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  1. What else do you expect him to say as an FSU employee? Don't get your shorts in a bunch until all Texas coaching positions are actually filled.
  2. Gilbert's miniscule repertoire is baffling. It seems as though we only have 3 plays: Foreman up the middle...quick outs to the WRs...deep sideline throws from Shane. The desperation dump off the D'Onta at the end was the 1st throw to a RB this season. The TEs still have 1 target in 7 games (for 39 yds and a TD, I might add). How many times are we going start a possession with 2 runs inside, setting up 3rd and long? By my count, Duvernay's only touch of the day was his TD. Heard got 1 touch on a hitch. Don't think Oliver saw a target. I'd love to know why we don't have an expanded play
  3. Special teams need work too. Punting was terrific; punt coverage, not so much. And we never adjusted to the middle screen. That 1-play TD in the 1st OT was crap.
  4. We have Miller (for now). Among Duvernay, Shavers, Netherly, etc., who is top priority?
  5. Somebody please tell me that Mike Perrin is on the plane to Charlottesville
  6. This team will go down in history with the worst record in 121 years of Longhorn baseball. They are losing 8-5 in the bottom of the 7th to a 13-18 (2-6) Jayhawks team. I've been following Longhorn baseball since the Bibb Falk Era and I've never seen such poor overall play. It's just plain sad.
  7. How many runners in scoring position have we left on base today? I count at least 8.
  8. Welcome to the 40 Acres, Trace. Glad to have you in Burnt Orange. Love that lefty upper cut swing. Ideal for the short (325 ft) RF fence at UFCU Disch-Falk. Hook 'em!
  9. Will continue to be a question mark until the team starts racking up wins

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