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  1. That was the plan I’m sure. But if all the sudden you could make 500k or so and you run it by the UIL and they say you can’t take and play high school football, what would you do? I would advise my son to go to college and get the money 4 months early. That’s probably what happened.
  2. Unless the Texas and the UIL change the rule on high schools and NIL, kids graduating early and skipping their senior years is going to become commonplace as it is for inconsequential bowl games. If you are a 5 star you are not going to want to hurt your earning potential in college.
  3. I thought he had opted out of playing his senior year. Did he change his mind?
  4. He is a Buckeye. He graduated from high school a year early and is enrolled at Ohio State and participating in training.
  5. The NCAA can’t overrule the US Supreme Court saying that the NCAA can’t limit the kids income. They can’t overrule state governments passing laws saying they can’t limit the kids income. And second a kid graduates from school and goes to college a year early is not a crime. He doesn’t owe the high school his presence in school so 3000-4000 other kids and their parents can bask in his glory. If your kid is a brainiac computer science undergrad and gets Amazon or Google to pay him 200k when he’s a sophomore in college would you tell him to spend 50 to 60k a year for the next two years? Or would you advise him to take the money? No one ever says a kid owes his intellectual talent to a high school but it seems like some people think the kids owe the schools their talent. They don’t. If you had a job offer of $1M a year would you want a bunch of middle aged men trying a way to figure out how to outlaw the job so you couldn’t take it? What the NCAA has been doing for years is illegal. The Supreme Court just ruled it illegal. The college football and college basketball world has changed. The genie won’t go back in the bottle.
  6. I understand high school coaches wanting kids to stay for the coaches sake. But just How would the NCAA and UIL and high school coaches address a kid graduating high school early and going to college?
  7. I’m not sure. But I’d make her the director of recruiting and see.
  8. But he has played in the Fan Controlled Football League and the Alliance for American Football so he should know.
  9. That’s not even a parody. They meant every syllable.
  10. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. It was just way too…. aggie.
  11. The NCAA is toothless and dead. The courts have ruled that no cartel (read NCAA) should be able to tell you that there is a limit to how much you can make. That was basically what Kavanaugh said in his concurring opinion. If any other business had the NCAAs business model it would be illegal.
  12. But we would miss the aggies wailing and gnashing of teeth. After we’re in they’ll have to stop or it just becomes… well aggie. They’ll keep it up.
  13. Another instance of an aggie pissin’ in the wind.
  14. Special session is called by governor with a specific agenda. The governor is the only person who can add anything to the agenda. Those lawmakers can file the bill but the earliest it will be considered without Abbott adding it to the special session agenda is 2023.
  15. That nostalgic time were everyone was a student athlete didn’t exist. Of course there was a percentage of student athletes on each team. But colleges have worked to get kids in college who had no hope of thriving as a student because they wanted the athlete. Colleges had people take the SAT/ACT for the athlete transcripts were doctored in the name of football. I saw it at my high school to players who went to okie and a&m in 1980. It’s been going on for a long time.

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