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  1. do we send you 9.95 for that info?.....or did you pay 9.95 to get the info?.....
  2. yes....it was Mike Wacker....Yeah his Dad was Jim Wacker and he was building a dynasty at San Marcos. He was undecided whether to stay there and be a King like Gil Steinke was at Texas A&I but he moved on to Minnesota and then to TCU....or vice versa. Any way Mike and Lasalle were cruising at Texas...undefeated and ranked in the top 5 in the country when Mike went down....and that was that.
  3. the guy leading the Yahoo challenge has 130 points...he is top of 466,500 entrants. also I was wrong about the winner....that is for 32 points, not 50 as I said earlier.
  4. LaSalle Thompson and Jim whacker were as dominate a twosome as there was in the day....then Wacker shredded a knee and that was that....
  5. all the contests I have seen give 1 point for first round wins.....2 points for second round....4 for third round wins...8 points for 4th wins..16 points for wins into the finals and 50 points for the winner. a perfect bracket would get 32 points per round. as anyone can see looking at my bracket, very little of this applies to me...
  6. yeah, me too!....it is all those other dumbass picks I made that has done me in....
  7. I wish he had given a 3 word answer.....F**k Chip Brown!
  8. probably a step up career wise and a big pay increase.
  9. I have heard that there are several active cases of Covid on the team.....It was one of those internet forum message board type deals so take it for what it is worth. Trouble is when no news is forthcoming that opens the door wide for any type news/rumor that is going around......and they go around fast.
  10. I cant believe that worked. The only thing more amazing is that I thought to try it in the first place.
  11. it cant hurt to try: 1 Damon ButlerDamon's Bracket #1 74 64 1 Jon KempJon's Bracket #1 74 64 2 Tejas RulzTejas's Bracket #1 73 64 2 Aaron CarraraAaron's Bracket #1 73 64 3 Miguel BustillozMiguel's Bracket #1 72 64 3
  12. SHA....I couldnt sign in either. Then I tried signing in before going to the brackets and that worked. Congrats Rulz....nice job.....As for the rest of it.....if I can be tied for 7th out of 24 with that dog crap of a bracket I threw up there the rest of y'all must be brain dead. I know nothing and know that I know nothing, Thanks a lot Aaron for exposing me to everyone for the idiot I am.

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