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  1. Do we have anyone from NSA that could decode the above post?
  2. this years recruiting is different. We have three 5 stars with the possibility/probability of more coming. At the same time we have more 3 star guys than I even remember as well. To me this has the look of really good evaluation of talent, at least that is what I hope. I somehow doubt that Flood got his good reputation by just signing fat guys for the line just because they were big. I have gotten so tired of seeing those last Mack classes with many 5 star guys that washed out, followed by all the guys Charlie signed that never played a down, and high rated guys Tom signed that ended up sucking, that I simply hope for better times. This class has that feel..........time will tell.
  3. maybe it's just me, but I think we do better in that bama game than many expect.
  4. I am with you Cheese. Back in the day, the formula that the Cowboys used to make that great run in the 90's was...get ahead and then run the damned ball. It wasnt turteling if you got first down after first down. Teams couldnt stop Emmit. We have a loaded backfield and can keep running fresh guys out there. I hope we use them.
  5. I read where a guy on IT (Hamilton I think) said Manning had been on the phone for 3 days trying to talk top level offensive guys to join him at Texas.......3 days!
  6. can somebody tell me when is the latest a guy could enter the portal and still play this year for the new team?
  7. DOOM!!! If mama aint happy, ain't nobody happy! Dad be like: " Son, I will support what ever decision you make" Mom be like: " It is so hard putting your heart and soul into trying to raise a young man the right way...and then he just goes off and does whatever his FATHER says without a thought to his mothers wishes.....sighhhh...but anyway Son, it is your decision..." I tell you it is game over.
  8. I don't think it is a question of lack of loyalty to the state of Texas. I think it is the fact that a whole generation of kids have grown up seeing Texas as an average to crap team in their whole lifetime. Why wouldn't they go out of state?
  9. according to Wickapedia Singletary was 6' 0" SHA you rascal....You beat me to this and I never noticed!....Damn!....season 100 days away and already I have been "scooped"
  10. They all played under DKR. He didn't have that mamby pamby idea that Mack did about not humiliating the opponent. He would try for a TD on every possession. After the first 4 scores the second string would come in and after they scored a few times, here came team 3.... They had to revise how they awarded letters because none of the first string played enough minutes to get a letter. I never forgave Mack for not being a heartless bastard.
  11. Whoa!!! I just read where Floss reported that the NCAA is moving toward removing scholarship limits??? The last time that happened we ran off a 30 game win streak. Are we the richest School or not? or not?
  12. Does that mean we can negative recruit bama as not being able to develop the top rated o lineman last year?
  13. Help me out here.....It was my understanding that each player could only enter the portal once......forever. That would make the guys make the right deal and then live with it until his time at the school ran out....unless he graduates with remaining eligibility.
  14. ok...I'll bite. I am going with 8 wins. Not great, but showing promise. I expect us to suffer in both punting and kicking. The QB.....well, I expect amazingly good play at QB and bafflingly bad decisions mixed in. We have essentially 2 rookies to choose amongst. We will see both good and bad there, but I want to be filled with hope for the future when the dust settles. I think our OLine might be ok. If so we will score lots of points. The defense will be better. If our fat assed D Linemen can lose weight from last year, we might even be good.
  15. this is all you need to know about how much Kirk Bowles knows about football: n Texas seventh spring practice, Steve Sarkisian has moved high school QB/LB Jaden Hullaby to running back. Got our first sighting of freshman QB Maalik Murphy, who is a strapping dude with good size. Almost Jalen Hurts-size. Back from leg surgery, he threw for the first time. 1:18 Yep....Ole Kirk may know his football, but he cant measure worth a crap. Jalen Hurts....6'1" Malik Murphy..6'5"
  16. dammit Bear....you took off to somewhere and I was left here to fill in for you to say Fu*k aggy every time they were mentioned.I am so glad to see you again because the responsibility was over whelming.... oh, and fu*k aggy
  17. my God...so we are down to Karic or a true freshman to start at left tackle?....LEFT TACKLE!!! The most important spot on the O-Line?....DOOM!!!
  18. in Bear's absence, I will say it for him....F... aggy!
  19. well tejas....I am right there with you...I had Baylor to win it
  20. Tejasrulz....I also suspect that you know wayyyy more about hoops than I do.
  21. I did and am proup to say that after the first day I stand at # 5558 in the Yahoo tourney pickem contest.I did have KU and Iowa, but I picked em both to lose in the neaxt round. I have: Mich St Baylor Illinois and Wisconsin. I suspect I get my "comeupance" today and tomorrow....
  22. awwww hell....next thing I know, Art Bryles will be put in charge of the NCAA Ethics committee....

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