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  1. It looks like Tope Imade is starting at right guard and Kerstetter is back to right tackle. Karic is backing up both tackles. Sorry if this is old news. I just saw it.
  2. I don't think Meyer was ever coming to UT. I think he was playing UT because of his negative history with Herman and then used the UT leverage to get a lot of money from Jacksonville.
  3. It seems like any weather that helps or hurts Bijan Robinson also helps or hurts Zach Evans.
  4. Why do you think it is unsustainable to split playing time at QB for the entire season? Maybe in a close game going down to the wire, you wouldn't want to substitute a new QB at the end, but otherwise, it seemed to work out okay this time. Plus it is a much needed insurance policy against losing the other QB to injury. I agree about Foster's onside kick recovery. I thought that was a key play of the game. Banks must be a master of detail. He may have seen something out of the ordinary on the sideline or in how they lined up.
  5. I do like the LSU and Ole Miss uniforms. Very recognizable when you hit them on the TV.
  6. I'm making a bold prediction just to see what my "rank" is. I predict Sark and PK end up coaching together at UT for 10 years. I have no idea what our record will be this year.
  7. I have enjoyed listening to interviews by both of these players. They should represent UT well.
  8. Professional football without a salary cap.
  9. I had an asp crawl on my neck as a kid. It must have gotten on my shirt when I was playing outside. It left a trail of stinging red welts where it crawled. Not as bad as a wasp sting but bad enough.
  10. I brought this up elsewhere but I still don't understand. Can a local car dealership put pictures of the team 2-deep up on the show room wall (not in uniform or with team logo) and give all those players a wad of cash every month? And if other local business owners (boosters) do the same, won't you just have a well paid team where high school players will want to come and play? That seems to me like it is now legal. Who determines how much NIL is worth? In the free market, NIL is worth what someone is willing to pay or some 10 people are each willing to pay.
  11. I realize that these two young QB's are inexperienced but I had hoped to see one of them take over the game today. I didn't really see that. I'm not saying one or both of them won't become excellent QB's, but I don't feel a lot of confidence yet and it's only 4 months until the season starts.
  12. I have been unable to locate mountain laurel from local nurseries because they are all sold out. A neighbor has given me some surplus volunteer seedlings from her yard. Do you have any recommendations for potting and/or transplanting them?
  13. How about Sister Jean from Loyola Chicago. Devine intervention may be the way to go.
  14. You are correct, sir. Tom Penders, Kris Clack, Terrence Rencher, Rich McIver, Reggie Freeman, etc.
  15. Wiki says UT won 2 Southwest Conference Championships tournaments (1994 and 1995). UT won or shared the Big-12 regular season championships 3 times (1999, 2006, 2008) but has never won the B12 tournament.

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