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  1. Why is everyone so sure we will beat Kansas ?
  2. Chuck, Texas shouldn't be ranked any higher than Kansas. Texas is a bad football team.
  3. SHUT UP joeywa ! We have been dry so long here, I would welcome a hurricane!
  4. I know they moved the LSU-S Carolina game this year because of weather. Sounds like Austin is getting some serious rain. Maybe Saturday is supposed to be better ?
  5. No one would have said that before the ou win. That would be a great building block for the Texas program !
  6. Kansas, Iowa St, and ou made the top 10 ! I hope Texas surprises people !
  7. This is a big game for Texas, a win sends Texas ahead with some real hope to win 6 games this year !
  8. Kansas St is a big game because Texas can and should win that game !
  9. Looks like Texas has some good young guard talent this year ! I hope they are skilled enough to play in the conference games this year.
  10. I know we just beat ou in football, but I am looking forward to seeing what the basketball team plays like under the new basketball staff !
  11. I know we just beat ou in football, but I am looking forward to seeing what the basketball team plays like under the new basketball staff !
  12. Strong needs to finish this year competing in each game left to play. I know that may be a tall order, but Strong has the Texas nation behind him now. I don't see us going to a bowl game, but being in each game left to play is critical. By the way, thank you joeywa for getting me back on the board, or whoever I need to thank !
  13. Man, I am looking forward to seeing this team play this year !!
  14. Jay Norvel needs some credit for putting the offense back on track in such a short period of time. He didn't get spring ball and all summer to work on details, he has had only a few weeks to get this offense working again. I look forward to watching him work in his new position of calling plays and doing a make over of the offense.
  15. Hard to justify playing him behind Swoops all summer or ND. Moving forward it is clear to all he is the QB at Texas.
  16. Jim, it is always good to hear your thoughts about Texas football ! I hope you are feeling well. I love you man. Clayton
  17. It will be hard to justify why it took so long to put him on the field. I understand it is time to move on but damn, that was a mistake that should not have happened.
  18. Who ever was behind keeping him playing behind Swoops, needs to be replaced next season. I have lost a lot of respect of the coach or coaches behind keeping Swoops in front of Heard for as long as they did, that includes Charlie Strong !
  19. I learned one thing, don't misspell a word, or you will face public ridicule !
  20. I typed in QB, when it came up on the thread it said, Aqaba, which means QB in some language I can't speak !

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