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  1. Feldman is throwing shit at the wall in hopes that it sticks... “I keep hearing that too,†Feldman said of Strong having interest in Miami. “I’ve heard that from multiple sources now, one of them who is pretty close to Charlie Strong, saying he would have interest and that came a day before Charlie Strong got asked about it at Texas and he said “I have the best job in college football right now.†That may be true, he may have, as the Texas head coach — paid a lot of money, big resources… That doesn’t mean it’s the best job or the best situation for Charlie Strong and his family. Could UM pay as much as he’s making now? I think that’s a real stretch to think that… Can they pay him as much as he’s making or in the ballpark of it? “The other question now I think that comes up is Charlie Strong may be 4-8 this year after a pretty bad season last year. Is Miami convinced he’s gonna be the guy?†There is nothing new to what Feldman is saying or has said previously.
  2. What agent? Korn Ferry would have to reach out, they have been hired.
  3. That's the thing, I think there are some that want it to happen so they believe the wheels are turning. I'm not in that boat. I'm still paddling the same boat I started in. I didn't expect more than 6 wins this season and still think they'll finish 5-7, I looked at year three to form an opinion on Charlie from day 1. It takes three years to flip a roster and most coaches really need four years with the youth that has risen to the top. Too bad Charlie didn't walk into a situation like Florida or Michigan with a ton of upper class men that fit his style...
  4. If this thing is about to blow up, what better time than now. If they have truly begun the vetting process, pay the man and let him move on... They would be better served to get ahead of the others and make it known who they are after before the season ends. After all, it's a bye week. Who doesn't love writing a check for $15 million during a bye week.
  5. Bruce said this per #Sources Nahlin was his opinion folks are still reaching
  6. Nahlin is a fan and has stepped up to the edge of the cliff and put his personal opinion out there.... He wasn't told anything definitive! People are extremely loose lipped in order to look more connected at times and that's not the way Nahlin works. That is how message board cats operate. He is NOT leaving voluntarily........
  7. Miami hired Korn Ferry, that is who Texas used....Watch the media use that.
  8. link, I'd like to heard/read...I'm going with Shack if there is a pending. I'm not so sure JD comes to the forty.
  9. They're definitely talking, I have no idea when it started. Traylor is in communication with Curtis.
  10. Delance is closer to MJ and others on the current squad than DO, No? I don't see him being a catalyst to Delance getting on board.
  11. It's about time he opened his eyes and realized he better look around. Sumlin has said he was going to us a TE for years and that has yet to come true.
  12. The mystery recruit is DO, No? He's a good get, but not a domino.
  13. As bad as this kid seems to want it, he would be great to have. I hope he makes the best of it, when/if he gets in.
  14. So, what's up with the OB poster El Mahico and his commit rant post ISU? Is Eboh waivering?
  15. Sounds like a kid with folks in his ear. He'll be a good fit for Baylor and I don't blame him for wanting to catch footballs.
  16. Until Texas shows me they can show up on the road, I'm taking WV in a 28-7 type game. I want to see the Kraken/cracking skulls and Heard throwing the ball. The biggest plus for me is the 11:00 am kick!
  17. I like him, but I'd like to see him stay there for a few years and I look forward to seeing how they play Memphis.
  18. Shocker...The kid flaked out after the TCU game. Go get Curtis and call it a day, he wants to be here.
  19. Straight up, prediction... As long as this team is competitive in the next three games, Strong is back. Lose two more on the road like the other three true road games and all bets are off. I think this team finishes 5-7, losing both road games and taking care of Tech at home. With that finish, I believe Strong gets year three... I'm looking for an OC hire an not any other major changes.
  20. Hopefully Okafor can get his TV slot set up with Newy. He would be my guess.
  21. Some folks had to high of expectations based on the roster flip. I didn't see this team winning more than 5 or 6 games this year. While the ISU games and the three true road games this season definitely get under my skin, I expected the movement to begin in 2016. If you fire Strong, you set us back further. I expect nothing less than an 8-4 season next year. If he can't get that done than so be it. But, I'm not ready to help him pack, yet. I figure we finish this season at 5-7. My pre-season prediction was 6-6.

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