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  1. No, it was supposed to be Allen but he decided to do it today
  2. Thats crazy and makes no sense to me, especially after the Malik Murphy video, maybe someone else will drop soon. Thought for sure that it was Jordan Hudson.
  3. IT saying we are getting a big time commitment tonight. OB saying they are surprised about what's about to go down..... this could be big
  4. Also Jordan Hudson and Texas is a possibility
  5. Guys, you're reminding me of a guy I know who used to literally go from guardrail to guardrail. Everything is gonna be okay, Sark will hire someone good to replace him.
  6. Good idea. Especially after the hullaby fiasco
  7. TFB also said said last night that they were "very, very" confident in Texas' chances for Allen and that they won't give an update until later today, which is what prompted me to sound the alarm of commitment watch.
  8. Go to sleep lol but definitely tomorrow expect it.

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