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  1. wow!....talk about being able to read between the lines.....
  2. how many times did our wr be 10 yds in front of the defender, but by the time the ball floated to him they got there for the breakup?....Card either takes too long to throw, or his ball doesnt have enough on it to succeed. Card is OK for a back up, but he doesnt do enough to start.
  3. sadly we do not have the DL we need. Maybe we need to up the NIL money for DL to 100,000. I am sick to death of not being able to stop anybody!
  4. OK...I was only part right. Jimbo resigned on DEC 1, 2017 ....the night before the last scheduled game of theyear with a record of 5-6...FSU won that game and the bowl game to finish with a winning record.
  5. Maybe I am wrong, but I think he left with 2 games left. At any rate the interim coach won out the remaining schedule to give FSU a winning record for the year.....middle of the season?...ok ya got me, but he walked out with games remaining on the schedule without telling his team. Aggy rescued him and paid him like he was better than Saban or Urban or Bear Bryant for that matter.
  6. Tfloss The deal is that aggy did NOT lure Jimbo away from FSU. Fact is Jimbo had walked out on his team with a losing record ...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON! Goodby.....see ya....he simply quit on the team. He was unemployed when aggy hired him. The negotiations were tense. It took aggy a while to finally out bid themselves and land that loser.
  7. Texas 37 UTSA 10 Y'all are gonna be embarrassed at how much you under rate our team. We will run on them at will.
  8. curious to know how anyone would know who or how tickets could/would be denied??? That sounded bogus from the getgo.
  9. while we are just talking back and forth....did you see the youtube interview with Will Anderson where he said the Game at DKR this past Saturday was the LOUDEST game he had ever played in. So much for secsecsec intimidation. I will try and find that to post.
  10. ohh....it is true and Sark is NOT happy about it. You could tell from his terse answer when someone at the press conference asked if we might now see Murphey against UTSA.
  11. everything I read tends to indicate Card will start and play against UTSA. If so I hope he plays as well as Johnny Depp seems to think he does.
  12. a QB controversy exists only in the mind of one guy, and he is desperately trying to swing everyone to his way of thinking. All he has accomplished is to remove any credibility from any point he makes. Too bad really.
  13. ole Johnny carried this act over to Surly and had been properly shouted down.

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