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  1. What you really ment to say is they wont miss a beat and another team will score on their first drive.
  2. Greg Ward says hold up, although Texas has recruited well at the QB position. lol
  3. Today seems like a good day for some good news. Indeed it was a good day! Landed a do it all ATH...
  4. Washington is now comitting on Friday, that wasn't always the case. No?
  5. There is zero chance the blocker got a piece of that ball.
  6. My final take. The team is still learning how to win. They won ugly and a win is a win. That was literally one of the worst officiated games I have ever watched. Both ways, the entire game. The early whistle on the latteral that was an easy scoop and score, The BU INT in the endzone which IMHO was going to go the way of the call on the field, regardless. Missed OPI calls, BU holding on every down! I can only hope we don't get that crew again this season. The TV broadcast crew was equally bad.
  7. Attrition is coming, don't be surprised by any takes from here out.
  8. Shoulder didn't seem to be bothering him at ACL. If he is good to go, you play him and pull him once you have a good lead. Too much at stake.
  9. Finally had the chance to reshirt some quailty propsects! This is huge!
  10. Stanford seems to be winning these battles. I'll be glade to see that end!
  11. It would be awesome if LJH recongnition and success lead to CJ staying!
  12. Not even close to being BACK, Texas will be back when they're hoisting trophies other than the Golden Hat over their heads. This squad should have beat OU last season as well.
  13. Don’t buy into that deleted Shep tweet. Good to see new blood coming in for visits!
  14. I'm glad we have Johnson and would much rather have Green, but he is all Aggy. Best thing for Shep would be to let Hand develop him. He just said he is a 1000% committed so I doubt you need to worry about what he reads.
  15. Myren Warren offered yesterday, decommitted from TCU today. I think Shepherd will be a bust. He sorta has that Jordan Elliot vibe.
  16. I’d assume, he gone at some point. I can’t say, I really care for his drama. Or lyrics.
  17. Seems as though I recall Wolfe being worried about the Texas depth chart.
  18. They continue to play to the level of their competition. 38-24.
  19. Shep flirting with little sister, matter of time before his drama picks up.
  20. Ok, so they scored 31 by the time they finished their first drive of the second half, my bad. Herman needs to learn to keep his foot on the gas with quick stike teams as the opposition.

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