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  1. The team can score, but the defense is atrocious.  The pokes have the best defense in the league statistically and once again Texas will get a teams best shot.  This is another game that Sark and company need to come out and set the tone early while never even considering tapping the brakes.  The staff did not adjust well in game last week and that can't happen on Saturday.  I predict another close one.  38-35, Hook'em.

  2. Texas needs to play sound football on Saturday and Casey will need to hit a deep ball or two.  This team is slightly above average on offense and that is entirely due to the threat of Bijan and they're below average on defense.  Casey hit's over the middle fairly constantly, but he struggles outside the hash marks and hitting the deep pass.  A smart team will dare him to beat them over the top.  I figure OU loads the box and goes all in on stopping the run.  I don't think the OL Can hold up to this pressure, hope I'm wrong.  

    I'll be there with my 10 year old and I don't have a prediction.  This game is always hard to judge due to the rivalry.  I do think this game is going to be really fun!  Texas and OU rank 2 and 3 for percentage of drives ending in points.  

  3. 35 minutes ago, TexCoyote said:

    TCU gave up 350 yards rushing and 245 passing for a 595 yards total against SMU.  Patterson is a good defensive coordinator but he’s not going to be able to correct all of that in one week.  Our offense can crank up in a hurry.  I think this is the year Texas gets over the Patterson hump.  

    Texas 35

    TCU 14


    They'll have some players back for this game on defense, but I think they'll still be missing a couple safety's. 

  4. 10 hours ago, HornsUpAllDay said:

    These are all good points…Evans is good and Patterson will have them ready. My concern is, Rice is 120th best defense, Tech around 80th. Arky is now 12th and that defensive end #55 looks like an all-american. Is it possible the last two defenses were really bad and fans are over-rating our team and offense in particular? Why is no one I’ve seen on any board considering this possibility?

    The last two teams Texas has played were awful.  There is no argument.

  5. 15 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

    What scares me about this game:

    1. Patterson lives to beat Texas. He is willing to drop a loss the week before the Texas game, just to be the better prepared team when TCU-Texas meet. TCU lost to SMU because they were looking ahead to Texas.

    2. Offensive weapons – Duggan always has his season's best game against Texas. He is undefeated against Texas. I will throw him a party if he'll agree to enter the draft.

    2A. Zach Evans was once the highest rated recruit in the nation. I'm glad he's not at Texas and some how Fatterson has figured out how to keep him content. Evans is still the weapon we all knew he was when Texas was recruiting him. Keeping him in check will be a key to the game.

    2B. WRs Quentin Johnston and Savion Williams will be the two most physically gifted WRs we've faced so far this season. They are fast and are dangerous after the catch. We must keep them contained or keep Duggan from having time to hit them.

    What doesn't:

    1. The TCU OL isn't very good. We should be able to gain penetration at LOS. That should help keep Evans and Duggan on their heels.

    2. We should have no problem putting points on the board against Fatterson's defense. Sweat rag will have a good game plan and will try to force Thompson to beat TCU with his arm (stop Bijan). Bijan must get his yards for this offense to roll. I imagine Thompson will have to hurt them some with his legs. But overall, we should score as much as we want unless we show up with mistakes.


    Patterson is always looking ahead when it comes to Texas, they are literally 2-7 in games before Texas with a current 6 game losing streak.  They will be prepared, period.  Sark and Company need to set the tone early and score often.  Remove all doubt.

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