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  1. Sounds like a former 5* recruit is headed to the forty.
  2. Right, much like Ja'Tavion Sanders playing QB, WR, TE, DE, and whatever else they played him at while at Ryan. Using Swoopes as a QB was on Mack.
  3. Correct, Swoopes was categorized as an ATH for rankings, not a PRO or Dual (labeled DUAL) threat QB.
  4. They're mesmerized with his abilities and he will continue to shine in camp settings. The kid has an elite arm. The star gazers won't back off. Cali not playing football won't matter much. Whether he is a 4 or 5 matters very little, he is a take if you've moved on from Ewers. You will never get these two kids in the same class.
  5. Nobody is signing the top 2 Pro style QB's in the same class.
  6. Regardless, you don't take two highly rated QB's (seldom works out in the current portal climate), it's typically always the top recruit signing off on a lessor to join the class. Murphy has some serious arm talent and he is definitely the take over Klubnik. I like Klubnik, but... with his parents being Aggie's and the chance the newest Aggie QB commit goes pro in baseball, I think there is a good chance that is where he lands. Oddly enough, Jimbo offered Murphy just a few days ago. Why do that if you have your guy?!
  7. LSU fans are losing their minds over this kid taking a PWO to Texas. He is the grandson of Jim Bob Moffett.
  8. The transition class is likely a wrap outside of the portal.
  9. Young opted out due to Covid in 2020, no telling if he takes the field again. I doubt Brown sees the field, but he'll get an incredibly valuable degree.
  10. Neither LJ nor Wheaton are likely. They're casting a net in hopes to land a RB.
  11. Sounds like Choate is in, they’re saying he has already told his players. Time to wrap up the ‘21 class.
  12. The fan overreaction is priceless. It's not like the dude was going to be the DC. Obviously, he can coach a position.
  13. Feels good knowing we have a top 5 DC headed to the Forty! This will be one HELL of a staff on paper.

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