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  1. In similar fashion to last week, I remain in the show me state of mind. Hopefully Alfred Collins gets in the game and creates a bit more havoc at the line. Texas 35 Pig 24
  2. There is definitely some posturing in the works. Money will likely have to exchange hands. Cut the check.
  3. Cajun LT is out. The trendy score is 34-27. I'm in a, show me what you've got state of mind.
  4. Bledsoe is Gravy considering he has grades to get right and I'll celebrate Tapp when he has signed the dotted line. But, damn it's nice to have Bo back.
  5. No fluff here, I haven't heard anything to make me think this team is ready to do better than 8 wins. They're turning the page, we'll see how it goes. It should be Cards team to lead.
  6. I don't get caught up in the paper tiger game. It's more about buy in and player development at this juncture.
  7. A lot of kids get held back a year in our area, most are athletes. Common practice in the Southlake/Colleyville area. My son has two in his grade level, one is a son of a former TCU OL, he held all three of his boys back for Kinder.
  8. This ordeal was final last week, the legalese is awesome. What an incredibly well orchestrated move by all involved.
  9. Well orchestrated indeed. Joint application, immediate response from SEC. I'm not sure what to think about the date's other than legalese, you don't give reason for suit.
  10. I don't see the 8 remaining being quickly added to any conference just for the sake of adding members. They simply don't add that much value. Texas and OU will get out of this situation, but it won't be the conference dissolving. SEC presidents meet, every Thursday. The whole thing feels like a predetermined timeline of events.
  11. It will be 2022. Texas has sovereign immunity, they’ll negotiate and exit or the conference will dissolve.
  12. IT's the home baseball games I'll miss the most. When not at the Disch, it was my go to.
  13. It's Bama or Florida unless Texas can win him over.
  14. I wonder what that Hawkins tweet was about last night. I assume just the offer of his kinfolk.
  15. Some of these kids get trigger happy. They need to enjoy the process, take the visits, and live it up.
  16. Credit Joe Cook here is the offense at 47 players, remove Brown at RB.
  17. Sounds like a former 5* recruit is headed to the forty.

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