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  1. We gave up a lot of big plays against OU. We also got a lot of big plays. O-line has problems but I think we will score. D-Line doesn't put enough pressure on QB and RBs are still running wild against us. This will be a high scoring game but I expect to we will put this one out. UT: 66 OSU: 52
  2. The best at any position should be playing period. This should motivate someone to get better or be prepared to ride the pine. If they leave so be it. If you want to be #1, recruit the best.
  3. I have to agree with previous posters that we suck until we don't. I'm not seeing a pass rush and if TCU can run on us, so can OU. OU Sux 45, Texas 41 I'll be there screaming my head off. Should be a fun game. If Texas wins this one, it will move our needle just on the "we don't" side. Win, lose or draw, OU's needle will always be on the Suck side. BTW, what time is it?
  4. If he's half as good as a Major, I'll take the General.
  5. Patterson has a history of confusing QBs with coverages and forcing mistakes. I think our run game is progressing better than year's past. I think we go old school and 3 yards and a cloud of dust them to 42-13. Hook'em
  6. Both lines find people they can push around (I hope). Texas 49 Rice 10
  7. I don't like this game. New coach, offense, defense and QB. I hope I'm wrong. Score will be 28-27.
  8. Man!?! I think Roy Schneider said it best..."we're going to need a bigger boat".
  9. This is just "news" filler and water cooler fluff. I don't care what our preseason rank is. It's where we finish the season that counts. Only an Aggie would celebrate their preseason rank.
  10. Yes. A winning formula for any playoff bound team.
  11. Is this to be the year? Every year I'm optimistic and every year but one in the last few years, I've been disappointed. Someone said it best "We suck until we don't". I'm going 8-5. Maybe next year.
  12. TCU is an early game. This could be interesting. I think a big unknown is will players get Covid during the season and how long they will be out.
  13. I think the big money guys are losing a heck of a lot of money in oil and won't want to fork over the $$$ owed to let Shaka walk and bring in a solid coach.
  14. What!?! Haven't you heard. Losses to sec, sec, sec teams is a win for sec, sec, sec.
  15. Great effort from a team that was 10-1 at one time. I guess they are starting to gel so they can defend their NIT title. I guess a title is a title, right?
  16. Someone here said it best. Something like "We suck, until we don't".
  17. 4 star, 5 star. It don't matter. What matters is what he does on the field and that is on the coaches. This time of year I always hear, we have the talent to beat the NE Patriots and ain't nothing stopping us next year. Then reality hits after the first game or two.
  18. I can't predict this team. Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. All I know is they need to improve in all phases of the game if they want to compete against a top 25 team. My prediction is an undisciplined team that could have been a 10 game winner shows us why they aren't a 10 game winner, but gives us glimpses of what they could have been.
  19. Seems to be a quality hire. Let's see if he can mix things up and make Texas a consistent offense.

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