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  1. That stat will probably encourage players to seek out a landing spot before they enter the portal. Rules about tampering need to be clear. If a player contacts another school before entering the portal, is that considered tampering?
  2. Texas 19 - 15 Baylor Those individual scores seem very unlikely, so why not.
  3. Through 11 games this year Worthy leads the team in receiving yards (614) and receiving touchdowns(9), and is second in number of receptions (46) only to Sanders (47). I think if Worthy left it would be a significant loss.
  4. What would have happened when TCU ran their field goal team out on the field if Baylor had slowly run their field goal blocking team out? Would the officials have stood by the ball and let the clock run out, let TCU kick with 22 Baylor players on the field and called illegal substitution on Baylor, or stopped the clock and wait for Baylor to get ready?
  5. Seems like my tree leaves don't fall until we get a good freeze and we haven't had one down here yet. The burr oaks are turning the brownest but most other trees are still holding most of their green leaves.
  6. I think Tom Herman is kind of an odd bird. He doesn't read the room very well and is kind of socially inept. His public displays of mocking an opposing team on the field and shooting a double bird at a camera man on national signing day didn't help. I think not insisting that players stay on the field to sing the Eyes Of Texas school song rubbed a lot of the people, including his boss the AD, the wrong way. Again, he doesn't read the room well. He had few on his side when it came down to keeping his job. He wins more games than he loses (32-18 at Texas) and I think he won every bowl game he coached here, but he couldn't win the conference and had trouble with OU (1-3?), which cost him some much needed support. His "winning is hard" mantra after every loss got old after a while. Also he sometimes annoys recruits' families which doesn't help his cause and started costing the team toward the end of his career here. I think he is overall a winning coach and could be good for a program that is really struggling.
  7. I'm thinking the CB who recruited Chaisson to LSU at his UT visit was Kary Vincent from Port Arthur.
  8. Not quite nothing. Davante Davis was a starter at DB.
  9. TCU seems to have a good offense and a not so good defense. Texas 55 - 52 TCU
  10. And when Sark was at Alabama he was a first and second half good play caller. When he has time to plan the first half attack, he is great. But it makes me wonder if the head coaching demands take away from his second half play calling ability since he can't really devote his full attention to it. Maybe he needs someone in his ear calling second half plays or someone in his ear making second half head coach decisions. That's probably too much to ask.
  11. UT can't win on the road. KSU just blew out the team that beat UT last week. Texas always makes replacement QB's look like Heisman contenders. So there is no doubt about the outcome of this game. Texas 45 - 24 KSU
  12. It sounds like he has a shoulder injury which has limited his playing time some this year so he has decided to rehab it in preparation for the NFL draft.
  13. I have a bad heart and this team is doing its best to finish me off. Texas 45 - 42 Okie State
  14. No doubt in my mind that PAC-12 champ with one loss gets in the playoffs over 2 loss Texas Big-12 champ.
  15. Iowa State has a good defense but their offense doesn't seem to be very productive. Texas 28 - 10 ISU
  16. This may not go over well but ... I feel sorry for OU. Lincoln Riley really screwed that program over big time. I'm very happy to win that game, but geez ...
  17. Again, it depends on the QB situation. Longhorns need to pass more this week and make teams pay for stopping the run. The defense needs to learn how to stop the quick passing game, again. I'll go exactly half of what 83Dee said. Texas 40 - 39 Mountain Mama
  18. Texas 38 - 24 Tech I think Card will start and if he manages the game well, Texas should win. I think Tech will learn from UTSA and run those same quick game passes. Hopefully Texas defense learned something from that game as well.
  19. I sometimes think Sark says that for his players to hear more than for the media/fans. I think he is hoping the players will be energized by the emphasis on how they practice.
  20. Not so weird to me. They are saying "We're coming into your place and don't mind stepping on your toes doing it." They are trying to insult the neighborhood bully (UT) and claiming they can back it up. Maybe they think it will give them an edge.
  21. Reading some of the posts above made me think of Brennan Marian's GO-GO offense. That would be a surprise to the UTSA defense. A lot depends on the quarterback situation but I'll make a prediction anyway. Texas 31 - 17 UTSA

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