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  1. My friend who has kids in the Lovejoy schools and doesn’t typically give good reviews for their prospects, said this about the 2024 LB: That kid is a stud. A junior this year. Came over from Allen last year. He’s a holdback which helps even more.
  2. I agree with Texbound. That was dubbed the best DB class ever. Making a case that they haven’t underperformed is a tough sell. Take last year for example....
  3. And the ability to recruit OL seemed to be diminishing. This was particularly highlighted by the Brockermeyers opting elsewhere. There may be exceptions but it seems like highly ranked OL weren’t really even considering UT.
  4. Yes. Georgia basically conceded by punting on 4th down with very little time left. It took us by surprise so a DB dropped back last minute and tried to field the punt. The fumble put them somewhere around the 20. They say high emotionally charged moments burn in your memory. Let’s just say I wrote all of that without Google for assistance.
  5. 1983 Texas defense gave up 9 points per game on average. Allowed Georgia to cross the 50 yard line 3 times in a Cotton Bowl loss that cost us a national championship Best college defense I’ve ever seen.
  6. You may be giving some of these too much credit. But point taken.
  7. It’s better than our’s was last year
  8. Bobby Burton had an interview with Ian Boyd about the 2-4-5 defense that left me feeling much better about it. It’s basically what the Steelers run (according to Boyd). We ran it last year without a semblance of the personnel to pull it off. Whether or not that was wise can certainly be debated.
  9. It seems like Sark / Flood recruit to a “type” more so than our last 3 coaches. There’s a type of OL, QB, WR that we go after. This makes me feel better about the lower ranked young men we land. Especially when we have targeted them early.
  10. FIFY We rarely have both parts of this equation working. I still have hopes for this coaching staff.
  11. Wait... is the sky falling or not?!
  12. That’s all it takes to now say “I could dunk!”
  13. Or PAC raiding the Big 12 out of existence.
  14. DMAC & Shotime73 contributions..... I guess it’s football season.
  15. Is there any indication Texas has interest??
  16. So.... the Arch commitment might have a Greathouse effect?
  17. I come in peace... but I’ll speak to your response that seemed to have a bit of an irked tone. you mentioned a handful of pitchers who “didn’t step up.” Well.... in other words, didn’t perform. One, in particular, was a shell of himself last year. This is exactly why the pitching coach was fired. Maybe it wasn’t his fault... but coaches whose players don’t perform do get fired... nature of the beast. I’ve been following Texas baseball since the 70s. And you can make a case that the 8 position players and batting lineup this year was up there with the best Texas has ever had. A fifth place conference finish with this level of talent is disappointing to say the least. Moreover, for one of - if not the most storied baseball schools in the nation.... two and through in the CWS (with this year’s talent) is a disappointment as well.
  18. There was a lot of regression on the pitching staff. That said I hate this for the man. Coaching is a rough profession... whether it was his fault or not you lose your job when kids underperform as they did this year.
  19. This is a genuine question(s), not an accusation. Who is our pitching coach? Is he highly regarded? Would you all agree that our pitching staff underperformed preseason expectations?
  20. I’m new to reading this. Good information! I’m raising my mower level and will start watering after I mow. Thank you.

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