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  1. We are 2-8 in conference play under Sark. Not too much better than 1-7 in last 8.
  2. We had a really good DC on campus when Sark arrived. UTSA and Tech played with a lot more enthusiasm than Texas the past two weeks. This is a problem IMHO.
  3. Here’s a random observation. I’ve never seen a defense apply so much pressure… and actually have their hands on the QB, and not be able to make the tackle. And several of these missed tackles are in critical circumstances.
  4. Respectfully disagree. So far Sark has produced Charlie Strong-like W-L numbers and actually has regressed from his predecessor. It’s time to show a little something on Saturdays, good night nurse! We recruited well…. good portal pickups…. Who cares? The product still stinks! And I’m not in the mood for the old “long rebuild… program was a mess” narrative. Kansas is 4-0.
  5. I’m tired. tired of opponents caring more. tired of surrendering anything under 7 yards through the air. tired of mediocrity. tired of getting beat by teams with just a few players we even try to recruit. I’m tired.
  6. For the life of me I cannot figure out a strategy where the defensive backs engage the receiver only after he catches the ball? This quarterback was 13 of 14 passing at one time. He had thrown five interceptions in his last two games.
  7. I can’t say this hasn’t crossed my mind. Overshown has received 2 pretty incredible targeting penalties the past two Saturdays.
  8. I’m not calling you out… only posting your apology on Twitter, lol. The apology should have been public… if it wasn’t.
  9. How long does it take the league to rule on an appeal for targeting? It would probably be nice to know for practice purposes. Or did they announce and I missed it?
  10. I agree with your assessment. But my point is that since the best players on both teams sit the game out, the game is devalued and not a good measuring stick for the teams that played during the season.

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