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  1. I can't remember the last time RD said anything positive. Of course I haven't read any of his ridiculous novels in a while either!
  2. I really can't believe they let an admitted drug dealer on Campus. After all the stuff that has gone on in college sports. Why would you ever put yourself in that position.
  3. Shocked they are sent out west but it's a decent draw
  4. And he rips one over first base 2-0 runners on first and third
  5. Another two out hit by Austin Todd runners on 1st and 2nd for Boswell
  6. Great start now if Henley can find the zone we will be in good shape 3-0 after one.
  7. Need something positive to happen early in game two to get the momentum.
  8. And first batter rips and RBI single through the left side time to get ready for game 2
  9. 2 on no outs for TCU bottom 4 Texas now making a pitching change
  10. 5-1 through 2 Austin Todd had an over the shoulder drop that led to a sac fly
  11. He just needs to keep pounding the zone till they prove they can hit him. He's got his good stuff tonight.
  12. It's amazing the transformation Kacy has made during his four years here.
  13. Interesting I wonder if this is the controversial move Texas was thinking about.
  14. Didn't miss read this headline!! Huge pick up for Herman and Texas!

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