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  1. Great post! Position and stars after the name, would make great, greater!!
  2. Great win… exciting game. Always good to beat Aggie. I believe they said the series was tied 23-23 before todays game.
  3. My dyslexic, agnostic neighbor questions the existence of my doG.
  4. SHA hinted this one is Austin bound. He’s already in my calculator.
  5. I believe the coaching staff is betting on an excellent season and their ability to close / flip - which perhaps is making them a bit more choosey. But then again, what do I know?
  6. I'll add one more thing (I meant to hit edit... but oh well... I think our offense actually improved when Terry took over. Defense, may have declined.
  7. Interesting take... I hope you're wrong. Terry has a reputation as a very good recruiter. Also, his coaching , during games this year, I thought was fantastic. Granted, we don't know how he will administrate the entire program - from hiring and managing assistant coaches to evaluating talent etc... His record at universities with much less to offer than Texas - doesn't fly off the page either. I grant you that.
  8. Maybe they will develop into quality depth.
  9. Sad indeed! One of the best players at Texas in my lifetime…
  10. Kansas is doing work! we got the young man from UTEP today. Has this been reported?
  11. You can build a basketball program in one offseason these days.
  12. I want this young man in a Texas Uini-form. Don't forget to tip your waitresses.
  13. If we won zero games next year, Dave Bliss would be on the radar.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong. Right now we have zero high school players committed. Two five stars decommitted. 23-24 Roster: Max Abmas G Dylan Disu F Alex Anamekwe F Brock Cunningham F Kadi Shedrick C Maybe: Tyrese Hunter G (possibly - probably?) Dillon Mitchell F (Doubtful) Am I missing someone? I hope those walk ons can play!

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