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Everything posted by Brandon17

  1. This has to be the most idiotic hot take I have seen in a long time.
  2. Same story different season. I'm so fed up with this crap product that keeps getting put out on this field.
  3. 9-3 losses to USC, OK ST. and at West Virginia
  4. Drugs + Gun isn't good doesn't matter if you own it legally or not.
  5. Yes he has built an amazing program! Love watching those kids play.
  6. Mr. Frenzy the greatest follow on twitter! Nice to see you on the board.
  7. Did you get to catch any of the Abilene Wylie games Donald? If so any thoughts on any of these kids getting d1 looks? Back to back 4a state champs!
  8. LBS starting their number 2 tonight saving the ace for us. Kind of a bold strategy SDSU is a very good 4 seed.

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