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  1. 5 hours ago, Baron said:

    I heard something disturbing last night which I hope isn't true. Supposedly UT has sent a cease and desist letter to a high school here in Gillespie county. Harper high school has had the longhorn on their helmets for years and now UT wants them to remove it. My first thought is why UT would even waste their time going after a 2A high school. If this is true, shame on you Texas.

    They may want them to change the logo, City of Fort Worth had to do the same.  It is a registered and copyrighted logo.

  2. 1 hour ago, Mac-7 said:

    I’m underwhelmed

    If either or both hudson card and casey thompson remain at Texas they sill still be the best quarterback on opening day

    I hope Sark is able to resist the pressure to start Ewers sooner rather than breaking him in gradually

    I am more excited by the OL 5* recruits because no pocket passer can survive or thrive without protection

    the better the protection the better the offense no matter who the QB is

    and it goes without saying that we need a couple of dominating defensive line players also

    all of which MIGHT allow Texas to compete for a Big 12 championship next year



    I disagree with the assessment that Casey and Hudson are the better options.  Ewers just spent nearly a year in a CFB strength and conditioning program, he's fresh, and has legit arm talent.  I also think he may have the better football IQ of the three.  But, lets not leave out the project in Murphy.  Spring will be fun.

    I'm not/can't blame him on cashing in when the money showed itself (dude made nearly 2 million to hang out).  Had the UIL fixed their issue with the NIL, Ewers would have been the SL QB this Fall.


    I'd rather have him on campus fighting for the job than wondering what if....

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