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  1. I hope they don't bring QE back too early, but these dudes walk to a different beat when he is under center.
  2. Basically the same type offense they saw last week except JT is not a big bruiser that can slip away from 44 pressures. Texas 38 Moonshine boys 24
  3. I have not abandoned the Sark express. I still like where this team is headed. Just frustrated.
  4. I thought it became a bit silly on offense from the third quarter on. Texas Defense had 44 pressures on the QB and were on the field for 100 plays. Sark calls the offense. It's his pill to swallow. Tech only had 12 pressures on our QB and 1 sack in 60 plays. The "Young" OL is holding up.
  5. Sark is setting himself up by not closing out games. He's 7-9 and to reiterate... His teams held a lead in 5 of those 9 losses at half time, 5 of those 9 losses in the 4th quarter, and had a double digit lead in 4 of the 9. Forget irrational fans and their opinions, the facts are...he's not getting it done. Let's see how they respond!
  6. Entitlement? This loss is on Sark. Granted players didn't make plays when it mattered. But, you're up 31-17 in the third and then you sputtered. This game is not an outlier. It appears Sark's MO is to fold up like a cheap lawn chair. Texas is 7-9 under Sark, they held a halftime lead in 5 of those 9 losses, a 4th quarter lead in 5 of those 9 losses, and held a double digit lead in 4 of those 9. Oh, and Tech definitely wanted it more...
  7. IMHO, Ewers playing in this game would mean Card goes down. They have to allow time for the AC joint to heal, even if it's less than a grade 1 separation. One good hit and you risk significant damage. There's no need to rush him back if Card can manage for the time being.
  8. On the plus side. Overshown will still get at least 25-30 snaps in the second half if his suspension isn't lifted.
  9. This is likely the last road trip to the feed lot. Tech will be hyped.
  10. Card does not have the arm talent Ewers does, period. No arguing that either. QE 1 INT, second pass of his collegiate career.

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