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  1. Not so sure it works that way. When you sign it is for a one year renewable scholarship. The team still has to give them one year of education.
  2. What brand of Burnt Orange Koolaid are you drinking? I need some.
  3. But they do transfer. Alabama lose a lot to the portal each year. Saban tells they ain’t gonna play, they leave, and he brings in a new crop.
  4. As difficult to believe as it is to believe, believe. The guys graduating aren't going to the NFL and the guys transferring aren't tearing it up either. There may be something to recruits getting a bump in rating when Texas recruits them. I think our talent pickers weren't that good. We never tried to compete nationally with Bama, Georgia, or even OU.
  5. We hired Edrick Floreal from Kentucky in 2019. He coaches both the men and women.
  6. I guess you think we belong in the AAC. The SEC doesn’t think so. SMU brings so much to the table the Big 12 fell all over themselves to offer them a spot. Oh no they didn’t. For all of our faults we get to play with the big boys. We just haven’t recruited at that level. And Pete has been a great defensive coach before. He didn’t have much to work with. The secondary and linebackers were not very good and the defensive line was so so if that. We can’t keep changing coordinators or none of our players will ever develop. By the way I do like me some Burnt Orange Koolaid.
  7. Alabama has had the two greatest coaches in college football history and one who got lucky to win a national championship. OU has had three great coaches and one of them wasn’t named Lincoln. Ohio State has had three national championship coaches. Texas has only had two. We aren’t one of the top 3 or 4 football programs of all time. We just aren’t. We also haven’t sold our soul for it either. Though sometimes we…
  8. The players leaving are going to Sam Houston State or SMU or are not getting an offer. That’s why we had last year; a lack of talent and a lack of depth. We need to have enough good players that the Bailer’s and Iowa State’s can’t compete. We don’t have it. Until we do; we are what we are. But we aren’t SMU or Sam.
  9. I might agree with you a little but in Texas case more half the guys that are transferring are either going down a level or are not getting an offer. Keeping them wouldn’t make us better unless we want to go down a level.
  10. Just glad we didn’t play Maryland in the bowl games.
  11. It’s also funny that we didn’t sign that OL class until after we announced our move to the SEC.

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