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  1. Meh, let him go. The December 5th date changes everything for HS recruits as well. If they want a spot, they may have to take it earlier than the 21st with the portal action in play.
  2. There's smoke that he will be terminated. I'm starting to buy it since that would be very Aggy to have to pay a man all that cash and find a replacement plus staff overhaul.
  3. Now that this game has been played and victory was secured. I'll be a Jayhawk fan and hope for Daniels to destroy KSU. Albeit, I'm still worried about Texas ability to deal with the aforementioned, prosperity.
  4. I never sweat skill position players bailing.
  5. End of halves in FG situation if the offensive team immediately goes to FG, defense not allowed time to sub.
  6. Texas wins and then since they can't stand prosperity, takes a loss to Baylor. 7-5 Spoiling my 8-4 outlook on the season. This team is about where most thought they'd be.
  7. Two best RB's go head to head. No score prediction. The team that controls the tempo and ground game, wins. In Bijan, RoJo, and on...We trust!
  8. Not sure how accurate, but QJ has been in a boot all week. If he plays, not sure how dominate he’ll be for the frogs. But, that dude is deadly.
  9. QE had a busted finger on his throwing hand. He was off, way off. I’m fine with them riding with him at the helm. Card, if healthy, may have been the difference in THAT game. It’s all in the past. I’m on the QE train! Full steam ahead.
  10. As I mentioned in another thread. Colt wasn't the dude his freshmen year that he was his senior year. This kid will develop just fine. I'm not going to bash Card, he simply wont be the guy at Texas. I mentioned the spark for OSU, not that it would have mattered. As we will never know. Dabo used the spark to get a win. He then got destroyed by the Golden Domers. If QE is Sarks guy, you ride with him!
  11. Lol, He made his cash and came home. You're no doubt the biggest troll on this site. Lol. That looks like a UTEP fanboy post.
  12. Hell, Colt as a Freshmen in 13 games was 217/318, 62.8% for 2570 yds, 29 TDs, 7 INT's and he ended up throwing 18 INT's the following year. 6-2 in conference, 10-3 overall. Coming off a National Title. I dig where QE is at this moment as he has played most of (19 quarters) of football in 6 games. 6 games, 100/173, 57.8% for 1336 yds, 13 TD's, 5 INT's
  13. Albeit the ceiling a bit higher for one than the other.
  14. I'm not assuming anything. Card lost the job twice. Murphy will have to be lights out to take it and Manning will RS.
  15. Proceed with QB1 as he will be the guy moving forward. Thanks for playing.
  16. I want that one and that one and that one, heck... give me all of them. Signed, Cutty Sark
  17. Hicks, it wont be long until he jumps ship. Does he fade back to OU...
  18. Do we really count Bama since he played less than full 1 quarter. Texas was fully in control of that game with QE at the helm. Semantics. Stop blowing so hard. Yes, I realize that's your schtick. Also, get the f outta here with a loss not on him bs. That Bama loss isn't on Ewers. LMAO
  19. Meh, I figured it would be an 8-4 type season with QE at the helm and that's still obtainable. Card has lost the job, twice. He's not going to be QB 1 at Texas. Go ahead and pack those bags. Sark is leaving a funky taste in my mouth, but. I'm not jumping off the wagon.

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