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  1. So... you're allowed 7 portal transfers per year, and Texas has taken 4: QB - Ewers TE - Billingsley WR - Neyor CB - Watt Therefore, there are 3 portal spots left. 1. DE Mathis TCU 2. S Brini Georgia 3. LB Moody (after Spring ball) or McCaskill How am I doing on the fact checker?
  2. I could be wrong, but I think the “no” in SHA response meant the Kate appearance was not for Neyor?
  3. I’m not trying to be the contrarian, but how do we know this? Has there been an internal leak? I saw Campbell’s “final 2 tweet” and it had two photos of him in Texas gear and one in OU. It made me wonder if this could be the greatest misdirection of all time?
  4. Recruiting has never been the issue at Texas in my lifetime. Even under Mack Brown we pretty consistently underperformed our recruiting rankings. What I hope is different with this coaching staff is player development. It seems like Sark put together a very solid coaching staff. Time will tell.
  5. I always knew scholarships were on an annual renewing basis, but rarely (in the past) heard of one not being renewed. Is this practice increasing with the advent of the portal?
  6. Hawaii high schools are a breading ground for college linebackers.
  7. He will be if he commits to us and gets that burnt Orange ratings bump.
  8. I’d like to think you’re right. However, I posted a video weeks ago, breaking down defensive players not pursuing. I’d like to think this earns said player(s) a spot on the bench but it didn’t seem to in 2021. Even on Obar’s Hudl video you see him not pursuing the ball. You also see that he’s a tremendous talent.
  9. I think so. Former 4 star. Played at the same HS as Brooks, a signing day flip to UT from tOSU, but they didn’t actually play on the same HS team. That’s from my memory - which is currently in the “youth of old age” (50-something.... I can’t remember).
  10. This is as solid a source as I’ve heard.
  11. If Casey never gets hurt, our win total looks different, and so does our outlook. Casey was recruited for Herman’s offense and was a better fit for it, but he has some intangibles that cannot be taught. Good luck to Casey. He probably made a good choice as Ewers was tailor made for what Sark wants to do and will get every opportunity to start.
  12. Hasn’t Perkins been considered a strong Aggie lean for some time?
  13. I wonder if there is a plug and play type LB we have a shot at in the portal. Wrong thread I suppose.
  14. I know what a gray-shirt is... what’s a blue shirt?
  15. I apologize if this has been covered: Are these expected to... or have they signed? Will Stone (K), Anthony Jones (Edge), Ronald Lewis (CB), Austin Jordan (S)
  16. Man... you seem to like to get into these silly fights. Every time you do this I end up trying to explain that you’re arguing against things in didn’t say. It’s exhausting. You come across as petulant and snarky. With regard to QB, I just disagree. You don’t want athletes using fine motor skills to be afraid of losing their jobs... or even to get too pumped up. It hurts performance. It helps if you are using gross motor skills (linemen and defensive players for instance). Example.... if you’re walking down a dark alley, and a pit Bull startles you, you’ll have incredible speed getting to your car (gross motor skills) but have a hard time getting the key in the door (fine motor skills). If you disagree that’s cool. No need to get snarky or respond with 8 “lol’s.” And (sigh)I never said coaches teach a WR to “go get clocked for a pass.” You “asserted” that or pulled it out of an orifice. Coaches expect WRs to go up for a pass in traffic, and / or expect them to focus on the ball when they know a hit is coming. This may require motivation. Yes I know you played QB... can we just disagree and be nice?
  17. QB is a different animal. You don’t want your QB to be afraid that he’s losing his job due to mistakes. It’s a difference of fine vs gross motor skills. With regard to benching players - I’m specifically talking about a lack of effort. Lack of effort should find you on the bench. It should not be tolerated. I posted a video somewhere on hornsports where specific players were cited as not pursuing hard on defense aka lack of effort. You’re arguing against something I didn’t mean to say. I’m well aware not all players are extraordinary players. I am saying that Football players are asked to do extraordinary things. Your average joe isn’t going to sprint 40 yards and run into someone sprinting towards him... or go up for a pass knowing he will be clocked in the air. THIS requires a coach who can motivate. That is what I’m saying.
  18. I disagree. Sure motivating people to play hard is a part of coaching football. A big part. The fact that several players lacked effort and started all year is a concerning bullet-point for this coach. Doing what football players do is extra-ordinary. Good coaches motivate players to do things that go against human nature. One way to motivate is the bench on the sideline. Sark chose not to use it. Again, I’m not advocating he get run out of town. Only pointing out that I understand concern... even off the cuff emotional reactions like “fire the coach!” There’s good reason behind the concern.

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