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  1. I'm wondering if WV is going to bolt from the Big 12 and try to join the ACC or SEC. The travel for them is just too much if Mountain or West Coast teams join the Big 12. It'll be interesting if the Big 12 adds an even or odd number of teams. The Big 1G is a possibility if they can solve the travel issue. Of course WV bolting would make too much sense for big money football.
  2. "Damn it Jim, I'm a country doctor not a mathemagician" Does that mean we better or worse?
  3. I think it also depends on the money. IF you get enough $$, anyone can sit through a couple hours of Shakespeare a week.
  4. I think he is just saying the right things to keep everyone interested and hopeful. There is a long way to go on this one and he is keeping all options open. He probably says the same thing everywhere he goes.
  5. If he's half the player Mike Singletary was, I'd consider that a win in my book.
  6. Excellent game. Thanks for the report @joeywa This is the time for pitching to come alive.
  7. Keep it simple...just win and everything else will fall into place.
  8. Saban was talking to "local" bidnes leaders. I think he's just implying that they need to start ponying up $$ for NIL if they expect 'bama to keep it's winning ways. I don't think he can actually ask them to give money to the 'bama's NIL companies but he can imply they are falling behind and are going to start losing games.
  9. That's pretty narrow. 5 shots between 3-6 place. I'd be surprised if there isn't a change among those teams.
  10. The worst part about this is that they would probably be starters on our O-Line. "pedestrian O-line" would be a ginormous step up for us.
  11. Not so fast my friend. the aggies have a championship banner for that year by way of 'Bama. 'Bama was voted the top team in the country in 1925, so naturally, the aggies won it too since they are both in the SEC and they beat 'Bama this year.
  12. I'm sure it goes down something like that but the HC has to bring up the loss of the scholarship. Maybe they could be a preferred walk-on and have a chance to earn the schollie back but it's gone for now.
  13. I'm sure the top teams like 'Bama and Georgia don't keep lolligaggers hanging around. This is now a bidness. Players are now getting paid. They can leave whenever they want. I think we need to show some the door.
  14. I wonder if their prediction machine take $$NIL$$ into consideration. I'm sure aggie could buy him if they weren't so "loaded" at QB now.
  15. I think NIL changes how some may think about transferring and draft stock. It takes a good year or two to get move you up in the draft. Probably for most receivers it will be their junior and senior years. If you are collecting $3-10M/year why make a move your sophomore year. Why not collect a little more then transfer to get your draft stock up. There's going to be a lot of "experts" whispering in these kids ears. That's what I'd be telling them. You can collect now and later.
  16. if we only play with 2 LBs, can probably lose a couple of there too.
  17. After reviewing our schedule, there is only 1 game I would say could be predicted as a loss. We should win the others. Then I remember "we suck until we don't". So here is my breakdown: 11 wins -2 QB play: we will start an untested QB or one that lost the starting job last year. There is always hope but you can't give the starting reins to an inexperienced QB and expect to win them all. -2 OL play: it can't be any worse can it??? -1 DL play: it's hard to judge the secondary when the opposing QBs are having tea and crumpets while surveying the field. If they don't get pressure on the QB, we'll need to average 50+ points to have a "winning" season. If my math is right, we will be 6-6 with a chance to go to a bowl game...that is if we can beat kansas.
  18. Not so fast my friend. Machine Learning can help predict the basic cases but it won't be able to predict the random/quirky world of recruiting without direct input from the recruit. And that ain't happening. Plus, I would never trust anything a recruit entered into a recruiting survey if they are planning a "big" reveal.
  19. Can we at least agree on aggie are losers? I would say sux but ouSux already claims that one.
  20. well, unfortunately what he says is true, but I don't like the word "satisfying" when he describes Texas imploding. Maybe we should revoke his Alum membership.
  21. Every year there are a couple of decent teams that maybe should haven't have been bumped from the tourney. No system is perfect and it's astronomically unlikely these teams would have made it to the final four. I don't see a problem with a coach saying "We should have made it to the Dance" but to whine about it like he has. That's just too much. Yo Coach! Here's a simple solution. Win you're freaking conference or win the conference tourney.
  22. The team played good but without a true center, Purdue scored at will on the inside. Overall, I like what I saw. They need a couple of pieces to be really competitive and a shot at winning it all. The Lady Longhorns are in the sweet 16.
  23. i think they are closer to a 16 seed than the Sweet 16...unless they bought tickets.
  24. We got an invite to the Dance so that's a C. 2 wins gets you a B and it'll take a 3rd win for an A. 1 win is expected. For this team, a second win would depend on the match up. I'm not very confident Texas plays in the 2nd weekend.

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