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Everything posted by TexExSpur

  1. Imma go take another hit from the bong and play the bongos. We have a QB1…
  2. As mentioned, QB’s have known since Tuesday.
  3. The NIL circles think he sticks with SC and he played the game.
  4. Malachi Nelson signs with LA based Klutch Sports Group, that kid is about to make some serious bank.
  5. He hired a problem solver for his defense, offense is on Sark.
  6. Ewers will be QB1 and the LT will be a true freshman. The growing pains, meh.
  7. Card is a short to intermediate guy. Is what it is.
  8. Recruiting wise, they just started pulling the large humans they need in the last cycle. I think they'll be ready by the time the move occurs, but I'm not a paper tiger guy. This team has been lackluster for far to long to get excited about over recruiting classes until they put it together on the field. Championships are the point, nothing else matters.
  9. That sir, is what we call moving the goal post. We still have a long way to go to be ready for the move.
  10. 70-35 and 32-27. I'm not sure the scores look anything like this in 2022. Patterson has to pay off in some fashion...
  11. I'd look at an 8-4 (floor) with losses to Bama, OU, KState, and BU. But, I'm positive my opinion changes once the first two games have been played.
  12. The most Aggroid post I've ever read... They have some rather special water heads in that bunch.
  13. Yep, Tigers likely flip Jayvon Thomas as well.
  14. This is deeper than some cancel culture BS. He wanted out.
  15. Gullette was a close call behind the scenes. Good addition.
  16. They may want them to change the logo, City of Fort Worth had to do the same. It is a registered and copyrighted logo.
  17. Wilson seems like a long game - long shot. Get Gullette in the bag and go from there. I don't know how much of a project Collins is or how hard they are recruiting him.
  18. Meh, they've offered 32 Defensive linemen, he's 28th on that list. Bread... Hicks is the one that they'll shoot a wad off over!

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