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  1. I didn't watch or listen. We’re there lineup changes other than QB? OL perhaps? Tuned in after the game to hear Bijan and C. Thompson on the post game interviews... both very classy.
  2. He’s proven to be pretty good as a relief pitcher, that’s for sure!
  3. Negative.... The world will be right after an 11 point win over the Owls!
  4. I’ve tried hard to suggest an emphatic opinion that Thompson deserves the starting nod, without any suggestion that I’m giving up on Card or don’t appreciate his potential. I can respect your opinion.
  5. Nice! I’m with you about Texas football. Well.... I dig UT basketball and baseball too. This from a former sports-aholic.
  6. All I meant is that Card has a lot of time to develop… He has a lot of upside. You seem to be taking this very personally…. Does your address have a “Lake Travis” in it by chance? EDIT - I guess you weren’t responding to me. Carry on.
  7. I agree with your first paragraph 100%. We have 2 QBs who are “good athletes.” Both were recruited to run the Tom Herman offense. I disagree that Card is a better athlete. I think Sark went with him solely because of his arm tools: strength and tight spiral. I actually think Thompson is a better runner (though Card may be faster). Thompson is better at avoiding the rush (which is of upmost importance with this line). Thompson is much more accurate on anything over 20 yards downfield, cooler in the pocket. And.... a more vocal leader Card will be very very good. Perhaps great! He’s a freshman for crying out loud. But IMHO it’s a no brainer as to who starts and stays in the game unless the game is already decided.
  8. Mr Card, is that you? Hudson will be really good. I hope he sticks around and develops for the next two years. But from the Alamo Bowl to today, if you don’t think Casey deserves the starting job you probably never will.
  9. One of the reasons Sark was hired was his ability as a QB whisperer. It is concerning that he made the obvious wrong choice at this MOST important position. We now have the Alamo Bowl last year and two games this year. The team is better with Thompson at QB. If Sark doesn’t make this change my concern meter will overheat. I wish fixing the OL could be so easy! Edit - Card is a r freshman with great potential. Nothing against him. He wasn’t yet ready for that atmosphere on that stage.
  10. I don’t see that there is any QB controversy any longer. Card will be good, and we’re better with Thompson right now.
  11. How are we doing in that “less than 20 points per game” goal of Coach K’s?
  12. I’d change the lineup based on game film the past two weeks. What do you have to lose?
  13. You can start by playing the better QB. Maybe go young on the line... can’t hurt.
  14. I attended my first Texas football game in 1977 and was an instant FANatic! Up until Arkansas’ departure in 1991 there were 3 HUGE games every year: 1. Aggie 2. OU 3. Arkansas In that order for me (I know many would rank the OU game #1). These games were momentous events every year! It was sports hatred at its finest!! I, for one, welcome both villains back to our schedule. Sports are more fun with “bad guys!” The Olympics were more titillating with the Soviet Union and college football is better with Texas Arkansas.
  15. I came away with a different feeling. I felt like our “base defense” did not pressure the QB consistently. I could be wrong - I didn’t chart it or anything... I do recall a sac from Jett Bush and one from the ND transfer (whose name I cannot spell) that were not the result of a blitz. And one when both our inside linebackers teamed up for a sac on a blitz. That said, I love having to nit-pick for critiques (unlike the previous decade). I feel we are well coached at last.

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