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  1. I don't think he stays wherever he goes.....
  2. Nope, the December signature has since announced.
  3. 5-7 would make me nervous about the decision as well.
  4. I like when Texas has a chance to close and I like that it's on a Friday.
  5. He's not a 5 star, at least the composite takes into account more variables and services. He's Fong'd to Aggy, so there's that.
  6. I disagree with the assessment that Casey and Hudson are the better options. Ewers just spent nearly a year in a CFB strength and conditioning program, he's fresh, and has legit arm talent. I also think he may have the better football IQ of the three. But, lets not leave out the project in Murphy. Spring will be fun. I'm not/can't blame him on cashing in when the money showed itself (dude made nearly 2 million to hang out). Had the UIL fixed their issue with the NIL, Ewers would have been the SL QB this Fall. I'd rather have him on campus fighting for the job than wondering what if....
  7. I'm pretty sure this was done last week, otherwise. This staff would have gone after Evers. I also don't see the two big uglies committing without some incite.
  8. Yes, there is an NIL compliance department that all of this stuff has to get by before it's announced.
  9. Nah, more monkey business. The NIL situation mentioned by Emmert, is not football specific. No schools have been named.
  10. Samples going after him is enough to take a closer look.
  11. Once again, OB jumping out there with info others sat on. Gotta love those hacks.
  12. Shock jock Ketch, dude is so full of shit.
  13. The Ags class will recruit itself to finish out. I'd bank on them landing Banks, etc... It's an uphill battle. Hope for the best.
  14. A 3rd NIL deal looms, with more to develop. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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