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  1. For those worried about injuries, read this article. Urban Meyer has some of the toughest practices in CFB. They call them "Bloody Tuesday." This results in some of the toughest mofos in college football. Worth the read. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elevenwarriors.com/2012/08/13473/bloody-tuesday%3famp
  2. Here is the latest list of injuries for the Longhorns Sr S Jason Hall (concussion) Jr OL Terrell Cuney (concussion) Jr OL Elijah Rodriguez (high ankle sprain) So DE Malcolm Roach (turf toe sprain) Fr(RS) DL Andrew Fitzgerald (knee hyper extension) So RB Kyle Porter (shoulder sprain) Jr DB John Bonney (knee) Fr DB Josh Thompson (lower leg strain)
  3. Will Baizer and Joe Cook break down the last three commitments that Tom Herman has been able to wrap up. What do they mean for the class and for the program in general. Then they hit on the fall practices they've been to. It's been a tough few days under Tom Herman in full pads, and the injury list shows it. What do the injuries mean, how worried should fans be, and what else should fans take away from the practices.
  4. Beck and Kendall Moore will not be on the roster next year. Beck is a Senior and Kendall Moore is a grad transfer. Next year there will be three current TEs on the depth chart. Two of them sophomores and the other is Garrett Gray.
  5. As Daniel said above, Malcolm Epps possesses some insane ball skills and body control. He does an excellent job of catching the ball away from his body and bringing it in. He's a very big passing threat.
  6. Tim Beck: In terms of the scrimmage, Tim Beck told the media "We're looking for guys, in this stage as we're installing things... We're trying to just grasp, right now, effort, toughness, ball security. Those types of things... We know there are going to be some mistakes, but we want to play really hard right now." When asked who won the scrimmage, Tim Beck quipped, "We ended up running." The worst kept secret in the Texas program is that status of Shane Buechele as the likely starter. Tom Herman has been praising the young quarterback for his vocal and physical leadership rece
  7. Today we got to speak with Assoc. Head Coach and RB Coach Stan Drayton and Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck. Stan Drayton: The majority of the topics hit by Stan Drayton had to do with his running backs. When asked about how his general position looked he responded tentatively: "Day by day... We're still not timed up in the run game, yet. We definitely have to go to work in pass pro[tection] in regard to fundamentals and technique. But they're giving great efforts." In this new offense, blocking has been emphasized again and again by this coaching staff. Stan Drayton was asked to rate hi
  8. Today was faster than what we saw last Friday for the first day of full pads. I feel like that is expected. There was more tackle to ground and pads popping than we've seen thus far.
  9. No changes to the depth chart. Elijah Rodriguez is still the starting RT. We didn't get to see the beginning of practice today, but we did see: - Start with TEs blocking, OT chop blocks, OG hand placement, DBs picking up fumbles, DL sled, LB positioning, and QB/RB hand offs - QB and WR routes, 2v2 D vs O (TE&T vs LB&DE, T&G vs DT&DE) - Same with DBs covered by WRs. - CB&S vs WRs in routes and blocking The most noticeable thing was the popping of pads all practice. They let the boys fly and no one held back. Even Tom Herman got knocked to the ground. Reggie Hemphill came
  10. I've been hearing that Josh Thompson is show that he's the real during camp. Reese Leitao is also getting some praise. And everyone knows Taquon Graham has been making a name for himself this fall.
  11. Alabama won a National Championship because of their special teams. That was what got them over the edge vs a good Clemson team.
  12. Reese Leitao looks like he can put on weight, but looked good in the drills he ran in. Gary Johnson seems fast and well built. Not stocky, but well built. Good thing is that works well in the Big 12, but I'd like to see him in live action before I say he's good or he's bad. I actually haven't seen much of Delance this Fall. I think right now he's fallen a bit on the depth chart.

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