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  1. Young opted out due to Covid in 2020, no telling if he takes the field again. I doubt Brown sees the field, but he'll get an incredibly valuable degree.
  2. Neither LJ nor Wheaton are likely. They're casting a net in hopes to land a RB.
  3. Sounds like Choate is in, they’re saying he has already told his players. Time to wrap up the ‘21 class.
  4. The fan overreaction is priceless. It's not like the dude was going to be the DC. Obviously, he can coach a position.
  5. Feels good knowing we have a top 5 DC headed to the Forty! This will be one HELL of a staff on paper.
  6. For those in need of comfirmation, they're rolling in now.
  7. Yeah, Coach Boom was a done deal as well unitl it wasn't.
  8. I believe it was planned for him to visit both this weekend, he didn't.
  9. He's likely on the money with this one. Classes start tomorrow.
  10. We should know something on LJ no later than Monday.
  11. If they don't learn to bite their tounge, this too will be a disaster. Don't over-buy into the post. Their money will continue to flow regardless.
  12. Lol, I'm talking demands and Herman was out, period. They can fund buyouts all they'd like. The staff hires will be through the system.
  13. Sark gets it, BMD's need to stay the HELL out of his way! Banks AHC/STC/TE is huge! It's a million dollar hire that should prove worthy of every penny spent!

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