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  1. a simple change in the playbook is what allowed us to run wild?....who knew? So....without that change we still would have had 4 linemen blocking the same guy? Thank God we discovered that in time!
  2. from 2015?....Bear it is only 6 years behind maybe.
  3. I told ya!....I told everyone over and over they would be astonished at how over rated ULaLa was but would they listen to me?(actually not listening to me s generally a wise choice) Nobody listens to me.
  4. y'all might remember what happened the last time we played Rice....We were making fun of the fact that one of their O linemen weighed 265 lbs...We need to just shut up and suit up( sounds like a t shirt saying) I will never forget when we tackled that RB about the 5 yd line...only he landed on top of our guy....rolled over(never touched the ground) and strolled in for the score.
  5. when a commentator comes up with crap like that I have to laugh. Card had in his life thrown thousands of passes. Do you think he would be ignorant of how the ball flew after leaving his hand? They all want to act like they know something that the rest of us do not. As Bugs Bunny used to say...."what a maroon!"
  6. Starting with the title of the thread....this is a ridiculous assertion. The first step is to try and improve production from the most important position on the field. When that sucks as bad as it did Saturday, NOTHING is going to click offensively. Bijan looked all world the first game.....against a good veteran defense. Hell....he had to be nearly all world to even get out of the backfield last week. Think what you will, but I am going to trust Sark to find a way to work ourselves out of this problem.
  7. anyone that does not believe the QB was the biggest problem against Arky should just imagine if Colt had been the QB. Same crappy Oline and same crappy defense. I believe that Colt would have spotted and gotten the ball to those open receivers. I KNOW he would have hit the wide open deep passes, and I am sure he would have made decisive runs when all else failed. That would have allowed our defense some rest. I am not saying all this to Dog on Card. I am merely trying to point out that the QB play in that game led to many of our problems.
  8. I hope for the sake of the program you never have any input to those that make decisions. There is so much wrong with this post
  9. they put in the wishbone in 68....It should have been tailor made for Bradley, but he couldnt make the decisions correctly to run that. Every play started with the QB putting the ball to the FB....If the tackle stayed back, he let the FB have it. If the tackle came in he pulled it & took off left or right. Then the key was the DE whether to keep or pitch it to the trailing back. Bradley could not make the reads.
  10. in 1966 Texas had the most highly touted Soph QB maybe ever. The Kid was on the cover of SI before he had ever played a DOWN. Texas goes 6-4 with him and all that talent..In 1967 he goes 6-4 in 1968 he starts out loss to TT and tie U of H. DKR makes a change and puts in James Street. Street never lost a game. Texas goes on to win 30 in a row. Sometimes the most talented guy is not the best option.
  11. seriously...Arky flat stuffed us.....but they did not "stack the box" against us...they did not sell out to stop the run. They did that by rushing 3 and running a few stunts. We should have been able to run against that front, but we could not.That left 4 defensive backs unbothered to blanket the receivers. I am not sure why our line could not block well Saturday, but they just kept getting beat. Frankly Arkys defense did the same thing to Sark last year when he had the Alabama line blocking for him. Bama was too strong for Arky, but they were held to their lowest yards total for the year and their lowest yds per play for the year. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the other guy for out scheming you.
  12. I guess everyone watches something different. I thought we had a bad game....no doubt about it. However, I am not going to hang this on the defense. In fact I thought they did pretty damned good considering they got NO help from the offense. In fact, had they been tackling as poorly as I am reading in this thread, this game would have been much,much uglier. They simply got worn down. Our O line was bad.I got tired of seeing Bijan gang tackled behind the line. He had to run like Earl just to make the line of scrimmage. Card had a bad game. You would think he was a redshirt freshman or something. I am getting somewhat alarmed by his lack of deep ball ability. The receivers could not get open and that is a problem.. I wish Card would have just ducked and run the ball without hesitation. We had BAD luck...recovering a fumble on the 1 yd line with a toe 1/2 inch OB....might have changed the whole game. getting a delay of game penalty....everyone standing up....and the defender crashes through and knocks Card over???? No flag? At worst that should have been off setting penalties....at best it should have been un necessary roughness and 15 yds given to us with a first down. The other play was over....whistled dead....then a penalty....again, changed the game all in all , a bad day for us which we better put aside and get ready for the next one, or this could be a long year.
  13. Ferguson...Dicus...Montgomery?....anyway, that 69 Arky team had some absolute studs. Then again....all respect to anyone that ever played QB at Texas....Street never lost a game, and NEVER failed in the clutch. That cant be said about even Joe Montana. The 40 yd pass to Peschel dropped into his shirt pocket in double coverage was golden....but the TD run to open the 4th quarter was super human. Street broke tackles like Earl....just because he HAD to.
  14. what exactly is the status of the Blue situation?....and what do you mean by your comment? I had heard that Blue was back with his team.....was I mistaken?
  15. Pearls before swine... Texas 35 Arky 14 I say Arky might score as much as that 1969 team, although the '69 team was way better....
  16. It may be just one game, but I saw evidence of REAL coaching for the first time in maybe 15 years. For the most part we made certain, sure tackles. The WR's that we were so worried about made fabulous catches. The blocking was not good, so the run game didnt get the "pop" it needed. Special teams coach Banks is THE MAN! Card needs definite work on the long pass, but he is "nails" on the intermediate stuff. I even wondered if he was told to over throw those deep balls.
  17. excellent article Cheese. To me it is damned refreshing to have a coach that runs multiple formations that can either be passed or run without changing the look. That makes it tougher on opps DC'c.....and if that wasnt enough, Sark has em get to the line quickly so he can seethe defense and have plenty of time to change the play accordingly. Frankly, I was shocked when he ran Roshan into the line on 3rd down in the second quarter needing nearly 12 yds. That left 4th and like 6 yds, and Sark didnt even blink going for the 6yds....Card ran it to the right and made it closer than he needed to , but making the first down. I knew right then and there that there was a new Sherriff in town and we had a true innovator calling the shots.
  18. I kinda hope that with Coburn, Sweat, Collins, etc in the backfield all night he has a chance to put that to good use....
  19. crap!....you mean they know how to "turtle" and win?.......doomed!
  20. yeah,,,,hard to compare to something you have no experience with....
  21. Is he?...I keep hearing rumblings about him being the laziest player on the team. I hope what I have been hearing is just so much BS. Then I her that he wants to just play DE. I need some real football. I am being over whelmed by all the bullshit.
  22. As I understand it We already have a set up NIL "corporation" as it were with all the sponsorships needed. As I heard it Texas has the group "you would want" setting up whatever is needed to keep Texas at the tip of the spear so to speak as we enter this Brave New World.....It almost seems that we get invited to the SEC out of self preservation because if money is the question nobody in the college ranks can answer like we can. UT players will not be on the bottom tier I assure you....

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