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  1. I’m not sure looking at it he got in front of his pads.
  2. Have you watched any games this year. We are very balanced. The TCU game wasn't because Bijan was all that worked. For all of Patterson's shortcomings as he's a great defensive coach and they had a good game plan. TCU just couldn't contain the best player in college football this year. For whatever reason, the receivers with the exception of JWhitt had the dropsies or the no shows. Happens sometimes. The offense has issues on the line that are beginning to look better as the year goes on. Against OU if the receivers make their catches the field goals will turn into touchdowns. And I don't think you have even watched an Alabama since 2014. They aren't an ultra conservative run team. Last year a wide receiver from Alabama won the Heisman. They pass. They do pass off the run. They like to have 1500 yard rushers and 1500 yard receivers. So would I, but it will take longer than an offseason and 5 games to get there. But I think we have found our 1500 yard rusher.
  3. Tcu’s last drive took 5 minutes. They took the ball over with 9:32 left they scored with 4:30 left. And we ran out the clock. The defense played to keep everything in front of them. Inexplicably tcu didn’t play with any urgency.
  4. After he read that I bet he went back to make sure he didn’t miss anything.
  5. Last year doesn’t count as a year. He can still use a redshirt.
  6. 4th place? Who are they better than in the SEC West?
  7. I agree with you. So refreshing… after the last 4 years.
  8. I’m happy with how it played. For the first time in a decade or more, we played a “B- or C+” game and won. Because a couple of players wouldn’t let them lose. We would have lost this game last year. We didn’t play our best game but we maintained control.
  9. Darrell Royal recruited the best players in Texas. He also didn't have scholarship limits. (Before Title IX). So he recruited kids he new would sit on the bench for four years so other SWC programs wouldn't have them for their team. You couldn't transfer back then. After you signed the Letter of Intent, if you changed schools you had to sit out two years and you only had three years of eligibility. You couldn't play as a freshman.
  10. But Saban takes the 5 stars coaches and develops them and is in the top 4 every year. If he was coaching 3 and 4 stars only he'd win but he wouldn't in like he has last 13 years or so. Get the best and coach them up and you win at a high level. Ohio States, Alabama, and Clemson have been recruiting top 5 classes every year with a lot of five stars for the last decade and those are the top programs year in and year out for the decade. If you don't want a 5 star program go for the 4 stars and you'll end up with a four star program. The only 5 stars we have on our offensive side are Bijan and JWhitt. Xavier Worthy was a high four star and is our third highest rated recruit on offense. Hopefully, we can recruit more guys on that level. Alabama's offense is full of them.
  11. Down to 12 schools doesn't even rate as news.
  12. Maybe it should be just a small neighborhood in the town of Longhorn Nation.
  13. It's Columbus and the seniors aren't appreciating losing their jobs to freshmen and sophomores. I think the seniors believe they are owed starting positions because they have been there. But they haven't performed and have lost their positions so they enter the portal before they lose the eligibility year because they've played more than 4 games. THese are some of the unintended consequences of the NCAAs new redshirt rules and the portal.
  14. He won’t get itchy with that salary and an extension. He’s the second highest paid coach in college football at 9 million a year with an extension through 2031. Plus raises of 100k per year. They’re stuck with him. They owe him almost 100 million.
  15. It’s probably he got there halfway through fall camp. He didn’t play in spring football either so the transition was hard. He wasn’t ready for the offense because the rest of the QBs had been there in the spring and summer. And the coach was trying to get the other QBs ready and someone else had to teach Quinn the offense and playbook. That makes for a difficult transition. Add having a bunch of money (NIL) for a 18 year old in a college town to the equation.
  16. You didn’t watch the game. We scored 44 in the first half 14 in the second. I think you just say things to get a reaction. I’m not going to react anymore.

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