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  1. This doesn’t include the HS kids who signed, does it? Simms, Ramey still possible? Is there any chance Coleman comes back? Does he want a masters degree, lol??
  2. Gutsy win. Especially when you consider that our entire infield was ejected minus the first baseman, in the 2nd inning and pitching wasn’t sharp. By the way - unless there’s an automatic ejection rule I don’t know about, that is one of the greatest overreactions I’ve ever seen by that umpire! We are without our starting: 3rd, short and 2nd basemen again today! This includes our 3rd hole hitter and our home run leader. If there is such an automatic ejection rule - shame on the players. But I’m not sure why just 3 from each team were tossed when both benches cleared and there was no “f
  3. The OT from Seminole, TX transferred to ACU? I was unaware. Perhaps I should fill out an application for OB?
  4. Thank you! Under this scoring method, I think I have a pretty good bracket with 3 of the final 4 teams. Can (someone) give me an idea of what a “good bracket score” is??
  5. Weren’t they like 15-0 and ranked 4 or 5 when that happened? I believe that caused a collapse and Abe got fired at the end of the season.
  6. Perhaps I should have labeled my Mt Rushmore with a timeframe as you suggested. And the label would have been “my personal Mt Rushmore.” I didn’t intend for it to be comprehensive - but only people I saw play. I thought it would make for fun banter / fodder. Slater, no doubt, would be on any comprehensive Mt Rushmore - based on the statistics. By the way, I really appreciated Beard’s knowledge of Longhorn basketball history. He acknowledged every coach in my viewing lifetime: Lemmons, Wetlick, Penders, Barnes, Shaka - and seemed to have a relationship with each of them - sans Lemmons
  7. Johnny Moore!!! Boy was that a fun team. If memory serves, he went undrafted but made the Spurs as a free agent and had a fine NBA career.
  8. Here’s the Texas Basketball Mount Rushmore: Ford Durant Mayes Thompson
  9. I’m pulling for Cougar High as well. I still have a soft spot for Cougar basketball because Phi Slamma Jamma was so fun and cool! Its still one of the greatest mysteries of the universe that they didn’t win a natty.
  10. I really don’t even know how other people do their brackets… This is how I’ve done it all along for the competition in my family: > I fill out 1 bracket. > When my team wins I highlight. > At the end you count up all the highlights. Whoever has the most highlighted teams wins. I guess this is how everyone does it? This year, on one side of my bracket, I missed half the games in the first round. The other side wasn’t much better. However, I have three of the four teams correct! I don’t know that I’ve ever achieved this before? So… Overall, I had a bad bracket but
  11. Can these two things be possible? 1. Overall this is about the worst bracket I’ve ever filled out. 2. 3 of my final 4 are still alive. My final 4 was: Cougar High, Baylor, Gonzaga and Texas I have Baylor beating Gonzaga in the finals.
  12. Nab the top players in Texas for each class, and become an out of state presence. What an outside the box and realistic idea for Texas to get on top in basketball! I bet nobody has thought of this before. Let’s hope Chris Beard reads this article!
  13. Was Ogden on the hot seat? Maybe this comes from a lack of knowledge but I don’t see this as a career advancement move? Nevertheless, I’m glad he’s on board. Great personality!

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