is anyone out there who has a better resume than PK did when we hired him last year, save Gary Patterson.

  3. 19 minutes ago, texbound said:

    So, was that the one?  Don't get me wrong, Owens is a huge get, but Dbrook had me even more excited about a potential 2022 recruit.  2023 is a long way away.  I can only give my excitement to one class at a time and currently I'm on 2022.

    Thats crazy and makes no sense to me, especially after the Malik Murphy video, maybe someone else will drop soon. Thought for sure that it was Jordan Hudson. 

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