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  1. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  2. I wonder how the coach came up with that story... hmmm
  3. I wonder if Saban has read this... Better not have been A&M making the call. The school is supposed to have nothing to do with NIL payments.
  4. I guess what I’m saying is that the State of Texas shouldn’t care what high schoolers do other than graduate. If they want to play, they play. If they don’t, they don’t. The State should have no interest. State championships have always been for sale. How many teams actually win one? On the highest level the same twenty teams seem to always be in it. They only have one thing in common.
  5. But how can it be against state law. Why would the state care? Oh... I forgot... that great arbiter of high school sports (the UIL) doesn't like it. There is no state law that says a guy who starts a band in high school can't make money. There isn't a state law that says you can't get an acting job in high school. If the fools are stupid enough to give high school athletes money for NIL, you know what they say: "A fool and his money"... People care too much about this stuff. I'm one of them that cares too much. But my caring doesn't extend to my wallet. I wouldn't pay a plug nickel to get a player to play for a high school or college and I don't own an NFL team. There are better ways to spend money.
  6. Pitchers should be able to go more than one inning, agreed. But there are circumstances to be taken into account. Had he pitched the previous game? Did he start the midweek game? We had to move all pitchers up one spot when Tanner Witt went down for the season. And then we had a couple of pitchers who didn’t live up to expectations. The coaching staff needed to find out if those pitchers could revert to their prior form; they didn’t. But they had to find out. I expect to see different use of the pitching staff in the post season. The coaching staff has a full seasons data, they’ve seen the pitchers mentality, and they know what the pitchers have been dealing with. This is the staff’s sixth year. One year had no postseason, so until now they’ve had four chances and they have two College World Series. This Texas team is a good team. Great offense and defense with so so pitching. If the had Tanner Witt they would have still been a great team because if you remember Tanner was an inning eater high leverage reliever last year. This year Tanner was going to be Lucas Gordon. He would have been good. Instead he’s the 3rd starter. And no one has filled that role to lengthen the pen. I still think they can make a run with the offense. But then again I like me some Burnt Orange Koolaid.
  7. Me too. But I haven’t talked to him lately. Just getting my info from folks on here who for the most part are getting it from recruiting analysts who get paid to make stories that sell. Telling people that they have no idea what he’s going to do doesn’t sell. So they play like they can read tea leaves. And people buy it. They are right about the same percentage as we are. Now because it is their business they may be faster with the news after a recruit has made a decision. But we shouldn’t equate that with them being good at estimating. This is all for entertainment purposes anyway and God love ‘em the recruiting analysts have found a way to make a living out of trying to guess what 17 and 18 year old boys are going to do.
  8. Me too. Grew up in trailers and apartments. Went into Marines. Came out better for all the trials. But at 18 if I could have gotten a bigger NIL I still wouldn’t have gone to a&m or OU. But there are a few schools I would have gone to if they offered more at the time. Probably why SMU could recruit in the late 70s to mid 80s. pre-NIL NIL.
  9. True. But hard to tell an 18 year old who’s never had money.
  10. Yeah me too. Wouldn’t want him to be our coach but he definitely is entertaining. Sort of a cooler Pirate. I like the Pirate as well. But wouldn’t want him to be my coach. They’re both fun from a safe distance.
  11. Sort of funny. Saban threatened. By a team with a vast history of mediocrity. They doth protest too much. Must have hit pretty close to home. And basically all Saban said was "if that's the way you want to play, we can too. And of course remember we do everything better than you... with the exception of animal husbandry."
  12. Maybe the aggies will stop claiming Bama's championships. Let me think about it... No
  13. You can't add players in season. At the end of camp when you cut them. You won't have time to add players before the 1st game and they wouldn't be eligible for the year. And you can't rescind the scholarship until year one is done if they signed a letter of intent.
  14. The biggest problem with that scenario is that while the yearly 25 man limit is gone, the 85 total scholarship limit is not. So if you bring in 40 and keep 25, you'll have a 70 man scholarship roster instead of 85.
  15. Not so sure it works that way. When you sign it is for a one year renewable scholarship. The team still has to give them one year of education.
  16. What brand of Burnt Orange Koolaid are you drinking? I need some.
  17. But they do transfer. Alabama lose a lot to the portal each year. Saban tells they ain’t gonna play, they leave, and he brings in a new crop.
  18. As difficult to believe as it is to believe, believe. The guys graduating aren't going to the NFL and the guys transferring aren't tearing it up either. There may be something to recruits getting a bump in rating when Texas recruits them. I think our talent pickers weren't that good. We never tried to compete nationally with Bama, Georgia, or even OU.
  19. We hired Edrick Floreal from Kentucky in 2019. He coaches both the men and women.
  20. I guess you think we belong in the AAC. The SEC doesn’t think so. SMU brings so much to the table the Big 12 fell all over themselves to offer them a spot. Oh no they didn’t. For all of our faults we get to play with the big boys. We just haven’t recruited at that level. And Pete has been a great defensive coach before. He didn’t have much to work with. The secondary and linebackers were not very good and the defensive line was so so if that. We can’t keep changing coordinators or none of our players will ever develop. By the way I do like me some Burnt Orange Koolaid.
  21. Alabama has had the two greatest coaches in college football history and one who got lucky to win a national championship. OU has had three great coaches and one of them wasn’t named Lincoln. Ohio State has had three national championship coaches. Texas has only had two. We aren’t one of the top 3 or 4 football programs of all time. We just aren’t. We also haven’t sold our soul for it either. Though sometimes we…

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