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  1. With the staff he's put together he'll get the players. BTW - I'm 57 and at least as quick as a cat as old as I am.
  2. It was a different game, with different players, in a different era. They neutralized size by not allowing a dunk. They didn’t call fouls unless you drew blood. And they didn’t let everyone play.
  3. Currently, there are over 1,000 basket ball players in the transfer portal. A couple of them are/were Red Raiders who entered the portal today.
  4. After Self leaves UK he will have a problem getting another job.
  5. I was at the South Carolina game that year. Wacker blew out his knee a couple of games later and LaSalle Thompson couldn’t do it all. Those games may have been entertaining but it was a different game. I’d like to get Beilein his offense is fun and he made a couple of championship games. But I want to win. I remember going to the University of Miami football game that same school year when Jim Kelly was the QB. UT won 14-7. I don’t remember thinking I wish we had won 35-28. I just like winning. And Bobby Knight was a great coach with a temper issue. Only one of his players didn’t grad
  6. None of the guys you like have ever made it to a championship game. Both a the coaches you don’t like have made it to the championship game and one of them won two.
  7. Unless her source is Chris Beard himself, who’s he gonna tell. He can end the rumors at any time; he hasn’t. The buyout drops by $1M on April 1. UT and Beard can’t announce anything or even come to an understanding before then or it costs $1MM. If he still hasn’t said anything by then, we probably have him. If he tells his friends who are her sources, it costs $1M and it would probably come out of his budget.
  8. We are not light years away. We’re a coach away. Rick Barnes went to the tournament 14 years in a row with a Final Four, two Elite Eights, and a couple Sweet 16s thrown in. Chris Beard is a UT grad and a Final Four coach and it’s not unrealistic to think he would come here. He went to Tech and has taken them to an Elite 8 and a Final Four in 3 tournament appearances. In five seasons only missing the tournament last year when he would have been a 3 or 4 seed if they had a tournament.
  9. Chris Beard come on down...
  10. If Shaka is leaving, I wish him nothing but he best. He has always represented UT well.
  11. I guess it’s a waiting game now. I mean a million dollars is a million dollars even to big money donors.
  12. I said 4M. And I’m sticking to it. It’s in the contract and I can read.
  13. One other thing. The $16.5M they were talking about was $10.5 for Shaka and $6 for Beard. This year it’s $7M for Shaka and $4M for Beard. After April 1 that is.
  14. The contract doesn’t mention the University of Texas. That article does. The contract doesn’t. https://media.everythinglubbock.com/nxsglobal/everythinglubbock/document_dev/2019/04/29/Chris Beard - 2019_1556568389982_85046221_ver1.0.pdf

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