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  1. Since Harsin left Boise they’ve been barely a .500 team. Coach is important. Boise is not good. It’s probably the blue field.
  2. Last year UTEP was 7-6 and Boise State was 7-5. Not sure this is a big upset.
  3. I think Matt Ruhle was there after rape gate. Aranda was after Ruhle.
  4. It’s still big ten vs big 12 - 2 + 4. Nebraska will have a lot more money. But if Baylor is good again this year he can do better.
  5. If the Bama player picked Bijan off his feet and drove him straight into the ground with Bijan's shoulder leading he'd probably be called for unnecessary roughness. No matter what Dallas Turner says, that was a penalty and borderline dirty play.
  6. It's been permanently implanted so I choose not to look or listen.
  7. So is everybody saying "nothing to see here"?
  8. Jamaal Charles’ best time in the 100M was 10.13. He’s as fast as they were. In the 200 it was 20.62. 60 time was 6.65.
  9. Big 10 wanted USC football and all of UCLAs sports but football. But most importantly the LA market and one more game window.
  10. But he had the football. Is it two hand touch? He didn’t lead with the crown, didn’t drive him into the ground, and didn’t use excessive force.
  11. We haven’t shown them any respect. Trying to stop the run with 4 or 5 men in the box.
  12. And he lost twice to Maryland who spent less than Texas.
  13. Herman could have pushed hard for a lot of things and not got them. He had personality issues.
  14. Might not have all been on Herman. The budget may be approved somewhere else.
  15. Look aggy may circle the wagons. Their problem is they tend to aim the wrong way. Sort of ironic you might say.
  16. That unable or unwilling to upgrade disappeared the moment jumbo shrimp left town. The fundraising began in 2018 and the upgrades delayed by COVID should be finished next year.
  17. I wonder if they take them to midnight yell.
  18. I blocked him the day before yesterday. He’s not serious, not fun. He’s an aggy in his thought process if not in actuality.
  19. Those scooters are dangerous. My son chipped a tooth, sprained his wrist, and scraped up his face pretty bad on a scooter. The front tire went into a hole and the tires are too small. It happened at 1AM in the morning traveling between his dorm and his girlfriends dorm. I told him I wasn’t so sure the scooter was the only thing at fault. He just smiled.
  20. I will say it is much better not directly seeing jd’s posts. I was starting to not enjoy this board.

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