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  1. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  2. In a 16 team league it would be what 2 divisions? 7 games within your division, 2 from the opposing and the championship game? Not a bad idea. Still leaves room for 3 good OOC games if they included a mandatory P5 clause for all teams.
  3. what would your preference be? Your choices and how it would roll out?
  4. I loved how he cut her off to say no on if he called aggy to decline. lol
  5. Baylor should say thank you to good ole Mr. Locke cause he is the one who gave them the offense they used against UNC. Also the score was 17-0 before the WR even attempted to play QB. It just makes me so mad when they trumpet the victory over UNC but belittle the L they took to Texas. lol Sorry rant over. Well the only silver lining is we got to see Shon Don shadow box.
  6. Hmm... well I hope they have it ready by '17-'18
  7. I was thinking Kelly because I remember that he was thinking about an OV to Texas, then something happened. He is the only 5* really available to us so I don't know. Would be a huge get for sure. Probably right.
  8. Let's throw some names out there.... Irvin or Caleb Kelly
  9. Yeah, that is also true. If we did get them to join it would also limit an aggy reach into Houston too. I remember reading once that some commits said they would prefer to go to UH but they weren't P5.
  10. could be the info DBook was given too about the mystery signer.
  11. Yeah, and I really like their take on it. I'm not too excited about the Houston addition, but do like the Cincy add.

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