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  1. I remember that game, not only did he break the record. He stuck it in the endzone and right up aggy`z skirt!
  2. I bet the sheep are happy to hear about "PULL OUT DAY".
  3. I can see (S)lu(t)cci's head blowing up. We are gonna have so many 5*s after the rankings get bumped. LOL This year is gonna be fun to watch it all play out.
  4. @joeywa I realize this may not be exact and can change, however based on what you are hearing/seeing what would the projected order look like? Pitching order? Thanks for the insight.
  5. Prayers for this young man and his family. Speedy recovery. #HookEM. I would hope Texas honors his ship, the best education he can receive to build a life, with or without football.
  6. Thanks Daniel. You guys are closer to the situation, just thinking out loud.
  7. Given Warren's talents COULD he project to a TE like Caleb? Or is he more valuable elsewhere? Just a thought, not trying to get anyone's temp up.
  8. With or without BRU, I am pretty stoked and confident in the group we have along with whatever additions the coaching staff makes by NSD2. Hook 'EM

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