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  1. yeah,,,,hard to compare to something you have no experience with....
  2. Is he?...I keep hearing rumblings about him being the laziest player on the team. I hope what I have been hearing is just so much BS. Then I her that he wants to just play DE. I need some real football. I am being over whelmed by all the bullshit.
  3. As I understand it We already have a set up NIL "corporation" as it were with all the sponsorships needed. As I heard it Texas has the group "you would want" setting up whatever is needed to keep Texas at the tip of the spear so to speak as we enter this Brave New World.....It almost seems that we get invited to the SEC out of self preservation because if money is the question nobody in the college ranks can answer like we can. UT players will not be on the bottom tier I assure you....
  4. I thought this was scary....He either over threw the receiver, or he hit them in the hands and they dropped it. Dev would have caught everyone of them. Sadly, Dev is not here to make Murphy look good. I just dont think it is a good thing for practice that every ball hits the ground....
  5. pretty amazing that Meyer could even manage to get a pro team in trouble with breaking rules....but who is surprised?
  6. my bad....I am not at all pissed. I am p;eased you young guys will at least pay some attention to past greatness. Nobis was only allowed to play 3 years( no freshmen could play varsity in those days) so he will not be in the record books......but when you consider that he averaged almost 20 tackles per game and you figure he played in about 30 games....well.....thats a big number.
  7. I forgot to add....he averaged over 20 tackles a game for his Longhorn career. G.O.A.T Texas Longhorns Defensive Players (usatoday.com)
  8. I do...... I am not aware what stats would be available about LB's in Nobis' day, but what they could not show is that every team that tried to prepare for Texas started with trying to figure out how to block,negate, or slow him down. None ever worked.He only had one gear and that was MAXINE!. His team mates hated to practice against him. He hurt em too bad. You mentioned the NFL.....There were many all pros that said they would rather go against Butkis every week than face Nobis once a season. The onlt stat you might find on him is he made ist team AA all 3 years he played.....and also made AA twice as an offensive guard.....He was amazingly strong.
  9. ?????....Honest to God....that should have been the easiest name to fill in.
  10. yeah?......was it 118 in Duncanville last week?
  11. ....now THIS is the type of cutting edge information that keeps me locked in to HS....Keep it coming Primal!

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