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  1. My emotions are all over the map with Texas right now as I fear us becoming Tennessee Vols after the Fulmer was fired as they still have never recovered or just like Nebraska when they moved over to the Big 10 their program was already in a down slide just like Texas and things are not working out well for them . They may never be the team they were in the 70's thru the 90's . I read yesterday that we may have as many as 33 scholarships available as so many current players are probably going to hit the portal . I am not sure if I or any fan has the patience to wait until so many young recruits are developed as I have to believe there will be a lot of painful games that we have to sit thru during that time. Like I said I all over the map when it comes to Texas and the future of it's football program.
  2. I have not posted in a long time it seems , but I want Sarks to stay with full support and give him a chance to turn this huge ship around . I believe that it all starts with the Offensive Line and the Defensive Line as the big guys up front are the one's that keep the ball moving forward and also keep it from moving forward . If Sarks starts trying to clean house with Coaching staff I think we are in real trouble as I would perceive that as a panic move. I got to thinking of all the different programs that have had great success as to when they had a Coaching change it seems like most go thru at least 2 or 3 Coaching hires before they land on the one that gets the program back on track. Hopefully Sarks can get the team moving forward , but I now realize we are much further behind than I even realized.
  3. Wow, just think about that $15 million to just go away . Sell your house in one of the hottest Real Estate Markets in America would probably just add to that walk away money plus he certainly has a hefty investment account from his short time at Houston . Just be smart and conservative with the money , live well, but not excessive and check the box for secure financial future as DONE!
  4. I am not so confident Texas will fire Herman and that is a depressing thought! The AD needs to feel the fire on his paycheck and Golf Club Membership as Texas has to Hire a Coach who is a proven consistent winner in the College ranks . Hell , I will take Art Briles right now if that was our only option plus he would take the job for $1 million a year I bet! Longhorns , Cowboys, man this Thanksgiving has really sucked.
  5. I agree that Tom is in over his head and the lack of development of the players shows especially on the offensive line. From football, basketball and even baseball it seems the men's Texas Sports program has just slid into mediocracy for over a decade. I honestly don't have any answers or a clue who would be my next choice for Head Coach or what needs to be done to get the whole men's athletic program back on a winning track . They have practically beaten the joy out of me and I am starting to discover that I just don't care anymore as it just leads to even more disappointments. I will also state that this same post represents how I fee about the Dallas Cowboys....God the amount of time I have wasted in the past 10 years hoping or thinking these two teams would actually be better than they were the previous year.
  6. My thoughts are any OC who is considered an up and comer should just wait as the risk of being one and done are to great plus he will not get total control of the offense. I just think Tom will not want to be outshined. I still remember the two Coaches we hired from Tulsa that were the Coaches who could run Art Briles offense as if it was Art himself. one and done for both plus that one year took a lot of shine off each . The OC said it was a decision he would not repeat again if I remember correctly.
  7. I was harsh on the Longhorns at the beginning of this game , but they came together and just took control of the game. Even with this win I am still not in favor of them playing in a Bowl game .
  8. Did Whittington play much this year as I know he got injured early in the season. If not would this be a red shirt year then?
  9. Ingram seems to have just disappeared as he is not being used at all today.
  10. Wow , how much will Duvernay be missed next year. Seems like he made up a lot of plays that were successful for us this season.
  11. I don't see Texas firing Tom and I do not think Tom will get rid of Todd . Beck I can see being encouraged to apply to be Head Coach at New Mexico or some smaller program up north. I don't think Tom really wants to fire him or even demote Beck.
  12. This team is ready for the season to end . You can tell how they are playing . They do not want to go to a bowl game and they should not if Tech continues to out play them. I believe many of the players just want to be done then make a decision as to transferring or not.
  13. Captain Hookem please pass that crack pipe your using my way. Don`t bogart it all.
  14. I a sorry but there should no bowl game for this program. They experienced the Sugar last year so let that be there bowl experience instead of some no name bowl with empty bleachers.
  15. This bothers me too and that is A&M is playing at a much higher level than we are and that is going to have a big effect on recruiting. Jimbo looks to be improving the AGs in year 2.

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