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  1. Heck, I'm just happy to see Herman get the axe and I hope Sark can handle the pressure cooker that is Texas.
  2. Baylor says they're out of it. He's been on board for nearly two months.
  3. There is a reason the last hire hasn't been made and he is on the recruiting trail.
  4. Jimbo is so desperate to land Evans that he's getting played. Evans has apparently qualified per the Fong and won't enroll at A&M for the Spring.
  5. Rhule heading to Carolina should help get Princely back in the fold, you'd think. Add Collins as well. Yep, it's going to be a fun finish!
  6. Evans is all show, he can't get in......... If he does miraculously gain a score high enough in his 3rd or 4th attempt, NCAA clearinghouse steps in to investigate, lol. I'd bet on him being a non qualifier!
  7. Evans is a non qualifier, he doesn't have the ACT score to get in at this time. I still think he ends up JUCO.
  8. Sorry folks, if that were to deter him. He wasn't coming.
  9. So, are Umanmielen and Eaton torn on their decisions to move on? Neither have made a decision.
  10. Chip Long would be an interesting candidate and the dude is a young up and comer. He had a sit down with Saban last season. This would not be a bad hire from his apparent ability to call plays, but it makes you wonder what the deal was at ND for Chip to let him go with 32 wins under his belt in 3 years. As I understand it, the head ball coach liked to stick his nose in the play book.
  11. It's not played out and Lashlee can call an offense that jives with this Turkeys philosophy! Too bad we're not hearing this name...
  12. TH rocking the boat? Go get Lashlee and let him call the f’n offense, Tom.
  13. Dude, the 9.95ers are still calling him the top priority as a loss. I’m sure your podcast is extraordinary... this staff is a hoot.
  14. Harrell never made sense to me! It also shows the 9.95er 3 year 2.5 million per year offer was complete BS.
  15. Yup, Harrell signed for 1.2 million per year. There’s a lot more to it, lol.
  16. That is literally what it is. They were all in on GH, need a reason for it not to happen! lol
  17. If that's where the 9.95er's are headed in this search to be first with breaking news, GH may have reneged.

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