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  1. I haven’t heard anyone indicate we have an abundance of talent on defense. Podcasts, message boards, media... seriously, not one. Maybe I just missed it? But if anyone thinks that is the case I’m not sure what they’ve been watching.
  2. I think you are being very generous with your assessment. I think PK’s resume grants a little patients. Though last year darn near caused me to knee-jerk. I wish offensive minded Texas head coaches would just hire DCs that play traditional defense. PK’s scheme has a slight Orlando scent. Act like a blue blood! I really wanted Ash to stay! But PK has had considerable success... so I’ll sit back and expect tons of improvement in 2022. If not, then a hefty knee-jerk!
  3. I think he meant transferring to Sam Houston St from Texas is going down a level. Vince’s Junior year through Colt’s senior year Mack Brown had us elite. Fred’s first year (1977?) through 1984 - I’d put us in the elite category - though a natty would bolstered my later claim.
  4. We can’t gripe about not recruiting nationally any longer.
  5. WILTFONG might BEWRONG A for effort?
  6. Good point... particularly QB. That was huge. I might also add that good coaching staffs - tend to develop returning players. Sorrell seems to have made significant progress. Hopefully some of the returning OL will as well.
  7. Just useless (perhaps) musings with my coffee. With the understanding that relying on freshman out of high school to start (particularly on the OL) is risky business.... if I were to place a top 3 priority list for portal pick-ups to be competitive in 2022, based on last year’s performance, it would look something like this: 1. DE / Edge - Desperate measures to pick up 2 competent edge players. It looked like we had 1 good one, but ultimately struck out. 2. Left OT - Even a competent grad transfer filler to keep a true freshman from lining up against BAMA to protect our prize QB’s blind side. Now I may be wrong here... but I didn’t sense any type of urgency whatsoever. Maybe kicked the tires on Mimm? Struck out. 3. Inside linebacker - one scouting service had our 2 LBs ranked last and second last in the Big 12. Ford looked decent to good, and tallied 3rd most tackles on the team but for some reason couldn’t unseat either starter. Zero added. Maybe coaches don’t want one year stop-gaps. Maybe I don’t know squat (good possibility here).... maybe my musings are just wrong.... but based on priority needs, I don’t see us utilizing the Wild Wild West portal system - to our clear advantage. Disclaimer: We did add quality players at positions of need (of which we have many). My musings are based on my subjective priority list. Be gentle.
  8. More-so based on our OLs performance last year and complete lack of depth. Not much else.
  9. One starting at LT, one backup center IMHO. I agree with your point.
  10. Preseason #1 ranking (well deserved based on talent).... yes - I agree. And not just this series.
  11. I’m about as disappointed in this team as I’ve been in any Longhorn team in recent memory. This may sound odd with the ineptitude we’ve been privy to in football and basketball... but this baseball team is the most talented team in the nation (IMHO). This is about as talented of a Texas team as I can remember, and that is saying a WHOLE lot! I’m disappointed because they are playing well under the talent level. Losing series to teams with much less talent. Not stepping up in a do or die series at home. Good record and national ranking aside, Pierce gets a very low grade for the season thus far. Hopefully we make a little bit of noise in the post season.
  12. I’m always optimistic in the spring.
  13. I didn’t realize UT Arlington brought their football program back.
  14. My hopes for a 9 win season just took a gut punch.

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