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  1. Did we offer as a RB or CB? looks like most schools are offering him as a CB but he also has from RB offers as well. I'm assuming a CB since he tagged Valai
  2. Baylor and Minn were their favorites early on, but with Rhule leaving I'd say Minn is the safe bet. However, Miss State and Leach are now after them hard. That might be too good to pass up for them.
  3. I think Clayton Smith plays DE in a 4-3 at the next level and we already have 2 commits that fit that mold. Jatavion Sanders and Derrick Harris Jr. They'll continue to recruit him but they need true LB types not guys that are going to grow into a DE.
  4. Love it. But there are so many typos hahaha. Gotta clean that stuff up, come'on man.
  5. anyone see Jerry Jones grandson just committed to us? He's a TE at HP, walkon im guessing.
  6. https://salaries.texastribune.org/university-of-texas-at-austin/bryan-tyler-carrington/2280667/ I have no idea how accurate this is. But this website says he makes 100k. I believe that. I'm sure he gets some bonuses or something on the side. LSU almost hired him away last year and he was promoted. I'm sure he gets paid a pretty penny.
  7. I understand, and I could totally be wrong. But from knowing how he is as a person, I believe he waits until his son graduates. He could've jumped shipped at Cedar Hill numerous times to better hs jobs or to the college ranks, but he waited until his son graduated and then took the baylor job because his son was going to school there. Once he got the job, his son decided to walk on to the team. Plus, He's already been seen in pictures with Aranda out recruiting.
  8. Everyone and their dog is after him. My bet is he's just using this as a pay increase and will stay at BU. His son is on the team and will only be a junior next year. He ain't leaving.
  9. Jp Urquidez, been gone for awhile. Left on good graces, just couldn't ever add weight and crack the two deep at UT. Players and coaches seemed to really like him. He would just never see the field here.
  10. Rumor in coaching circles was Fuente was offered Baylor job, but was told he could only bring 3 assistants with him in a "it ain't broke don't fix it" type of deal. If that all went like it was said Okam would've been retained if he wanted to stay. That didn't happen and it's on to plan B, which everyone is assuming is Joey Mac.
  11. Those are you're opinions and you are entitled to them. I agree with you on most points. However, I disagree with how you did it.... When somethings wrong at you're work with management do you go straight to the CEO? When something is wrong with your kids grades and a teacher at their school do you go straight to the Superintendent? Problems need to be addressed with the person you are having an issue with, then if nothing is done, you can climb the ladder. Which maybe you did? Idk. Here's my insight into these matters when it comes to sports- When a parent or fan complains to the AD about a coach, playing time, development, etc.... The AD responds very politically and gives you all the answers you want to hear. Then the AD goes into the coaching office and shares your email or conversation, and everyone has a good laugh about it. Reason being, the AD is the CEO of the entire athletic program, CDC is mostly political, he's there to finalize hires, raise/manage funds, and shake hands and kiss babies. He knows and everyone else knows he's not an expert in football. He made the hires of the experts and he trusts them to do their job. If he didn't trust them, they wouldn't be coaching there anymore. If Herman blows it in 2020, he'll be fired. If he doesn't, Herman will look like a genius and CDC will reap the benefits. A couple emails from a fan won't change anything. And it's nothing both Herman and CDC don't already know.
  12. UT just flipped a Utah commit haha He's a LB from Frisco LoneStar https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylan-Ford-46051140/
  13. Here's why I think the herman not giving up reins of offense rumors started (which is absurd btw). Air raid offense tend to do a large chunk of their practices on air, meaning practicing live situations without a defensive body on the field. When there is a team period in practice air raid offenses tend to go as fast as humanly possible to practice their tempo. This makes it extremely hard on the defense to get a good practice, teach correct alignment, and fix blown assignments. Sounds to me like Herman knows a good offense is a dime a dozen (especially in the big 12 and so are good offensive coordinators), but he needs an elite defense if he wants to win and compete for conference and national championships, which is the expectation at UT. To get an elite defense, especially a new coordinator, the defense needs time to teach and to learn. On elite teams, offense and defense compliment each other. Just my opinion as someone who deals with this stuff on a daily basis.Sorry this is long and Hope this helps.
  14. One thing that's interesting is how private this coaching search is. Really no substantial news has leaked to the public, it's all just speculation, a few rumors, and educated guessing. That's actually nice for a change.
  15. Scotty Walden from USM is someone we need to look at as a OC. Dude is a fast riser and he will be big time soon. I've seen him at some clinics and his presentations are more packed than most P5 OC's presentations.
  16. Was told today that we"ll know yes or no before midnight on Saturday. Said UT's offer was on the table, Herman and GH already met face to face, and now it's USC's turn to counter. However, my gut feeling is if we don't hear something by tonight GH will be staying in Cali- that's just imo tho.
  17. Allen HS football lost a young man Saturday night to a senseless drive-by shooting. He was a great kid. Please share and consider donating to the gofundme (link below). https://www.dallasnews.com/news/crime/2019/11/17/1-person-found-dead-in-shooting-at-plano-home-police-say/ https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-services-for-marquel-ellis-jr

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