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  1. What kind of headline is that!?! No one would click on that. Gotta infer something. Gotta make it sound somewhat interesting. It's gotta be JD worthy. How about: "After near miss, Alabama CB Khyree Jackson withdraws name from transfer portal" <click here>
  2. smh. once again stats by themselves are meaningless, but for the sake of beating a dead horse, let's look at this year's stats. After all analytics is where it's at. Go for it on 4th down? Check the analytics. For 2022, Card had a completion rate of 69.2%. Wow, that's good. Borderline great. On the surface, he's the man. But let's dig a little deeper in those stats. On 3rd down (the money down), he had a completion rate of 44.4%. We can infer a couple of things about that stat. 1) He was great on 1st and 2nd down. 2) He was OK on 3rd down. Pressure get to him? After all 44.4% isn't bad. Am I right? But again, let's dig just a bit deeper. His conversion rate (getting the first down) was only 16.7%. So, Card may have completed 4 of 9 passes on 3rd down, but he only got the first down 1 of 6 times. Is that good? After all a 69.2% completion rate should win you all of your games, right?
  3. We have a RS Freshman punter. He lost the job in the first game when he fumbled the snap. After that Trejo took over. Wasn't the greatest but he at least got the punt off.
  4. Manning is redshirting next year. Our QBs will be Ewers, Murphy and Wright. Very little experience. That's worth at least 1 loss. If Ewers goes down, we're in trouble.
  5. Can't argue with anything you stated, but would like to say that I don't think wins and losses are put on one person's shoulders. It's a team effort. The Defenses holds top 5 teams to 20 points or under and we lose, it is the Offense's fault? Offense scores 34 points and we lose, is it the Defense's fault? If you blame the OSU loss on Ewers then you have to blame Card for the TTech loss. Ewers had a bad game and Card had a good game but both lead the team to 34 points and lost. We can analyze this to death and use stats to support our sides, but in the end, we are still 8-4 with 2 QBs that have about a year's worth of game time experience each. It's up to them to take the next step and see who improves the most. In my book it's not just them. It's the whole team. I believe Offenses win games but Defenses win championships. We seem to be taking the step in the right direction these last 3 games. I'm looking forward to next year but we ain't back yet.
  6. I don't like the soft zone they play either but I'm not sure they have the DBs to play man consistently and effectively. Zone can work if you can pressure the QB, but if he has time, a decent QB will shred the Defense. Considering the Offense gave Baylor 9 points, I'd say the D played good. Kept them under 20.
  7. The defense has played well the last couple of weeks. I believe they are understanding their roles and responsibilities better and it's becoming fun for them. I think we'll see them play well again. They do play a soft zone so Baylor will be able to move the ball with short passes, but it will be a bend but not break type of defense. Keep them to field goals and We can put them away before the 4th quarter. Offensively again if we keep the passes to fewer than 30, we'll be fine. Run, run, run. Sark will throw everything plus the kitchen sink at Baylor to win this one. If Ewers struggles and we are behind, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Card. If we do, Card has to avoid taking sacks and improve on his 3rd down passing completion. Texas 38 Baylor 23
  8. Not sure it matters. It seems that we use primarily 2 backs during the season. Occasionally a 3rd back. If we get a 5-star RB in recruiting this year, someone is still going to be left out. If playing time is factor for the odd RB(s) out, then barring injuries, we will lose at least one of them.
  9. Unfortunately that is all it takes now a days. With social media, things spread like wildfire. I could post something about a Godzilla siting near Houston and people would start evacuating. Everyone has to be the first to report something. All for a handful of followers.
  10. I would say Trejo has been a good addition. Other than that, a couple of played minor roles like Tucker-Dorsey and Billingsley
  11. A true freshman LB?!? I have to see it to believe it. Surely we have someone better--Bush, Brockermeyer . Seriously, if we have to start a true freshman, it's a position of need. We need to get a portal LB.
  12. the portal? Well that's the way the cookie crumbles. This is a business. Players are going to do what they think is best for their future. You can't blame them. You don't get too many shots to get into the NFL. They're kids. Not all transfers are going to be good decisions. I don't really care about the reason. It's their choice. Just like I don't look good in burnt orange but I'll be damn if I'd wear maroon or crimson or whatever color they call it. My view is if you don't want to play for Texas, we'll find someone who does.
  13. Inconsistency makes predicting scores hard. I think the defense will put together a decent game, good enough to keep Kansas under 20 points. The offense may struggle with the weather but I think if we have 40+ runs and 30 passes we'll wear them down. Texas: 28 Jayhawks: 17
  14. i don't get it. If you are going to spend $95 million to get rid of a coach, why would you bring in someone unproven in a P5 conference?
  15. wow. It's like they used a certain poster of this board for one of the types. I think I fall into the realist side.
  16. Just when I thought it was safe to doubt the defense, they come up huge and the offense is shut down. But no shame losing to the #4 team. It just shows were aren't back to where we want to be. We're still the 7-5 team I thought we would be. The good news is Kansas ain't ranked #4. Can the D play consistently like they did last week or we'll they revert back because we're only playing Kansas? This isn't the Kansas I remember. And it's a road game. A win helps get the "road" monkey off our backs and shows KSU wasn't a fluke. Not sure I can come up with a score at this time, but I believe the Horns win this nail biter. No OT this time.
  17. I'm just going say the last head coach UT hired that I agreed with at the time of hiring was Fred Akers. I've all but given up and agreeing or disagreeing with a hire. I'll support just about anyone. What I expect from a head coach is improvement, player development and good recruiting. So far with Sark, I've seen improvement and good recruiting. Improvement can mean different things for each of us. But what I've seen in the past few years is poor line play. I feel encouraged that our O-Line and D-Line are improving. He is addressing issues that a blind man can see. Now can he win consistently. We will find out, or not. Not my decision.
  18. Yeah but if the aggies fire him with his buyout, he could coach for free and still make $10 million a year.
  19. I'm sure he will redshirt his freshman year, but fully expect him to compete for the starting job his 2nd year. If he starts then, he will be inconsistent. It would be nice if he could sit another year and play sparingly his 2nd year as a backup. Ewers might be around for a while longer.
  20. Everyone progresses at a different rate. Sark thought Ewers was the better choice. Ewers is having the type of year you would expect a freshman QB would have. I don't see a problem benching him if he does poorly and we aren't winning. I foresee the same problem when Manning takes over in a couple of years--inconsistency.
  21. Perhaps, but you might have to take whoever is willing to come to Colorado for the money you're offering. I think Herman can make you a better team. If all your looking at is wins and losses, then he will be an improvement.
  22. Yes, but he doesn't have the game time experience. That is what makes you better (faster). I think he has improved since last year but still needs seasoning as does Ewers.
  23. I think this is typical of freshman QBs. They are average at best. They get better with game experience. This is why I don't like starting freshman QBs. You never know what you will get. They aren't consistent enough to gage what they will do one game to the next.
  24. Why was A&M picked 6th in the country? It's all a crapshoot. I believe in college football if you don't have an experienced QB, you don't have a shot at top 10 unless you've got a great D.

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