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  1. The new Texas NIL deal for all sports will be a game changer, give it time.
  2. The language isn't the point, if you're hung up on the language... That was the bus full of defensive players and defensive staff, the same needed to happen on the other buses, even the F'n support staff bus! Bo, pack their Mf'n bags and send them to the portal.
  3. Yes, Texas stood by his side and helped him throughout the process. He's not the only one that needs to go, but several will graduate and no longer be a part of this locker room moving forward.
  4. I'm glad he has decided to move on, Sark should have pulled the plug before ISU.
  5. I hate this teams lack of drive 38, It's Kansas for God's sake 14 30 point favorites
  6. It will be a long flight home. Texas will get boat raced on Saturday.
  7. I think they get a big lead going into the bye and somehow they still find a way to fold up like a cheap lawn chair going into the weekend to add yet another worthless loss to the schedule... I'll be hunting, winning.
  8. The team can score, but the defense is atrocious. The pokes have the best defense in the league statistically and once again Texas will get a teams best shot. This is another game that Sark and company need to come out and set the tone early while never even considering tapping the brakes. The staff did not adjust well in game last week and that can't happen on Saturday. I predict another close one. 38-35, Hook'em.
  9. In the last 9 versus OU as the under, Texas is 7-2 against the spread with 2 outright wins. I feel like this may be a last possession ball game.
  10. Texas needs to play sound football on Saturday and Casey will need to hit a deep ball or two. This team is slightly above average on offense and that is entirely due to the threat of Bijan and they're below average on defense. Casey hit's over the middle fairly constantly, but he struggles outside the hash marks and hitting the deep pass. A smart team will dare him to beat them over the top. I figure OU loads the box and goes all in on stopping the run. I don't think the OL Can hold up to this pressure, hope I'm wrong. I'll be there with my 10 year old and I don't have a prediction. This game is always hard to judge due to the rivalry. I do think this game is going to be really fun! Texas and OU rank 2 and 3 for percentage of drives ending in points.
  11. Ground and pound winner takes the game. Neither team is good.
  12. It went down as expected. GP always has his boys ready for this game. Get out with a win and move on. On to OU sucks!
  13. They'll have some players back for this game on defense, but I think they'll still be missing a couple safety's.
  14. The last two teams Texas has played were awful. There is no argument.

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