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  1. TH rocking the boat? Go get Lashlee and let him call the f’n offense, Tom.
  2. Dude, the 9.95ers are still calling him the top priority as a loss. I’m sure your podcast is extraordinary... this staff is a hoot.
  3. Harrell never made sense to me! It also shows the 9.95er 3 year 2.5 million per year offer was complete BS.
  4. Yup, Harrell signed for 1.2 million per year. There’s a lot more to it, lol.
  5. That is literally what it is. They were all in on GH, need a reason for it not to happen! lol
  6. If that's where the 9.95er's are headed in this search to be first with breaking news, GH may have reneged.
  7. 9.95er's throwing shit at the wall... it's called hedging.
  8. It's not a bad hire, but comes across as a safety net type hire. Stepping back down to DC is not for everyone. I think both hires are essentially done and have been for several weeks. Handshake type deals, ya know. Ash will be fine.
  9. Y'all needs to chill... GH is busy trying to recruit Texas players to USC. Seriously, I like how close to the vest this staff is able to keep stuff.
  10. These guys (analyst) are riding with the notion of new blood being an issue. There are 10 underclassmen starting with 3 on offense and 7 on defense. Every backup player is an underclassmen except for 1 on offense and 3 on defense. There is a ton of unknown and some serious issues with depth at a couple key positions. My honest opinion, Herman was still trying to keep the locker room happy last year and was able to win 10 games doing so. They've moved on to a team that has bought in or they're Herman players and he is playing the best players. If they try to control games like they did last year, it may come back to bite this season. They've got to step on teams throats when they have them down...
  11. Caldwell is a kid TCU usually lands and turns into a stud! I like the kid. Eaton has the offer list and they're similar in size. But, I'd give the nod to Caldwell.
  12. They’ll be at 19 before the first game. Eaton and Jordan
  13. He’s announcing at noon on Friday per Perroni. If it’s Texas, there’s no real sign.
  14. Spinal Stenosis is not a diagnosis that you heal with therapy and continue playing. I see him as a medical. It's something he'll deal with from now on.
  15. Auburn is an odd pick, he was a good fit at Joker for Orlando.
  16. 18 Year old, basement dwelling band geeks... They're pretty damn funny!
  17. We'll gentlemen, camp begins today and official written offers go out to 2020. What's up with Eaton @Daniel Seahorn
  18. I still hold out hope they can get Ransom to reconsider before December. I figured CTJ was a lock, he gone?
  19. Staff must be making a push for Eaton if he’s back on campus.

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