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  1. A guy in a wheelchair is faster than Brockermeyer, but he gave his all. If Brockermeyer starts next year, that's on the coaches. Find someone or train someone up.
  2. can I have some of what you're smoking/drinking? cuz, right now I'm looking at some oceanfront property in okiehoma.
  3. I'm thinking the portal will be used by "disgruntled" players who think they should be playing more. As good as our 2022 class was, how many will stick more than a year? It's hard to say because there isn't much history but I have a feeling, the recruits that were torn between a couple of schools have an easy out if they don't like something. I would guess maybe 75% won't make too much of a difference but there could be up to 25% that could have been difference makers.
  4. Yes and no. We are seeing some benefits with signings but also losing players due to portal. I wonder how many of our 2022 commits will be with Texas this time next year. The portal and NIL are game changers. Just not sure if we are playing the same game.
  5. Have you seen the property prices in Austin? You'd have to buy in Temple at the current NIL all football players get.
  6. Complete understand what you are say and agree. But how long has it been since we put an LB in the NFL? I think the 5 stars are going to those schools--SEC, Big 10, not the pass happy leagues. Don't see why we can't get any 4 stars that want to BE the turnaround.
  7. It's been said a number of times: We suck until we don't still waiting on the "until we don't"
  8. whichever is the case, we'll have a first year starter with basically no experience. That spells growing pains. Portal may help.
  9. Yeah. I think it's important to have someone that has experience. I would be fine with Casey starting. Wish he would have at least went through Spring to see if he was still #1. This makes me really nervous.
  10. Signing them is the "easy" part. Now we got to keep them. In today's portal world, if you can "graduate" half of them, that can be counted as a success.
  11. Still. Doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  12. What?!? Nobody knows but everyone is reporting...Sounds about par for the course. I really don't like this time of recruiting...days before a signing day. I think I'll just wait until Wednesday afternoon. Can I get on in this action? I'm reporting that Player X is undecided or doesn't want to tell us. You heard it here first.
  13. Interesting hire. At one time he was a solid DC and was in demand. Not sure he is a top notch DC now a days. I would have thought okiehomer would have picked a bigger name DC. It'll be interesting to see how his "aggressive" defense translates to the Big 12. He may not make it to the move to the SEC.
  14. It will be interesting to see where he lands. Just wondering who would be interested on a player that doesn't give his all and may have quit on his team.
  15. Not so fast my friend. I've been around long enough to know you just don't hand the starting reins to someone who hasn't earned it, especially someone who hasn't taken a snap at the college level. Now, I'm sure these two could be great QBs but they haven't earned anything on the field at the collegiate level. Every hot shot high school QB is the next Vince Young or Aaron Rodgers before they even take their first snap. Sorry, but I don't count my chickens until they are hatched. If we get Ewers and/or Manning (highly doubtful), they are bench warmers until they beat out the competition, same as any other QB we get through the portal or recruiting.
  16. If you kind of squint and turn your head a bit, NIL does not make them professionals. They aren't being paid to play. They are being paid for the Name/Image/Likeness. So now schools can make a fortune selling jerseys with their names on them or have posters with their Image/Likeness on them. Schools can now do this without any guilt of taking advantage of the student athlete.
  17. It might get to that point (gulp) but right now only scholarship football players get the $100k/year.
  18. Kind of gives a new meaning to "winning at any cost"
  19. I had heard a couple of weeks ago that Diaz may be safe because of his freshman and incoming recruits. They were afraid they would lose them if the fired him and would be left with "nothing".
  20. Now that's consistency. You can't ask for more than that. He's worth every penny.
  21. Better that than be known for spanking the monkey.

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