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  1. The 100k can be structured to be an NIL deal. Not against the rules anymore.
  2. Treveyon Henderson from OSU skipped his senior season. Ran pretty well this year.
  3. Mackovic was never as successful as Brian Kelly. Kelly has won everywhere.
  4. I agree ou sucks tears are great. But I am jealous in one sense… I wish we had had a coach that another team wanted to poach in the last 12 years or so.
  5. His first two years at Stanford he did. Harbaugh was an established head coach when he got to Michigan. He started as a head coach in 2004. Coached Stanford up from nothing. Took San Francisco to the Super Bowl. Played college football at Michigan and was ready to go home to revive Michigan football. We have to give Sarkisian a minute.
  6. It's on page 283 on the Longhorns News/Discussion board posted on November 15. I don't have the heart to link to it.
  7. I agree with you 100%. Everyone seems to look back on last seasons 7-3 record and think we were only 3 plays from 10-0. We were also 4 plays away from 2-6 with no bowl game. This year we were 3-2 in games that were more than 1 possession games. We were six plays away from 10-2 and 2 plays away from 3-10. The talent was essentially flat year over year and so were the results except the balls bounced better last year. We have to get back to the point that we win decisively. We haven't done that since 2009. It's a change in mindset and it isn't easy. You have to have buy in and players that won't give up. I saw a few of them this year and also plenty of guys not playing all out. The offense is a couple of linemen away from being good enough and probably gets most of the way there next year. The defense needs a reset. The guys that played with passion weren't always the most talented. And there weren't may that played with passion. We saw some on defense... not enough. D'shawn didn't give up on the QB run and almost forced a fumble. But a couple of others players did give up. Maybe they could have forced the fumble. We need a roster of defensive players that makes its so that if you give up on a play you don't have a job. But with no depth issues on defense this year, it wasn't possible. One more thing, I think Depp had a bad weekend. We won, Oklahoma lost a game and a coach. (can't believe he put an OU sucks championship ring on this board).
  8. Auburn and Michigan were running Cover zero. I’m not sure we have the CBs to run it without a WR running free. But when Auburn stopped running Cover Zero late in the 4th they stopped stopping Alabama. I’m not sure what Okie State was running because they were playing OU sucks. I can only stand them once a year and lately I haven’t even wanted to watch them once a year.
  9. Ewers may not dissatisfied with Ohio State but CJ Stroud is a freshman.
  10. The problem with this is we won’t our athlete the SEC teams we're about to be playing in conference. At least not at the top of the SEC. So we’re going to need a scheme to stop the offenses. Simplifying because our athletes aren’t coached and aren’t ready to compete will lead to us being 2nd or 3rd division in the SEC every year. Let the coaches install a program and culture and stop thinking quick fix.
  11. That was Garrett Wilson. Garrett was born in Columbus, OH and grew up a Buckeye fan.
  12. That was the 50s. I’m almost 60 and I wasn’t even born then.
  13. I think you have been waiting a long time to do this.

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