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  1. Does a one loss Okie Lite get in if Bama and Georgia each has only one loss?
  2. Forward the Light Brigade. Charge for the guns. Into the Valley of Death they rode. UT-51 : 37-KSU
  3. They were assured of victory, the men of the 7th Cavalry, so they rode on. UT-32 : 31-WVU
  4. The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes of its funeral pyre to fly again. Texas-48 : 20 Kansas
  5. Texas-32 : 24-ISU The Titanic has slipped beneath the waves and I'm riding it down to the bottom.
  6. It looks like Tope Imade is starting at right guard and Kerstetter is back to right tackle. Karic is backing up both tackles. Sorry if this is old news. I just saw it.
  7. I don't think Meyer was ever coming to UT. I think he was playing UT because of his negative history with Herman and then used the UT leverage to get a lot of money from Jacksonville.
  8. It seems like any weather that helps or hurts Bijan Robinson also helps or hurts Zach Evans.

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