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  1. What am I missing?....the wolves seem to be out after Casey, who has shown to a baller when healthy. HE HAS A HURT THUMB!!!! None of you arm chair QB's can grip your golf club with a bum thumb, why be down on Casey trying to grip a football? If it gets better he will be fine. If not then we have a week and a half to get Card ready. We have been crapping on the whole team for being crap in the 4th qtr.....but I think to some degree the last 2 games we have gone as Casey's thumb has gone. It starts ok....bandage good, painkillers holding......but as the game goes on and the thumb is taking a beating, it all goes to hell. Should Sark bring in Casey sooner? I am not privy to what is being discussed and why, but with as much at stake as Sark has here I doubt he is simply forgetting Card is sitting on the bench. strange game, football....
  2. we need all the elite players we can get where ever they line up!
  3. why is Miss St over aggy considered an upset? Aggy has played ONE team with a pulse and they got rolled. Not that I think Miss St is all that good, but I see them fairly equal.
  4. not disputing that......but how many of those points came against the 2nd and 3rd teamers?
  5. TCU seems to find a wayto win, but his biggest weapon will be absent this year.....that is Herman's uncanny ability to screw it up. I expect a win 45-35
  6. well....it is after all a popularity contest with a disconnect between ranking and actual play. aTm plays 3 tomato cans and Arky....Arky beats em with out their starting QB, but it was apparently another great loss for aggy. We beat a ranked team badly, get curb stomped by Arky and then start looking like DKR teams at the start of the wishbone. If we improve and take care of the cockroaches, we will rise quickly. It will all work out if we do what we need to do.
  7. All of a sudden you realize that aggyis 3-1 and played only one team with a pulse. Not only that but they had to struggle to win what they have. Jimbo is a known quitter. Recon he starts getting “itchy”?
  8. hmmmmm......ok now....aggy is 3-1......we are 3-1....aggy has been ranked in the top 10???? why? I still bet they will be ranked way above us, but it doesnt make sense. Time will even it all out.
  9. what in heck is that even supposed to mean?...that he is so busy filming commercials to full fill his NIL obligations that he has little time for class or football practice? Maybe it turns out he is not ready for actual college level courses which he must be enrolled in in order to play football? Explain what this is all about please....
  10. I am not sure where to put this so I start its own topic......Jeff Traylor is going to do quite well. We liked him when he was here and he has UTSA doing very well. I heard him interviewed and he said this about the NIL......He has counceled all his players to be sure and explore all the tax angles of this because they could quickly get into trouble with taxes if they have not done due diligence tax planning. Then he told his team to be aware of how the NIL payments affect the team as a whole. He said if the star players become prima Donnas over the other players it could be a problem. He said he told them to remember that the guys blocking for them might not even be getting payments. He said nothing could shatter a locker room quicker. Right then I remembered why he is thought of as a players coach. I only hope our coaches are bright and aware enough to have had that same talk with our team.
  11. a simple change in the playbook is what allowed us to run wild?....who knew? So....without that change we still would have had 4 linemen blocking the same guy? Thank God we discovered that in time!
  12. from 2015?....Bear it is only 6 years behind maybe.
  13. I told ya!....I told everyone over and over they would be astonished at how over rated ULaLa was but would they listen to me?(actually not listening to me s generally a wise choice) Nobody listens to me.
  14. y'all might remember what happened the last time we played Rice....We were making fun of the fact that one of their O linemen weighed 265 lbs...We need to just shut up and suit up( sounds like a t shirt saying) I will never forget when we tackled that RB about the 5 yd line...only he landed on top of our guy....rolled over(never touched the ground) and strolled in for the score.

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