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  1. It feels like Perkins may be seeking NIL opportunities. If UT can't get him, at least the cost to A&M or Florida may have to go up. I think next year a lot of 5 star guys may put off final commitment until February.
  2. My Mickey Mantle story: I was about 12 I guess, and my friends and I bowled in a kids league at the Mickey Mantle Bowling Alley in Dallas. We won the league and Mickey asked us our name and autographed a baseball for each of us. My mother sold the ball at a church bazaar, but only after she asked me if she could. I wish I still had it but I've had two home burglaries over the years so it probably would be long gone by now anyway.
  3. It seems to me like with the current rules of max 7 extra spots from the portal, if many teams have more than 7 entering the portal, there will be more players in the portal than there will be spots (desirable or not) to go to. Maybe I'm not seeing this correctly.
  4. I'm an old coot so for me the best times for college football came before national recruiting. Only Notre Dame recruited nationally. A team from Texas had mostly Texas kids. Same was true for USC, Alabama, Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan. Of course, some loser teams like OU and Arkansas had to recruit Texas but most schools recruited in-state players. That way there was more than school pride. There was regional pride as well. There was less cross conference play and much more unpredictability as well. That was one reason bowl games were more meaningful.
  5. I think Marion has developed an offensive scheme (Go-Go) which has impressed a lot of people. Sark may be very interested in that as well.
  6. I buy Earl Campbell's Hot Link sausage. It's extra tender, fully cooked and tastes great. Why not Ricky Williams' Real Wellness products as well?
  7. I like the sound of Brennan Marian's voice and his look on the field in that clip. Great demeanor.
  8. I think it would be good if the whole team got the same NIL deal that the OL got this year. It's not good for some team groups to be getting deals that other groups can not get. Then if some can get individual NIL money because they are more famous, you can't stop that. Of course I'm not spending the big bucks, so it's easy for me to say.
  9. Seton Hall 64 - Texas 60. Close, exciting game to listen to.
  10. I don't understand why scholarship limits matter any more. You could just offer lots of NIL money to "preferred walk-ons" and have many more elite players available. N
  11. I guess my question was, if Bama, Michigan, Okie State and Georgia all end up 12-1 and Cincy is 13-0, who gets left out of the playoffs? Seems like it would have to be Georgia since they would be the only non-champion.
  12. Does a one loss Okie Lite get in if Bama and Georgia each has only one loss?
  13. Forward the Light Brigade. Charge for the guns. Into the Valley of Death they rode. UT-51 : 37-KSU
  14. They were assured of victory, the men of the 7th Cavalry, so they rode on. UT-32 : 31-WVU
  15. The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of its funeral pyre to fly again. Texas-48 : 20 Kansas
  16. Texas-32 : 24-ISU The Titanic has slipped beneath the waves and I'm riding it down to the bottom.
  17. It looks like Tope Imade is starting at right guard and Kerstetter is back to right tackle. Karic is backing up both tackles. Sorry if this is old news. I just saw it.
  18. I don't think Meyer was ever coming to UT. I think he was playing UT because of his negative history with Herman and then used the UT leverage to get a lot of money from Jacksonville.
  19. It seems like any weather that helps or hurts Bijan Robinson also helps or hurts Zach Evans.

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