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  1. He’s announcing at noon on Friday per Perroni. If it’s Texas, there’s no real sign.
  2. Spinal Stenosis is not a diagnosis that you heal with therapy and continue playing. I see him as a medical. It's something he'll deal with from now on.
  3. Auburn is an odd pick, he was a good fit at Joker for Orlando.
  4. 18 Year old, basement dwelling band geeks... They're pretty damn funny!
  5. We'll gentlemen, camp begins today and official written offers go out to 2020. What's up with Eaton @Daniel Seahorn
  6. I still hold out hope they can get Ransom to reconsider before December. I figured CTJ was a lock, he gone?
  7. Staff must be making a push for Eaton if he’s back on campus.
  8. Andrew Ellis seems to think there is still a chance for the Bucknuts.
  9. Another kid that didn't want to leave Austin on his visit.
  10. Family is involved in the decision and that makes proximity to home a priority. I believe USC has it in the bag if this is truly the case.
  11. I think he picks USC on Friday and I'd love to be wrong!
  12. I’m going to tread lightly with Bijan until the day he signs.
  13. What's the running list of kids coming in this weekend look like? I heard Collins is not headed to OU.
  14. Upon further review... Karic HC just said the kid is currently 6'5" @ 269... He'll likely be 285 plus when he gets on campus.
  15. More than anything he needs good weight added. He'll probably get to 270ish before arriving and then Yancy can get to work. He's not a kid that will contribute in 2020, but I'm glad to see that. OL prospects should not be relied upon as Freshman or even RS Freshmen.
  16. Karic is a take and a good LT prospect. He's not a project IMHO.

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