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  1. Duggin was playing for a shot at a natty....huge incentive. Ewers was playing for undefeated against Alabama till hurt. Different incentives....
  2. Who was the old coach that said..."expect to lose a game for every freshman that starts..." I think it was Bowden....Whoever it was got it just about right for us...
  3. Since we have found that they don't stop the game at halftime we will have to accept the win.
  4. Long time till the next game. Maybe some of y'all can get your dresses cleaned and pressed by then...
  5. Hey....If this staff will start a freshman at Left Tackle and QB they will start one anywhere....
  6. good council from Ricky??? Ricky could flat out run with a football, but there were more loose screws in his head than there are in a 58 Dodge.
  7. up in the stands for Chris Gilbert's first Longhorn game, I was just like everyone else in the crowd. We had ALL come to see Bill Bradley in his first game at QB. Bradley after all had been on the cover of SI before he had ever played a snap. What happened was that every time Chris Gilbert touched the ball he just took off seemingly forever. I among many had never even heard of him before that game.
  8. say what?....do you think there is any school in the land that would take the chance of hiring him....even for...as they say on TV...at little or no cost to them....?
  9. I have a problem with a coach that insists he is gonna kiss the players.....The best coach Texas ever had was loved by everyone. Herman was loathed by everyone. Herman tried to think he was the smartest guy in the room, but he acted like the dumbest. Good luck in your search.
  10. Huh? I thought I said what you said. I was tagging on the bitch posters on here....not the team.
  11. I am embarrassed...the team let me down, but what shames me is the posters on here....4 words for you...Take the loss pussies! If we wanted it more we would have won. We didn't! Most on here are very astute, but we all act like this is a shock....freshman QB an three freshmen o linemen. Ok, they folded. .. against an undefeated # 4 ranked team. Too bad. The fact is Saban showed everyone how to defend us...simply hold and interfere every play. It is almost never called. It will never be until we earn respect. We need to quit whining and start whipping ass. I hope we start next week. Ok...flame away...
  12. Sha, I love ya...but if you are gonna quote St DKR you better get it right!... What he said was..."tcu is like a bunch of cockroaches...you don't worry so much about what they eat or carry off...it is what they fall into and mess up that gets to you"
  13. Actually no one was running Card down. I think most were trying to get JD to quit acting like Card was the answer. It was unfair to Card
  14. This is Jimbo's last job. Think about it....the last two times his team was ranked top ten preseason, he left the team in shambles. He got lucky once with a generational QB and made the mistake of thinking he was a good coach.
  15. Why does aggy worry about being bowl eligible when they refuse to play even when they are...I.e...Wake Forest ?
  16. I don't care of the OSU QB is Spencer Sanders or Col. Sanders, Texas wins this going away.
  17. Bijan may not have eye popping numbers, but he has eye popping tape. I doubt there is a back in the NFL that has the ability to catch a pass better than Bijan. Rediculous circus catches. We might be surprised how much the pros might value that. He is gone and I wish him the best.
  18. For all you Sark haters...last year the howling was loud...the D was a complete mess. The O Line might have been worse. Our QB situation was a joke. Then...recruiting went super well. In spite of all fears, we discovered that perhaps our coaches might know something after all.... The turn around in the O Line has been astonishing.(who would have thought a talent infusion would make smarter coaches?) Even the defense is improving. We are not back,but we at least know the way home.
  19. Good God man!....Central Mich put 40 on them in Stillwater! They can donk and dunk all they want.....trying to keep up!
  20. I saw this article 3 days ago on Yahoo sports. I didnt entirely understand it then and I dont now.
  21. Thanks echeese. Do you know the extent of Watts injury? If he cant go we could be in trouble.
  22. Hey I am a kool aide slurping homer, but I have real reason for hope. QB Spencer is likely hurt for this game or at lest limited. I hate that for the young man, but no one felt sorry for us in the same shape. More important, Central Mich put up 40 or so points on OSU in Stillwater. I look for us to be able to move the ball. If Watts is good to go our maligned defense performs pretty well. Texas 42 OSU 28
  23. I am a huge Bijan fan. The one thing I wonder about him is how he can spin,dodge, or just flat bust out of a tackle, but if any defender ever gets a hand on his foot, he trips and falls down......kinda like Achilles...super powered, but vulnerable in his foot.
  24. I am glad for that game. We needed to be reminded that our QB is in fact a very young inexperienced player. To not expect rookie plays from him is not realistic. Our young O line needed to be "hit in the mouth" by a good defensive front. We knew we were thin at DB and when we had some losses we needed to see if we could survive when front line guys went out. We did survive it. These are all learning points. Hopefully, we can grow from here. For some reason, the national media seems bought in on us. It is like they see something in our team that we are afraid to believe in. 12 years of suckage will do that to a fan base( well....not aggy, but almost every other fan base). The fact is that even though we think out Defense is pretty crappy, it is not giving up points beyond our ability to make them on offense. Who would have thought we could lose a game to T Tech and still be favored over a one loss OSU that is ranked above us? At their place? I think we start to look like a good team pretty quickly. one more point....it seems to me that we are healthier as a team at this time of the schedule than at any time I can remember ever......thank you S&C
  25. THIS^^^^^^^.......is why Java is one of if not the best poster on Hornsports....

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