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  1. I heard that we were up against the limit, so we told Moody we didn't have room for him, so he removed his name from the portal. Not saying I have good info, just something I read. Any chance that's true?
  2. In 1978 my company took over a truck terminal from a competitor that was leaving the Austin market. We hired all their drivers. In those days we were required by the govt to file a report showing the ethnicity of all employees. This was difficult because it was illegal to have in the personell files anything regarding race. Our HR dept had to call each terminal and ask the race of all new employees for that report. I get a call and they start asking about the drivers. She was going to do it one at a time, but to save the trouble I said..." they are all white except for Green and he is black"...We both died laughing (this is in reply to Dbut82's great comment)
  3. you know what?....maybe it will....but it is not automatic. We might be better than you think. Then there is 2019. we almost, could have,should have beaten the eventual National champ. Hell....an 8-4 aggy team beat Bama this year. I am not saying we will win, but I damned sure will not accecpt that we are certain to lose either.
  4. Wayne....you are exactly correct. They took over A&I...renamed it TAMUK....an abomionation!..I bet they have Upshaw and Green's names chisled on the wall of Kyle field as we speak.....I am going to go lay my head on the tracks...
  5. Dont knock an FCS championship. In the 50's and 60's Gil Steinke got several of those coaching Texas A&I. Not too many coaches sent more players to the NFL HOF than he did. I doubt aggy could have handled em.
  6. "Now its Istanbul not Constantinople, it is Istanbul it was Constantinople...now its Jackson State,not Florida State You cant go to Florida State because its Jackson State..... Sorry. I couldnt help it.
  7. Although that was a pretty snarky reply, I will calmly give you my reason for asking the question. In the last several years we have been told many times that so and so has issued a "silent commit" only to find out that it never happened. We were told he was going to announce at the UA game, but it did not happen. Had the original notation said he would announce in Feb then so be it. Certainly he owes me no explanation. Perhaps he was upset that OB claimed he was a silent signer. I was just thinking out loud. sorry it struck you wrong.
  8. I am Sha. Why the wait? If he already signed as was reported it makes no sense. If he is not signed then I guess it means he is still looking. While I am at it....How many and who of the new signees wanted to start school in January so they could get in on spring ball?
  9. I thought we were supposed to have that 5* OL announce at the game???....What happened?
  10. JMHO but I thought interleague play ruined a lot of interest in baseball. I think the portal transfers will level off after a few years. I think what has fueled so much portal movement is NIL money.I know you arent supposed to talk to other teams before portal entry, but do you really believe anyone obeys that rule? A frontline starter can sort of....you know....uh....ask around and get an idea what some school will pay for him to go there. Several schools are now being interviewed about this right now by the gutless NCAA. Either a deal will be brokered or chaos will ensue. We could prosper under either scenario......and while we are looking down our nose at aTm we need to come to grips with reality. Those guys have invested in football. Nobody has better facilities. They ponied up to buy a coach while we have fumbled around. Our facilities got stale and dated. We need to up our game. and while I am at it....I like the staff. They seem to have calmly gone about business. They played last season, got a look at what they had and politly invited nearly half the team to portal out of here. Then with a losing record they signed the #5 class in the country. Then they set about talking top talent to portal over to us. That is a big,big deal if you ask me.
  11. On that glass half empty/full bit....Ole Willy on Willy and Ethyl said it depended on whether you were half drunk or half sober....
  12. I have posted this before, but your post made methink of it again, so I say it again... After the '69 season, UT had to revamp how they awarder letters to players. before it had been....if one played a certain amount of minutes in a season, they got lettered. After the '69 season it was discovered that many of the starters had not played enough minutes to get awarded. In those days DKR ran those guys out there and usually they scored TD's on the firsy 4 possessions....Then the second string came in and usually kept right on going. The benefit of this was fewer starter injuries....and game time experience for the backups. Mack Brown never grasped this concept.
  13. you jump on Java because you think what?....she is a sunshine pumper?...She comes on with as many solid takes as any other poster. I get your point, I really do, but I think we may....just may have the staff to lead us out of the desert. Look at the big picture.....We put an absolute crap product on the field this year and we still recruited the # 5 class in the country. We had so much dead wood on the team this year we might have done even worse. Even with our crappiest in history O line we were putting up amazing stats on offense until our QB was injured. I never saw a sign of panic from our staff. I think they have gone about righting the ship about as well as could have been done by anybody. With unlimited resources it took Jimmy Johnson 3 years to get the Cowboys turned around. When (not if....when) we start showing improvement on the field, we will again start getting the pick of the litter. and to Java....I say you go girl!
  14. If you ever want proof positive that players are going places because of the NIL money you have to look no farther than this! A punter leaving a high profile program?...A punter? Frankly, a punter can look better to the pros the worse his team does giving him more chances to show his stuff....i.e.Dickson here.
  15. they will have lots of room to display it as their trophie room is pretty sparse....
  16. TexasCoyote....I am not bashing you, I simply disagree. I think if we played that game the next week again we win by more. We were simply better. If you ever looked at that photo of Mack, Vince, Bush, Lienhart and Carrol at Disneyland before the game you could tell who was gonna win. Vince and Mack were totally relaxed and smiling. Reggie,Pete, and Matt not so much. The press had annoited USC the greatest team ever, but our guys simply didnt buy it. After the game the USC guys were intervied and everyone of them said the same thing.....we couldnt stop the QB. Pete on why they went for it on 4th and 3.....we had to we couldnt stop the QB.Lienhert said the exact same words. We knew we were better and they knew we were better.
  17. Our D line could be greatly improved as well if we could get Coburn and Sweat to lose 70 or 80 LBS between them....
  18. If this guy is a take I would think we would HAVE to have a leg up on him.....Coach Pete must have recruited him.... They had me at leading tackler....
  19. I find it hard to believe that 3/4 of all who entered the portal were told their schollys would be removed so they had best move along. Saban only coaches one school after all......
  20. For those keeping score at home... 911 FBS scholorship athletes entered the portal since 8/1 32 withdrew 243 went to new schools 636 are still in the portal! To me that reads that 636 entered with a 4 year scholarship and rolled the dice and come out with nothing. I am sure their schools were glad to get the scholarship back. These kids need to determine if the reason they are not getting playing time is that they just are not that good. If that is the case, they had best take advantage of that scholly and get the best education they can.
  21. wow...sounds like a ready made guy to run the wildcat......

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