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  1. Texas 38 - 24 Tech I think Card will start and if he manages the game well, Texas should win. I think Tech will learn from UTSA and run those same quick game passes. Hopefully Texas defense learned something from that game as well.
  2. I sometimes think Sark says that for his players to hear more than for the media/fans. I think he is hoping the players will be energized by the emphasis on how they practice.
  3. Not so weird to me. They are saying "We're coming into your place and don't mind stepping on your toes doing it." They are trying to insult the neighborhood bully (UT) and claiming they can back it up. Maybe they think it will give them an edge.
  4. Reading some of the posts above made me think of Brennan Marian's GO-GO offense. That would be a surprise to the UTSA defense. A lot depends on the quarterback situation but I'll make a prediction anyway. Texas 31 - 17 UTSA
  5. If I were Nebraska, I would jump at the chance to hire Patterson. He can do wonders with under recruited players. If I were Patterson (or most anybody else) I would avoid Nebraska.
  6. Texas 37 - 7 ULM As a guy who lived in FORT-worth as a boy, I pronounce it UL MON-roe.
  7. Not sorry to see Nebraska lose but I was hoping Thompson would do well.
  8. By the way he said "I don't", my impression was that Sark was not planning ahead to predict the flow of the game. He can't really say, "He will come in when we are 30 points ahead." That's a bit of blatant hubris to presume that.
  9. Although Lincoln Riley is certainly a draw for recruits, I wonder if the possibility of playing in the far flung B1G will push some players away from USC and UCLA.
  10. I think as a general rule, if a younger player is good enough to take the job from a veteran player, the team, almost by definition, improves at that position. Therefore, by this logic (if it is logical) I hope all the freshmen become starters. That was easy. Root for the freshmen to take over.
  11. Perhaps he was seeing football as a possible career choice and now he realizes he needs to start concentrating on other areas of study. Football is very time consuming if you want to study engineering, pre-med or any rigorous academic field.
  12. Seems like for the PAC12 and Big12 to have the most successful merger, they both need to give up their less attractive members to forge an overall stronger conference. Neither seems to be willing to do that at this time.
  13. l hope the next round of TV contracts are short term so that somebody can come up with an overall plan before a disjointed mess gets locked in for the next 30 years.

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