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  1. Texas 35 Kansas 24 If you predict Texas to score 35 points every game, you'll be really close. Kansas gets a late score or two to make it look close. If you're betting against the spread, take Kansas if it is still around 17 points.
  2. I’ve seen badly officiated games. But I’ve seen 1 college game in my life that I was certain beyond a reasonable doubt was fixed. It was Grant Teaff’s final game against Texas in Waco. Even one of Baylor’s players said “I guess they wanted to give Coach a goodbye present,” or words to that effect.
  3. I agree with what Noonan said. If I remember from my gambling days (decades ago), if I bet $10 and win, I win $10. If I lose, I pay $11. And it’s the same for everyone. So booking services adjust the line to take in about the same amount of $$$ on both sides… so they win regardless of the outcome. I’m open to correction.
  4. I agree. He's a competitor. He showed up a bit chubby... and this put him in the doghouse. But the kid has a fire to him when the lights come on.
  5. "Ewers and the offense came back to earth after the great performance vs Bama in the 1st 3 quarters." I've never seen the Texas fanbase be kinder to a QB. He has great arm talent... (minus accuracy). I think that is 13 starts, and 3 of them have been really, really good: BAMA, OU, BAMA. Bobby Burton and the Sunshine band keep reminding us that "he's not a finished product." I'm not saying he is terrible... he can look "really, really good." But how many starts until we can expect a starting QB at the University of Texas to not misfire on open receivers, mistime throws... and get footwork down?
  6. That's what they run. That seems to be the Big 12 defense of choice. I'm no expert... I guess the idea is that it takes away the ability (or makes difficult) for pre-snap reads. It seems to cause Ewers difficulty.
  7. It certainly will.... but (without researching) I bet Meatchicken loses a bunch of starters. Red Hot Sports opinion -- we will be better at QB next year.
  8. Bailer specializes in "high 3 defense," which seems to bother Ewers. That, plus on the road with the most rowdy crowd that the Bailer Bares can muster... this won't be a blowout. However, Texas just has too much talent for the Bares. Plus, a conference game gives Texas slightly more motivation than playing against that Mountain West football factory, Wyoming. Texas trails at halftime then talent and depth take care of business in the second half. Defense and special teams both score for your Texas Longhorns. Texas 30 Bailer 17
  9. Good pick! Here is my prediction from a text thread. One of my finest hours as a prognosticator: Texas is favored by 28. I think we win... but if I'm betting I definitely take Wyoming with the points. Texas 35 Wyoming 14
  10. I said my goodbyes to the LHN years ago. I won’t miss it… well, maybe during baseball season. I didn’t get to see this game. I appreciate the commentary on this thread.
  11. Care to elaborate? I thought he may have gotten his life together in his later years. But I haven't followed the Dion story all that closely. I agree - I rank Dion with Bo Jackson as two of the best "athletes" I have ever seen (Jerry Gray says hi).
  12. TCU I think will be pretty good this year. I bet they end in the top 25. Nebraska is bad, but CU was in worse shape. Anyhow... I (obviously) think what Dion has done so fare is jaw dropping. In two weeks I may say "your caution was right."
  13. Agreed. Here's another way to look at it.... it's hard to come up with names that would be more appealing to a big-time university than Dion. Recruiting, excitement... the only thing left is winning at the power 5 level - and so far so good. The PAC 10/12... whatever (ironically) is a murderers row this year. Let's say Dion goes 9-3.... who is more appealing?
  14. Funny story.... my bosses son in law, played for Bama back in the Shula days... and now coaches at one of the Frisco high schools. As a matter of fact, he coached our very own LB - Ford in high school. Before Texas played BAMA - said bosses son in law receives a text message from Jaylan - apologizing for what he / they are about to do to his dear BAMA squad. How about that? Love me some J. Ford!
  15. Motorcycle navigating / fist fighting abilities aside.... Petrino would be formidable head coach in College Station. Let the attacking me begin.... NOW!
  16. Dion brought in 86 new players.... many "experts" had CU winning one or two games this year. He beat a top 25 team that made the NCAA Championship game last year in game 1. Then, blew out an historic blue blood - with another first year coach (from the NFL) in game 2. "Spectacular - beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way." I will respectfully stick with my semantics for what has been done. But I hear you.... many more games to be played. I'm not betting against Prime Time at this point.
  17. I heard people predicting 1-11 for CU / Dion this year. I'm not sure what you mean by "buying the Colorado hype." Perhaps you meant they have a loss or two in their future? In any case, what he has done is spectacular. So I guess in that regard, I'm buying....
  18. Dion is the #1 coaching prospect out there for the big boys, and second place isn't in the rearview mirror. Just like Herman was 7 or 8 years ago. But I don't see aggie having a shot at him.... a better guess would be Florida IMO. Aggie needs to focus on Lubbock or San Antonio for their next coach, should they decide to pony-up and give someone else a national championship plaque without the date on it.

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