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  1. I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep if it did.
  2. Herman’s problem was that he came across as arrogant and talking down to people. Sark doesn’t. Whether or not CTH is really arrogant - who knows, but the appearance was there. People will put up with arrogance - if that arrogant sounding coach is winning championships. Herman didn’t - so fans looked for anything to bash him about. I really don’t think people disagree with “winning is hard” as much as who said it.
  3. Did you notice - it’s talking about recruiting, not top 5 coaches?
  4. I’ve been out of the loop. Does Campbell have a commitment date?
  5. Banks delayed... isn’t there another OL announcement today? Is this still happening?
  6. Back in the late 80s, when I used to get up early to buy the Dallas Morning News with a quarter - the first Thursday in February to see who we got.... Texas was the perennial brides-made for the best of the best. We could have been a dream team if we landed half of the Jesse Armstead’s who announced on signing day and came down to Texas or: Miami, Florida St, Notre Dame, et al.... This feels like that. I’ll go with the “it’s a process” theory and “it really was a good week.” But I’ve got a foot on the proverbial ledge.
  7. Bednard looks good.... but good grief! 1 or 2 balls put in play in five innings? 13 of 15 outs K’s?? Somebody break out the bats!!
  8. And Ewers... but I’d rather have them than not.

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